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Chinese Calligraphy By Imam Haji Abdul Hakim @ Liu Jing Yi

The Beauty of Chinese Calligraphy

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I have seen this Chinese Calligraphy from internet before I embraced Islam.
I wasn't able to understand the meaning of Arab words, but somehow I can recognize this is drawn with traditional chinese writing brush. One of the most important and artistic calligraphy is chinese word itself. The meaning and structure of every swipe represent different meaning and expression.

Mazlan and his friends who studying at Beijing have form a group named as "Beijing Foreign Studies University". They are active in doing dakwa to China born muslim for strengthen their faith, also known as "Usrah". He informed me that the famous Chinese Calligrapher Liu Jing Yi will be coming to Sungai Siput, Perak at 28-29 January 2012. I feel so surprised with his attendance and spent some moment in visiting him.

Imam Liu Jing Yi was smiling broadly 

As what Mazlan have told me, Surau Al-Islamiyah Sungai Siput is organizing Hijrah Carnival every year. In the will of Allah SWT, Imam Liu Jing Yi also mentioned that he wanted visit Malaysia to promote his Calligraphy, so Beijing Foreign Studies University group and Mazlan was bring him along to this carnival. It would be a very precious effort to promote the beauty of Chinese Calligraphy, also the income they gained will be used for more and more dakwa activity for China born muslim.

Ustaz Zahazan Mohamed salam with Imam Liu Jing Yi 

Before Ustaz Zahazan Mohamed Abu Hannan giving his talk, he was visiting the Iman Liu Jing Yi stall. Malay student who study chinese language at Beijing have become their translator when they both started conversation.

Reciting Doa together...

Calligraphy Gallery 

Student who study at Beijing, 
Personally I'm impressed with their courage in learning chinese language.

Mazlan (Middle) was listening his short brief before he started his drawing art

These brushes and ink is how the magic getting started

Drafting the layout of Kalamullah

Signing autograph on his book that contains pictures of Calligraphy 

Last but not least.... 

We was having lunch at Hj. Shahrin Low Chinese Muslim restaurant, Ipoh Perak after few days of Carnival being held. Hj. Imam Liu Jing Yi and his wife sitting at middle, while Hafeez (The Underground Muslim) and I was standing together with members of Beijing Foreign Studies University Group.

What is so interesting in this photo?
  • Taken at Hj. Shahrin Low Restaurant that prepare Chinese Muslim dishes
  • Malay student who can speak chinese language fluently
  • Calligrapher who enjoin the beauty of al-Quran verse with traditional chinese art work. 
  • Mysterious blogger that dealing with mixed languages everyday, sometime he even have to click "Menu>Option>Language? > Bahasa Malaysia? > English? > Chinese? " inside his brain before he read and talk.   : p 

Say, "We have believed in Allah and in what was revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Descendants, and in what was given to Moses and Jesus and to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and we are Muslims [submitting] to Him."  
 Surat 'Āli `Imrān (Family of Imran)   3:84 )

I salam and hugged a lot with Muslimin without differ their race and grade since reverted to become Muslim. That's something that I never did before embrace Islam. That's the unity of Islam that bringing us closer, much closer than any friends I have at childhood times. When we smile and greet each other, we are fully understand that we are following the same guide towards Allah SWT, there are nothing are alike Him on earth as indeed He who created universe and mankind. 

Footnote : 

If you would like to contact Imam Haji Abdul Hakim @ Liu Jing Yi, I have been attached his name card as below.

For more detailed Biography about Imam Haji Abdul Hakim @ Liu Jing Yi, visit here :

"Made In China", Blog written by Beijing student, Fayyadh Azmi.
There are a lot interesting photo he shoot at there.


  1. Salam..

    Cantik sangat.;)


    1. ya memang sangat cantik dan unik...

  2. in the last picture, whose the one with his face covered? underground muslim?

    1. My friend hafeez who is still underground muslim..

  3. where and how can i purchase the writings??? becuz i'm interested in it...

    1. You may try to contact bro Mazlan :


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