Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hunger for Chinese Cuisine

"Seronok tak you pergi ke beijing melancong kat situ?" I asked my malay collegue.
"Seronok, yang tu company trip kami.. tiket pernebangan dibayar oleh syarikat mah.."

"Makan apa kat beijing?"
"Kami makan kat Restoran China Muslim, macam-macam jenis makanan ada.."

"Mestilah sedap kan?" I was imagine how great is the image of China Muslim Restaurants at there.
"Macam mana nak cakap ye... Tak sesuai dengan citarasa saya kot, saya rasa macam pelik-pelik je."

"Sebab tak pedas ke?" I guess I know what he means exactly.
"Ye la, makanan diorang semua tiada chili langsung. Ada seorang makcik siap bawa Sambal lagi, kami pun menyesal betul la tak bawa sos cili sendiri.."

Yes, that's how chinese cuisine taste like. There are no such thing as chili or sambal ever existed in chinese's cooking recipe. Mostly sweets, sour, tomato sauce and any other taste but except Hot and Spicy. When I was teenage, I can't even eat nasi lemak.. because the little but powerful sambal may make my face turn red and keep on sweating (Yap, even it's just nasi lemak.)

However, after one year stayed at Institut's hostel and being served with malay foods every day, my tongue are no longer Chiliphobia. It takes long time to let me get used with malaysia's spicy recipe, no matter it's tom yam, paprik, sambal, "Line-Clear" mamak rice.. All looks dele-fabu-licious to me now~

Few months before reverted, I am not even consume at chinese restaurant anymore.
No choice, 70% chinese restaurant are non halal, or I should say they are not aware the importance of halal according to islamic knowledge.

Sometime, I started to miss chinese cuisine.. But where can I find them?
Even though I am get used to malay and mamak food, I still hunger for halal chinese cuisine in Perak.

Last two weeks, I found out a chinese restoran with a Halal logo have been wiped out.
Well... What's the problem exactly? I do read a business book for businessman at bookshop, it's stated :"If you want to raise income for your restaurant, Go get a Halal Cert. It may raise your income more than 50%..." and sort of. Since they are only apply Logo Halal for higher income, thus they won't aware the importance of cooking recipe. Or I should say is there any special course for training people to cook Halal Food? Or is there any non muslim chief willing to learn and apply it seriously on food??

Alright, I would just go to XXX Kopitiam... With a "Pork Free" sign at outside. When the drinks is served, I am shocked with the round pad below my white coffee.. Isn't it Txgxr Beer logo? Then I look around, I notice there are group of chinese teenage are holding beer bottle and stuck it into their throat. This Kopitiam started to make me confused with what's their definition of "Pork Free". Well is it mean only no pork served, but any other than pork are ready to serve as well.

I am not blaming on those teen who are drinking beers at daylight, just that Kopitiam doesn't aware the real definition of muslim's lifestyle. Simply put a "Pork Free" sign at outside may mislead lots of muslim enter their restaurant.

Finally, I have become occasional customer to Yat Lai Restaurant at Kuala Kangsar.

This is truly chinese restaurant I have ever seen, been selling chinese cuisine foods and pau for 3 generation. What's the most interesting thing is they do serve halal food even they are not muslim. The tauke always wearing heavy glasses, casual shirt with short pants walking around to serve customer. Chinese, Malay and Indian customer keeps on coming in and out.

I look at their cashier counter, Tauke put up his religion's idol and dragon idol, which stated that he is not muslim anyway. But his family business which work hard on serving halal food have been won customer's heart and trust for 3 generation.

No halal logo or cert hang on the wall.
Because the restaurant's chief already realize how to prepare Halal food.

I ordered a cup of coffee..
Ohh... I miss it a lot. The taste is different from any other coffee. Kind of like Ipoh Old Town Coffee.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice, my all times favourite...

They got Pau daging, ayam and kaya. This Pau is superb delicious and soft skin, sold at RM1.60 each.

The food I am hunger for is just chinese cuisine with halal procedure, which they know what specific things to be avoid in their recipe. But nowadays many restaurant are focus more on the "Logo" rather than the "Procedure", that's why there are lots of different "Halal Logo" at market. Their aim is goes for more and more PROFIT, not how's the PRODUCT being PRODUCED.

Islam is the way of life, including way of cooking. But it's very hard to be practice in most non muslim restaurant, because the cooking procedure may makes them confused and they don't feel the importance of it. Like ingredients without alcohol, ayam yang disembelih...

Perhaps I should take a trip to Beijing too.
Instead of ordering Nasi Goreng Cina at Tom Yam Restaurant.

For More Photo about Yat Lai Restaurant, Please Click HERE

Credits to :
Holiday China Tour
This Is No Joke - Restoran Yat Lai
SembangKuala- Pau, anyone?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My daughter

My sweet daughter are turns into one years old today..
Alhamdulilah I have a cute mix baby, not easy to raise daughter at our young age.

Shake hand shake hand ~
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