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Why muslim can't touch dog?

The question that asked by most non-muslim, why muslim can't touch dog?
Alright, you answered it's no problem to touch it.. Just need to samak.(Membasuh 7 kali air yang mana satu kali air tanah)

Then they ask you again, why you need to Samak? Does dog very dirty for you?
This can be a favorite question for those religious non-muslim who are trying to prove that Islam is wrong.

Please read this article first... Then you may back to my article.

Alright, So what's wrong? Why do you have to clean your hands? There's some muslim even said if the dog's body is not wet, you don't even have to Samak at all!

Instead of following people's article blindly, I prefer to find scienctific facts about it. So what I have found is "How do humans get tapeworms from dogs".

Pork Tapeworms, something similar to what's live in dogs.

    Canine Tapeworms

  1. The most common form of tapeworm that can jump from dog host to human host are canine tapeworms. In dogs, these parasitic creatures live inside the digestive tract of the animal and leach the nutrients that the dog consumes. When the dog defecates, oftentimes tapeworm eggs and larvae can accompany the feces. If an adult or especially a child comes into contact with this feces and somehow ingests it (such as not washing before eating a meal), the eggs can hatch and grow inside the new human host. Once hatched, the larvae will grow into hydatid cyst in the liver and other surrounding organs. The cysts will continue to grow to as much as a foot in length and in most cases will need to be surgically removed.

So this is the answer, why we must wash our hands by Samak it.
Because soil/tanah, do have special medication to wash away dangerous dirts. More info can be found in Quran Saintifik Bab 89 : Tanah Sebagai Agen Pencuci .

If someone are accidentally ingested faeces (Najis)... And also raw pork, then tapeworms are going to stay in their bodies.

So that's what Allah swt teach us, there are no nonsense thing ever existed in Islam. If we can't understand it, that's because we still don't have enough knowledge to see how things really going on.

"Rakan kamu (Nabi Muhammad), tidaklah ia menyeleweng, dan ia pula tidak sesat. Dan ia tidak memperkatakan sesuatu menurut kemahuan dan pendapatnya sendiri. Segala yang diperkatakannya itu tidak lain hanyalah wahi yang diwahikan kepadanya."

(Surah an-Najm: 3-4)


  1. I am really touched by this phrase:
    "So that's what Allah swt teach us, there are no nonsense thing ever existed in Islam. If we can't understand it, that's because we still don't have enough knowledge to see how things really going on."


    mnm77(Abu Anas)

  2. salam
    cuba cari apa imam mazhab kata tentang anjing. kadang kadang saya pun tersalah pandang. anjing tu makhluk Allah juga cuma dia ada beberapa hukum yang perlu dijaga.

  3. mnm77(Abu Anas):

    science proven a lots that Islam is true about universe and everything on earth.. That's my little view after read books about Quran and Islam..

  4. Anonymous :

    Wslm... Saya pernah cari tapi nampaknya ia memerlukan penjelasan yang lebih lanjut daripada Ustaz.

    Sebab sekarang ada jgk orang yang mengikuti Mazhab Maliki dan bela anjing, sehingga gambarnya terpapar di surat khabar dan mengemparkan masyarat Islam.

    Bagaimanapun, Wallahualam.

  5. Salam

    Setahu saya, dalam Islam memang jelas tidak boleh bela/pelihara anjing berdasarkan dalil yang sahih. Namun, sefaham saya kelonggaran dalam Mazhab Maliki itu dari segi toharah dan cara penyuciannya, bukannya kelonggaran dari segi boleh bela anjing macam haiwan peliharaan.

    Terdapat hadith sahih berkaitan anjing terlatih digunakan untuk berburu dan haiwan yang diburu anjing tersebut boleh dimakan, dengan syarat-syarat tertentu. Kelonggaran di sini dijadikan hujjah bahawa anjing boleh digunakan untuk tujuan tertentu seperti berburu dan bagi tujuan keselamatan, selagi ia tidak menyalahi hukum syarak.

    WAllahu a'lam.

    Rujukan tambahan:

    Abu Anas

  6. Abu Anas:

    Wslm.. Ya saya amat bersetujui dengan apa yang dituliskan oleh Abu Anas. Mazhab Maliki tidak pernah menyebut kelonggaran dari segi boleh bela anjing tetapi ia telah disalahtafsirkan oleh sebahagian orang islam sendiri.

    Inilah blog dan gambar yang pernah menggerunkan masyarakat Islam:

    Saya sering cuba mencari apakah punca Islam difitnah atau diselewengkan dari ajaran sebenar, maka saya asyik mencari maklumat berikut. Wallahualam.

  7. salam buat saudara baru
    cerita tentang lalat pula buat ikhwan ng..


  9. Insyaallah akan menceritakan...

  10. I agree in whatever scientific proven......on dog.

    what about other animals ?? camel, cat n etc..i seen cat roaming around like no body buss n eating food from does this fits into the haram yet many still having it as pet which licks the master? please clarify. Thanks

  11. I believe in knowledge sharing is more important and clear understanding if far more better than hving little which lead problems.

    - as per earlier post, why does this particular animal having issue why not other animals?? sickness,worms n etc by rite all the animals, birds(bird flu) are free willy ..dear ng hope you can make me understand on this part.

  12. Anonymous:

    For your information, dog is never HARAM in Islam.

    Islam also mentioned a lot about other animals, if you want me to write article about cow madness also no problem. The reason of why dog is being mentioned in this article, is because most people confused why dog's licked something must be clean away. that's why I focus on scientific issue about dog.

    Islam is not only talking about one or two animal, but the knowledge of universe is unlimited, however human mind is limited in understanding the creations

  13. 18 years I'm living with dogs and touching them everyday, still I'm not infected by any tapeworm.

    - Dog is Man Best Friend.


    1. No problem. Just Muslim can't touch dog only.

  15. in that case my friend, nowadays world, u get diseases from every sources
    it is not that only pigs and dogs gv u disease, thats ridiculous i must say...
    i have malays rearing dogs... touching them and loving them, its all about the love you have for others...
    see the arabs, they rear dogs..
    i have hundreds of pakistani friends in pakistan... they are muslims and they have dogs.
    and even in some articles, they are saying its a misconception, nothing abt dog was ever written in the quran.
    i dont see any other muslims frm any other country having problem touching a dog, why only msian muslims?
    oh yes, lemme tell you that there's an issue on where they are saying msian muslims create their own fact and own 'qurans'
    not critisizing anyone, but yes its true.

  16. it is best to avoid being in contacts with pigs or dogs. but in situations where those animals are starving, hurt or in dire need to survive.

    it is not an issue to aid, even if it involves carrying them with bare hands. as method of cleansing has been taught by prophet s.a.w

    In the hadeeth narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) who said that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “If a dog licks the vessel of any one of you, let him wash it seven times, one of which should be with earth.” It is better if the washing with earth be the first washing. And Allaah knows best.

    Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 1:174, narrated by Abu Huraira. The Prophet said: "A man saw a dog eating mud from (the severity of) thirst. So, that man took a shoe (and filled it) with water and kept on pouring the water for the dog till it quenched its thirst. So Allah approved of his deed and made him to enter Paradise."

  17. born as a muslim n im 18.i alwys thought to myself why muslims dont touch dogs n only today suddenly i dcided to find out bout tht.its helpful to know wht u shared.n i also realize there r mny challenges out there questioning bout islamic ways of life n im glad it is answered by a rverted muslim like hppy tht ppl r curious about the religion..but im also aware of mny haters tht only critize rather than being open about the issue.anyway u hve my support n keep up the good work:)

    1. hi, welcome to my blog. Yup, before I embraced Islam I had a lot of questions too, like why Muslim can't have dogs. Later on the more information I found, the more confident I feel that Islam is true. alhamdulillah... I just share what I merely know and thanks for reading!


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