Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Long Forgotten Path

According to the Book "Malaysian Chinese : An Inclusive Society", author Rosey Wang Ma mentioned this in her article "The Chinese Muslims" :

The Chinese Muslims, though small in number, form a very distinct and unorthodox group in Malaysian society. In a country where ethnicity and religion are so entwined, these people are of the ethnicity of one community - the Chinese, while professing the religion of another - the Malays. For many, this situation has an implication on the social and political identity of the convert. The question often raised is: "By embracing Islam, or in more popular terms, by converting (read to Islam, in the whole context in this chapter), how much of Chineseness can one retain, and how much of Malayness should one adopt? 

Many people would think; should this even be an issue? However, in practical life, this does sometime create a dilemma. What does he/she write in the box asking for "bangsa" (Race) in all forms, official and unofficial? He will not write Malay, because he is not; but if he writes Chinese, he is assumed not to be Muslim. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crunching Tomatoes

From my previous article Chinese Calligraphy By Imam Haji Abdul Hakim , I mentioned about Mazlan and his friends who studying at Beijing. I know them through Mr. Red Hat who studied there. At the moment they were organizing Chinese Calligraphy shows, they were showing a short film named as "Tomato 1.0" on stage. I was standing quite far away from the projector screen so merely could see their short film.

One day I was try to search their video on youtube, alhamdulillah I found their video that sounds like computer software. Their videos are quite simple, but the message regarding being better Muslim and taking care of brotherhood are so strong that able to move audience's heart.

Today I just noticed they release a "Tomato 2.0" version, so I would like to share with everyone their effort in doing this short film. Unlike any other famous "Gangnam" parody, these videos are original script written along with Islamic values.
Please support Malaysian Muslim productions.  : )
May Allah SWT bless their effort to spread the message of Islam.

Tomato 1.0 

Tomato 2.0

Share the beauty of Islam
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