Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Malaysia Reverted Muslim Gathering at Perak


Date : 8th January 2010 (Saturday) at Macma Ipoh, Perak (Greentown zone, In front of Bangunan Persekutuan Perak, the most highest lot)

Itinerary of the gathering
11am - 2pm
- Getting to knew each other by experience sharing
- Propose & voting of Protem committee for future activity
- Planning for future activity

2pm - 3.30pm
- Solat Zohor
- Lunch

3.30pm - 5.30pm
- Discussion of tentative 2011 calendar
- Other agenda to be propose by other

Firdaus Wong Wai Hong called me last few days, he suggested to do a gathering among muallaf at Ipoh. We discussed about it and I am agree with his concept of gathering : "Muallaf, born muslim or even non muslim are very welcome to our gathering, any race also can come to join us. Unlike any other organization just focus on specific race only." 

Thus I agree and it would be the first time ever "Malaysia Reverted Muslim" from internet are going to held up an unofficial gathering at Ipoh. We are just meet each other as friendship gathering not debate about Religion. 

However, we are still finding suitable place... and we need more people to join our gathering. So far we got 16-20 muslimin muslimah attendance. 

If you are interested to join us, please message me through FB at , or email me :

or you also can call me at 014-3055 326, This gathering are specially for interaction between those who interested in Islam, muallaf and Underground Muslim. For more information please join our FB Club at Malaysia Reverted Muslim

P.S. Anyone are welcome to drop by and join us anytime during the event, no serious registration really needed.

Monday, December 27, 2010

KepadaMu aku bersujud...

When I was sembahyang, my daughter always feel curious with every movement in my solat. She would sit beside me silently... Untill one day, when I was just put sejadah on ground she crawls quickly towards sejadah then sujud on it.. It is so surprising because she is just one years old now,  but she is memorize what I did in solat everyday.

Her little and cute sujud keep on reminds me that I should be strive hard to be her good example, Insyaallah.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wanita yang bertudung tetapi....

There was a friend asked me one question at Facebook chatroom before, I was give a simple answer and she accepted it. However I think I should write it out at my blog with more detailed answer... 

Soalan : 
"Seorang wanita yang bertudung dan anda menganggap dia seorang wanita yang baik...tetapi dia senang untuk disentuh oleh lelaki yang bukan muhrim...apakah pandangan anda tentang wanita ini..."

Jawapan saya:

Imej dan gerak geri seseorang senantiasa dijadikan sebagai penyukat Iman dan Takwanya.. Tetapi pandangan manusia adalah serba lemah, kerana mereka tidak dapat mengetahui segala aib dan apa yang dirahsiakan olehnya melainkan Allah swt. Macam saya pula, orang sering menganggap saya ialah orang kafir atau jahiliah, tetapi Allah swt saja yang mengetahui bahawa saya beragama Islam.

Allah swt adalah Maha Melihat lagi Maha Mengetahui. Walaupun wanita itu dipandang baik oleh umum, Allah swt tetap menghitung setiap dosa yang dilakukan olehnya… Tiada rahsia serta perbuatan aib boleh diselindungkan daripada pandangan Allah swt seperti apa yang difirmankan dalam Surah Al Mujaadalah Ayat 7 :
Tidakkah engkau memikirkan, bahawa sesungguhnya Allah mengetahui segala yang ada di langit dan bumi? Tiada berlaku bisikan antara tiga orang melainkan Dialah yang ke empatnya, dan tiada antara lima orang melainkan Dialah yang ke enamnya, dan tiada yang kurang dari bilangan itu dan tiada yang lebih ramai, melainkan Ia ada bersama-sama mereka di mana sahaja mereka berada. Kemudian Ia memberitahu kepada mereka pada hari kiamat apa yang mereka kerjakan. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui akan tiap-tiap sesuatu.

Walaupun dari pandangan manusia wanita itu nampaknya baik, tetapi di akhirat dia tetap disoal setiap dosa yang diperlaku olehnya. Maka hendaklah wanita itu segera bertaubat dan berhenti segala perbuatan yang berdosa itu… Kita tidak boleh bertakwa kepada Allah swt secara 50/50 sahaja, waktu siang menjalankan tugas harian sebagai muslimah, waktu malam pula mencuba “Aksi Terlarang”…
Wahai orang yang beriman! Masuklah kamu ke dalam Islam keseluruhannya; dan janganlah kamu menurut jejak langkah Syaitan; sesungguhnya Syaitan itu musuh bagi kamu yang terang nyata.
[Surah Al Baqarah Ayat : 208]

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sangkaan Dugaan

Nowadays everyone are exposed to all kinds of information, no matter from internet, TV, newspaper... I found out this comic is interesting, Media always show the negative side of other country, it cause lots of hatred and condemnation among country's citizen. Especially among Christian and Muslim... However their parents are playing the role in telling kids : "Not ALL Muslim/Christian are hateful."

Only those who are educated and able to think (Berakal), realise that not ALL Muslim are suicide bomber, and not ALL Christian are prefer to insult Islam. Just like one chinese idiom : "Various kind of people are eating the same kind of rice." There are various kind of people on this world, we can't justify someone or any community are the same at all. 

Look at everyone around you, can you say everyone from your race have the same thought and character like you? The answer is definitely not, so how can you judge other race are the same from any personal perspective when your own race is not the same? Only Allah swt know everything about everyone just like what stated at Surah Az Zalzalah ayat 6-8 :

Pada hari itu manusia akan keluar berselerak (dari kubur masing-masing) untuk diperlihatkan kepada mereka (balasan) amal-amal mereka. Maka sesiapa berbuat kebajikan seberat zarrah, nescaya akan dilihatnya (dalam surat amalnya)! Dan sesiapa berbuat kejahatan seberat zarrah, nescaya akan dilihatnya (dalam surat amalnya)!
This world is very complicated, there's no one single word can be use to describe any race. We are often being taught that don't judge book by its cover, but nowadays TV and Movie are teaching us to "Judge their cover forget about their book". Showing the "Cover Story" without in depth of analysis, scared away most of the viewer and keep hatred in their heart with other race or religion.

Mari kita sama-sama renungkan Surah Al Hujuraat ayat  12...

Wahai orang yang beriman! Jauhilah kebanyakan dari sangkaan kerana sesungguhnya sebahagian dari sangkaan itu adalah dosa, dan janganlah kamu mencari kesalahan orang; dan janganlah setengah kamu mengumpat setengahnya yang lain. Adakah kamu suka makan daging saudaranya yang telah mati? Maka sudah tentu kamu jijik kepadanya. Dan bertakwalah kamu kepada Allah; sesungguhnya Allah Penerima taubat, lagi Maha Mengasihani. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Connecting the dots

It takes me quite long time to write an article, perhaps few days till weeks.
I am working hard on finding trusted source information, ayat Al-Quran.. (Especially I am just new-learner) plus I am sharing my personal experience as Muallaf. Which is what I am working hard to prove that Islam is true, more facts and information need to be collected and combined into one little article. This process makes me feel like connecting the dots. Each dot is stand for one small piece of trusted information, I search for few dots from various kind of books and information at internet then link them into one "Image".

Sesungguhnya pada kejadian langit dan bumi, dan pada pertukaran malam dan siang, ada tanda-tanda (kekuasaan Allah) bagi orang-orang yang berakal. (Iaitu) orang yang menyebut dan mengingati Allah semasa mereka berdiri, duduk dan berbaring mengiring, dan mereka pula memikirkan tentang kejadian langit dan bumi (sambil berkata): Wahai Tuhan kami! Tidaklah engkau menjadikan semuanya ini dengan sia-sia, Maha Suci Engkau, maka peliharalah kami dari azab neraka. 

[Surah Ali 'Imran Ayat : 190-191]
Islam is not fairytale that full of fantasy because Allah swt are the One who made this world.. Al-Quran have been proven everything about universe and life, day by day science keep on proven every Kalam Allah swt precisely describe every creation of Him.

However, the religion situation in Malaysia could be a mess. Which is muslim and non muslim always fight about religion issue especially at Internet. No one know what's their real identity at internet, just register any nickname then they will insult Islam openly at forum discussion board. Even if you google Islam photo, 80% of them are insulting cartoons and picture.

Before we condemn those rude non muslim, perhaps we should sit back and think may be the problem is come from muslim ourselves. Muslim should be preaching Islam to others patiently and politely, but occasionally what happening is other religion's idol oftenly being abused with all kind of rude words and criticism. Just like what it means in Surah Al An'aam Ayat : 108 :

Dan janganlah kamu caci benda yang mereka sembah selain dari Allah, kerana mereka kelak akan mencaci Allah secara melampaui batas tanpa pengetahuan. Demikianlah Kami memperelokkan pada pandangan tiap-tiap umat akan amal perbuatan mereka, kemudian kepada Tuhan merekalah tempat kembali mereka, lalu Ia menerangkan kepada mereka apa yang mereka telah lakukan.

Allah swt won't forgive us if we do Syirik to Him, however Allah swt also warn us don't insult other religion's Idol. We are not asked to respect other god than Allah swt but to respect non muslim's feeling with their "god". Everyone need god in themselves,  insulting their god would lead to meaningless debate.

I tried to explain about Islam at chinese forum, but most of their feedback is abusive article like berita saudara baru merogol saudara baru, mayat muallaf direbut oleh pihak berkuasa, Islam meniru agama Christian and lots more criticism that drive me mad. It's very easy to teasing and insulting others, they don't need any knowledge to do so. Just search through the internet and they would copy paste a lot of nonsense information about Islam. Just like what have been quoted in Surah Al An'aam "Kerana mereka kelak akan mencaci Allah secara melampaui batas tanpa pengetahuan."

Such situation always happened on me while I try to explain Islam to non muslim.
They throw away those critical question on me, but most of the time I am just remain silent.. Honestly I have heard a lot of those negative rumours already about Islam before reverted, now it's my turn to stand on Islam side collect facts and fatwa from books then reply back. Sometime after I replied back with long true information they would refuse to accept it then walk away (Perhaps they don't understand at all) The last comment I received is : "Why you always trying hard to fight for that religion Islam? What's wrong with you? You are just living in your own world, act like dirty politician forcing everyone to accept all of the nonsense..."

Another hush from me...
I believe I am not fight for nothing or insult others feeling, but I just want to show them that Islam is true, Allah swt is the God and Prophet Muhammad saw is the last prophet.

Sesungguhnya Allah, Tuhanku dan Tuhanmu, maka sembahlah Kamu akan Dia; inilah jalan yang lurus.
[Surah Az Zukhruf Ayat : 64]

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Would You Marry Me?

Gambar hiasan semata-mata..

I was met a china friend at internet. She get to know me through my chinese blog. She asked me a lot about Islam information because she does have muslim boyfriend at Malaysia. Where they were plan to get married so as usual she was asked to embrace Islam.

It’s hard to find islamic knowledge in chinese language, since she is china’s civilian. I have few islamic books but all of them are written in Bahasa Malaysia. So I was try hard to translate every answer from my book into chinese language while she ask me at Internet. For few months of communicating through MSN, She tells me a lot about China and herself.
“I don’t like to eat pork since I was small, perhaps I should say I never eat at all. My friends also teasing at me that I'm looks like muslim even though  I am not.”
Alhamdulilah, I think she have potiential to learn more about Islam. So I give away all of my effort in translate islamic knowledge to her.
“He asked me to convert so we can get married at Malaysia. But I am just don’t understand why Malaysia have such law? Because at China there’s no such law, everyone are feel free to embrace any religion they wanted.. Or I should say religion and marriage is never become an issue in China.”
Well.. This is a complicated question which related to Syariah Law in Malaysia. I was not dare to asnwer it but just get to know a little bit more about China’s politic and laws.

For few months of chatting with her at internet, I written a lot of islamic information and she seems try hard to understand it. Like why muslim don’t drink beer, why muslimah must be wearing hijab and sort of information. She also tell me that boyfriend’s family were welcome her to their house, just she can’t understand Malaysia’s language while they were chit chat. As I know she take flight from China to Malaysia few days in every month for dating with her boyfriend. (Seems like she is raised up in wealthy family)

Untill one day, she told me this…
“Actually… My boyfriend and his father are drinkers. That’s why we are easy to get along since we met at Malaysia.”
“I am just don’t understand… What’s the point if I am following every islamic knowledge as you explained and do it well, but my marriage partner will not follow it at all?” 

I was totally shocked. 
Since that day, I didn’t know much to write anymore while she asked me again about Islam. How can she follow Islam while her partner is not? How they live their marriage while her boyfriend just want her to apply a “Permit to get married” by asking her embrace Islam? Dakwah is responsible for every muslim, but when embrace Islam being treated as “Permit in Law”.. I can’t even imagine how’s that gonna be.
I am not intend to insult malaysian muslim or Islam, but just wanted to share the real story from my friend. When Islam is being practised for their Nafsu, it would turn into very terrible hoax from themselves. I also recalled lots of cases happened in Malaysia like muallaf wanted to murtad, reason given is they never practice Islam and their husband/wife have left them away, which makes them think what’s the point if they keep on embracing Islam since their partner have been leave them away.

At the next month, She message me at msn again :“I am break up with my boyfriend already.. I am accidentally saw his phone records that he have another girlfriend. That’s why he keeps on hide his handphone while we are dating, now I am understand everything already.. It’s hurt but I think I should leave him, he is not appreciated what I have been sacrifice.”

Alhamdulilah, the only thing I would say.
After that, she is not asked anything about Islam with me anymore. I also understand that I can’t force her.. Perhaps I should say only Allah swt may open her heart one day, Insyaallah.

Dan apabila dikatakan kepada mereka: Janganlah kamu membuat bencana dan kerosakan di muka bumi, mereka menjawab: sesungguhnya kami orang yang hanya membuat kebaikan. Ketahuilah! Bahawa sesungguhnya mereka itulah orang yang sebenarnya membuat bencana dan kerosakan, tetapi mereka tidak menyedarinya.

(Surah Al-Baqarah 11-12)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hunger for Chinese Cuisine

"Seronok tak you pergi ke beijing melancong kat situ?" I asked my malay collegue.
"Seronok, yang tu company trip kami.. tiket pernebangan dibayar oleh syarikat mah.."

"Makan apa kat beijing?"
"Kami makan kat Restoran China Muslim, macam-macam jenis makanan ada.."

"Mestilah sedap kan?" I was imagine how great is the image of China Muslim Restaurants at there.
"Macam mana nak cakap ye... Tak sesuai dengan citarasa saya kot, saya rasa macam pelik-pelik je."

"Sebab tak pedas ke?" I guess I know what he means exactly.
"Ye la, makanan diorang semua tiada chili langsung. Ada seorang makcik siap bawa Sambal lagi, kami pun menyesal betul la tak bawa sos cili sendiri.."

Yes, that's how chinese cuisine taste like. There are no such thing as chili or sambal ever existed in chinese's cooking recipe. Mostly sweets, sour, tomato sauce and any other taste but except Hot and Spicy. When I was teenage, I can't even eat nasi lemak.. because the little but powerful sambal may make my face turn red and keep on sweating (Yap, even it's just nasi lemak.)

However, after one year stayed at Institut's hostel and being served with malay foods every day, my tongue are no longer Chiliphobia. It takes long time to let me get used with malaysia's spicy recipe, no matter it's tom yam, paprik, sambal, "Line-Clear" mamak rice.. All looks dele-fabu-licious to me now~

Few months before reverted, I am not even consume at chinese restaurant anymore.
No choice, 70% chinese restaurant are non halal, or I should say they are not aware the importance of halal according to islamic knowledge.

Sometime, I started to miss chinese cuisine.. But where can I find them?
Even though I am get used to malay and mamak food, I still hunger for halal chinese cuisine in Perak.

Last two weeks, I found out a chinese restoran with a Halal logo have been wiped out.
Well... What's the problem exactly? I do read a business book for businessman at bookshop, it's stated :"If you want to raise income for your restaurant, Go get a Halal Cert. It may raise your income more than 50%..." and sort of. Since they are only apply Logo Halal for higher income, thus they won't aware the importance of cooking recipe. Or I should say is there any special course for training people to cook Halal Food? Or is there any non muslim chief willing to learn and apply it seriously on food??

Alright, I would just go to XXX Kopitiam... With a "Pork Free" sign at outside. When the drinks is served, I am shocked with the round pad below my white coffee.. Isn't it Txgxr Beer logo? Then I look around, I notice there are group of chinese teenage are holding beer bottle and stuck it into their throat. This Kopitiam started to make me confused with what's their definition of "Pork Free". Well is it mean only no pork served, but any other than pork are ready to serve as well.

I am not blaming on those teen who are drinking beers at daylight, just that Kopitiam doesn't aware the real definition of muslim's lifestyle. Simply put a "Pork Free" sign at outside may mislead lots of muslim enter their restaurant.

Finally, I have become occasional customer to Yat Lai Restaurant at Kuala Kangsar.

This is truly chinese restaurant I have ever seen, been selling chinese cuisine foods and pau for 3 generation. What's the most interesting thing is they do serve halal food even they are not muslim. The tauke always wearing heavy glasses, casual shirt with short pants walking around to serve customer. Chinese, Malay and Indian customer keeps on coming in and out.

I look at their cashier counter, Tauke put up his religion's idol and dragon idol, which stated that he is not muslim anyway. But his family business which work hard on serving halal food have been won customer's heart and trust for 3 generation.

No halal logo or cert hang on the wall.
Because the restaurant's chief already realize how to prepare Halal food.

I ordered a cup of coffee..
Ohh... I miss it a lot. The taste is different from any other coffee. Kind of like Ipoh Old Town Coffee.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice, my all times favourite...

They got Pau daging, ayam and kaya. This Pau is superb delicious and soft skin, sold at RM1.60 each.

The food I am hunger for is just chinese cuisine with halal procedure, which they know what specific things to be avoid in their recipe. But nowadays many restaurant are focus more on the "Logo" rather than the "Procedure", that's why there are lots of different "Halal Logo" at market. Their aim is goes for more and more PROFIT, not how's the PRODUCT being PRODUCED.

Islam is the way of life, including way of cooking. But it's very hard to be practice in most non muslim restaurant, because the cooking procedure may makes them confused and they don't feel the importance of it. Like ingredients without alcohol, ayam yang disembelih...

Perhaps I should take a trip to Beijing too.
Instead of ordering Nasi Goreng Cina at Tom Yam Restaurant.

For More Photo about Yat Lai Restaurant, Please Click HERE

Credits to :
Holiday China Tour
This Is No Joke - Restoran Yat Lai
SembangKuala- Pau, anyone?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My daughter

My sweet daughter are turns into one years old today..
Alhamdulilah I have a cute mix baby, not easy to raise daughter at our young age.

Shake hand shake hand ~

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Facebook

This is my Facebook Profile, specially for knowing muslim friends and sharing all about Islam.. My original facebook have too many friends from different races and religions, so I can't share too much about Islam because it's sensitive for them..

Just click on the pic above may add me as friends..
(Why garfield? May be because I am silent but full of thought like this garfield..)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Walking on the path of Islam

Recently I have found out that my father is written my muslim name in his handphone contacts. I don't have any idea how he know that since I have hide it as well.

Family always blame on me, they said I have long forgotten how they raise me up. I am only remain silent. My father even said he lost one son already, it's time to adopt a "anak angkat". I don't know they found him already or not, I am just keep on live my life as muslim.

Everytime I ask my father meet me at restaurant, we are having lunch together at mamak stall or malay's restaurant. His eyes are fulfilled with emptiness on me.. I know what in his mind, just like how he critics Islam a lots since I was small.

"Do you know why everyone needs religion?" My mind flashed back those old times, while I was form 4. He love to chat a lot with me, I always listen to what he said silently. I nodded for waiting his answer.

"Religion may let us feel safe and hold firm to it, so we won't stray away and believing in other religion. Our heart need to hold firm with it so we are not lost." He insisted.

I am fully understand why my father said like that, He is very religious in Buddhism religion.. But I also have a question deep in my heart. "What about if what you embrace now is the wrong path, but you still insist to walk on the wrong path till forever?"

The question never come out of my mouth.

When I have found the right path, I realise that the path I chosen is long forgotten by peoples. It's what Allah swt showed, and it's even mentioned in every prayer's Doa.

Tunjukilah kami jalan yang lurus.

(Surah Al Fatihah Ayat 6)

I am walking alone at the Islam path among my family.
Whenever someone ask me:"Are you embraced Islam together with family?" I would just smile and say no, it's self decision. Among all the relatives and family member, I am the only one who embrace Islam.

I am walking alone, I don't care what peoples critics about me.
I know it's the right path, and I never give up in protect my faith and heart. No matter how hard is the path I am passing through, I know I have found the path of light.

When I realize Allah swt is looking over me and everyone, thus I am not alone anymore.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Kad Akuan Masuk Islam

What frustrated a lot nowadays is do reverted muallaf need to change IC? EPF? Bank Account? From what I know, first they need go to Pejabat Agama and filling Borang Memeluk Islam. Then Pejabat will give a Kad Akuan Masuk Islam. However every state's Kad Islam is different. Like my Perak one is stated Nama Islam, Nama Asal, No. KP and Tarikh Islam.

About IC, Pejabat Agama Perak only advised me go to change IC on my own. Which mean OPTIONAL... Pejabat Agama does not change any muallaf's IC forcefully through their Jabatan, but it's for those muallaf self initiative to do it. Of course there's many people have to hide their Islam identity as they may get fired by employer or being thrown by family.

Tidak ada paksaan dalam agama (Islam), sesungguhnya telah nyata kebenaran (Islam) dari kesesatan (kufur). Oleh itu, sesiapa yang engkar kepada Taghut, dan ia beriman kepada Allah, maka sesungguhnya ia telah berpegang kepada tali yang teguh, yang tidak akan putus. Dan (ingatlah), Allah Maha Mendengar, lagi Maha Mengetahui.

(Al-Baqaraah ayat 256 )
Islam does not wipe away our name. It's still stated Nama ASAL as acknowledgement. The best proof is the Kad Islam above. But most people have been misunderstood about it.

From what I know now, there's a way for muallaf to embrace Islam silently without change IC first. But as for marriage with Muslim, so far I don't have any information about that..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Salah Faham Tentang Islam

Selalunya ada orang bertanya saya : Bagaimanakah kawan/kekasih saya boleh memeluk Islam? Dia sering bertanya saya tentang Islam, tetapi akhirnya dia telah berputus asa.

Ada sebuah buku yang boleh dicadangkan kepada kalian, iaitu keluaran Telaga Biru : Soal Jawab remeh-temeh - Salah Faham Tentang Islam. Di masyarakat non-muslim, Islam ialah agama yang sering disalah fahamkan. Ia begitu serius sehingga media massa juga memperbesarkan isu-isu yang tidak sepatutnya.

Antara persoalannya ialah, adakah setelah memeluk Islam si polan perlu meninggalkan keluarga dan adat resam dia? Mengapakah Islam sering memerangi pihak luaran? Kalao Islam itu benar, kenapa ada aliran Sunni dan Syiah? Kadang-kala kita ketahui jawapannya tetapi tidak mampu menjelaskannya dengan fakta yang tepat lagi jelas.

Maka jika kamu ingin menghapuskan salah faham mereka terhadap Islam, bacalah buku ini supaya segala kemusyilan dapat dijawabkan. (Sounds like I am promoter at bookshop plak..)

Contoh-contoh Soalan yang terdapat dalam buku ini :

-Orang Islam yang masuk Islam mesti kena tukar nama. Bahkan nama bapa dan keluarga asal pun ditukar juga. Betul ke peraturan ini daripada ajaran Islam?

-Orang barat mengatakan Islam tersebar dengan pedang. Maknanya Islam suka berperang dengan orang yang tidak menganut agama Islam. Betul ke persepsi ini?

-Islam seolah-olah menyuruh umatnya berpecah belah. Buktinya ada bermacam mahzab dalam Islam. Mengapa ada mahzab-mahzab dalam Islam?

-Islam sering disebut sebagai agama yang menindas wanita. Nampak gayanya apakah memang Islam betul-betul menindas wanita?

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Monday, September 27, 2010

A Trip To Perkim HQ

Last week I just attended courses at Grand Pacific Hotel. I can't entered my room because my roommate have been go to nowhere. So I just put my bags and take a walk outside hotel alone.. While I was take a walk at outside, I was accidentally met Perkim HQ.. And it's just in front of the Hotel I was staying.

So I was entered there and ask them whether I can get Al-Quran Chinese Translation. (Thanks to Muhammad Syukhri Shafee told me that I can ask for it at Perkim for FREE) Also I take a look at many booklets which is translated in Chinese language.

When I was looking at those chinese translated books, my feeling was like Wow... Is it true? Mostly Islam is preaching in Bahasa Malaysia, so far I only seen once chinese islamic book at PXPXLXR bookstore.. Published by "Sister In Islam", well... what's the content? I guess most of you know about it already.

I also have some chit chat with Pegawai Pendakwah Perkim, Muhammad Farhan Tee. He is a very humble and nice young man, same age like me 25 years old. However I believe what he have learned must me quite a lot till he holding the important position in Perkim. After that I was invited to Perkim Open House at the next day I visited them. Our speech not stay too long because I understand he is quite busy so I just leave Perkim and went to their Open House.

Alhamdulillah... I was finding Chinese Al-Quran for 2 years already. Finally I get it too when attended Kursus Jabatan. As appreciate their kindness for give me 3 chinese translation Al-Quran (Two for my friends who are finding it too), I attended Perkim Open House by taking Taxi.

So that's my first time dealing with Perkim HQ and Open House. While I went there for the first time, my feeling was very warm and happy. What I can see is different races who pray to Allah swt sitting at the same long table having their meal, there's no race issue among us. Allah swt already teaching us the most important value among us : PERPADUAN/UNITY. But I don't know anyone at there, so I just having my meal alone and look around people at there. I also can see one chinese family gathered at there, where's seems like chinese muslim husband and wife are enjoying their times with granda father and mother.

After that I leave Perkim Open House, I will never forget that's Allah swt given me a trip to there. Alhamdulillah.

(Opps... Utusan have been reported that Perkim Open House..)

Personally I already have one Al-Quran Bahasa Malaysia translated... My wife suggested me to buy Malaysia edition because Indonesia edition language may be confusing.

What I love about this Al-Quran is... "Dengan Izin dan bawah kawalan JAKIM" and their explanation for every single words in Al-Quran..

The Chinese Translated Al-Quran, donated by King of Saudi Arabia... Alhamdulillah finally I get it too. It's very meaningful to me because Chinese Language is my mother tongue, and it can be proven to people that Islam is for Universal. Especially the chinese words used in translation is very deep meaning.

A browse at how translations looks... Very beautiful right? I am totally impressed and thankful to Allah swt.

Oh I was took a lot Perkim Booklet too... Some of the books totally impressed me because China also have very many Islamic History which I never heard about. (And also scared my wife again, too many books already I have)

Chinese Islamic Booklets... Many surprises in here. I will scan all of them and put at my Blog.. Who knows there's someone curious about it?

I wish one day I will visit Perkim HQ again..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's time to rearrange myself and blog

One day, my wife ask me a simple question:
"How much you know about solat now?"

I remain silent, I know what I learned is still very little. What I still not learned like doa after sembahyang, surah Al-Quran.. Zikir.

"Do you know, solat is the second pillar in Islam?"
"Ya I know."

"Then stop reading too much unrelated books, you still not clever enough to read those books. Even me myself as born muslim also can't understand thoroughly those books you bought."

I am looking at my books, all kinds of islamic books. Tanda Hari Kiamat, Perundangan Islam, Yakjuj dan Makjuj... I guess I have bought over 30 books in past 2 years.

I think what my wife said is right.
It's time for me back to the basic, learn it well in Solat. I am always feel too excited to learn everything about Islam, but I never realize I have forgotten I don't have firm basic knowledge in Islam, especially the second pillar of Islam. Sometime while I go to mosque praying there's few people become my jemaah at behind. I can read Al-fatihah, but I would remain silent after sembahyang, a terrifying hush...

Now I need to put much more effort in Iqra and Tajwid. Then I will try to correct my doa in praying, Insya Allah. I do have a retired teacher who willing to teach me Iqra, I am very appreciate him.

As for my blog, I think it's time to stop write too much about Islam. As I don't have any firm knowledge like others. What I should write may be just my little experience as muallaf, my joy and sadness, that' would be enough right?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Few more answers...

Well‭…‬ I think I should answer few more question shortly.‭ ‬Just my personal comment anyway based on question by Sister Aliya's "Soalan" (Link to Original Post).

5.‭ ‬Perlukah saya memberitahu keluarga saya bahawa saya mahu peluk Islam‭? ‬Atau masuk Islam secara senyap-senyap‭?

Kebanyakan orang memeluk Islam secara senyap-senyap,‭ ‬termasuk saya diri sendiri.‭ ‬Ia berpunca daripada bantahan keluarga serta konfliks keagamaan yang tidak dapat dielakkan.‭ ‬Bagaimanapun sebelum memeluk Islam,‭ ‬pastikan kamu mampu berdikari dan mempunyai‭ ‬kerja tetap.‭

Berdoa kepada Allah swt sentiasa agak ibu bapa terbuka hati pintu menerima kamu sebagai anak yang beragama Islam.‭ ‬Ingatlah Allah Maha Berkuasa lagi Maha Mengetahui.‭ ‬Menjalani kehidupan Islam secara senyap-senyap tidak boleh dikekalkan dengan jangka masa yang panjang,‭ ‬kita patut memilih masa yang sesuai untuk memberitahu keluarga.‭

6.‭ ‬Kalau saya masuk Islam secara senyap-senyap dulu dan berlakon seolah-olah saya belum Islam di hadapan ahli keluarga,‭ ‬bukankah itu‭ ‬bermaksud saya menipu ibu bapa dan ahli keluarga saya‭? ‬Bukankah Islam mengajar umatNya supaya sentiasa jujur‭?‬

Harus diingati bahawa khinzir adalah Najis Berat,‭ ‬Syirik adalah Dosa Besar.‭
Islam mengajar umatNya sentiasa jujur,‭ ‬tetapi Islam juga mengajar umatNya menjalani syariat kehidupan berdasarkan panduan Islam.‭

Sekiranya kamu membaca sejarah Nabi,‭ ‬ramai pengikut Islam terpaksa berlakon seolah-olah kafir,‭ ‬tetapi hati mereka tetap memegang teguh kepada Islam.‭ ‬Ada juga hamba Allah swt yang diseksa kerana pengakuan sebagai Muslimin seperti Bilal.‭

7.‭ ‬Apabila saya memeluk Islam,‭ ‬saya tidak lagi boleh melibatkan diri dalam ritual keagamaan keluarga saya yang masih nonMuslim.‭ ‬Sekiranya ibu bapa saya meninggal dunia,‭ ‬saya akan dituduh anak derhaka dan tidak mengenang budi kerana tidak melakukan upacara keagamaan mereka kerana ia bercanggah dengan ajaran Islam‭? ‬Bagaimana saya harus hadapi keadaan itu nanti‭?

Apabila nenek saya meninggal dunia,‭ ‬saya tetap menghadiri upacara keagamaan dan pengemubian.‭ ‬Saya tidak menjalankan sebarang upacara keagamaan untuk memelihara Akidah.‭

Kita sepatutnya melayan ibu bapa sebaik mungkin semasa mereka masih Hidup,‭ ‬bukannya setelah mereka meninggal dunia.‭

9.‭ ‬Perlukah saya menjadi Melayu apabila memeluk Islam,‭ ‬yakni berpakaian ala orang Melayu dan bertutur dalam Bahasa Melayu‭? ‬Bagaimanakah saya harus kekalkan identiti saya sebagai orang Cina tetapi beragama Islam‭?

Sekiranya bangsa kamu ialah cina,‭ ‬sehingga kamu meninggal dunia pun masih cina.
Kerana bangsa kamu ialah cina,‭ ‬DNA kamu pun berasal dari keluarga cina,‭ ‬bagaimanakah kamu boleh Transform sebagai Melayu‭?

Selagi kebudayaan yang tidak bercanggah dengan Islam,‭ ‬ia tetap boleh disambut dan dikekalkan.‭ ‬Seperti sambutan Tahun Baru Cina,‭ ‬Pesta Tang Lung,‭ ‬makan kuih bulan‭…‬ Agama Islam ialah universal,‭ ‬ia tidak dibezakan dengan kaum-kaum seperti agama lain.‭

Question from Sister Hajar : If a Muslim woman must wear the hijab, then why isn't all Muslim women wearing it?

Why wearing hijab? It's so hot and fussy! And it's looks ugly...
I am not a muslimah but I try my best to answer it. First of all, male's eyes are most easily attracted by female. It's different with female that's prefer romantic scene and sweet words. Just like an informal adage said as : "Girls fall in love with their ears, but guys fall in love with their eyeballs.."

Why it's said so? Because girl may fall in love with someone that's romantic, one of the reason why Titanic movie have been successfully win female's heart. As for guys, they are easily attracted and getting excited by "Looking" at girls only. Sad but true, pornography industry gain high profit is due to these "guys" who are weak in Iman or never know about it.

Hijab is for those Muslimah who want to protect themselves, no matter it's self value or self safety, It's also shown to the public that she's believing in Islam and practicing it. Allah swt know the weakness of His servants, that's why Hijab is for maintain the harmony in society. It's doesn't mean to insult or limit the freedom of female.

Female with hijab is still free to work, play, being social with friends. And lot's more hikmah inside it, wallahualam...

Wahai Nabi, suruhlah isterimu, anak perempuanmu serta wanita-wanita yang beriman, agar melabuhkan pakaiannya bagi menutup seluruh tubuhnya; Yang demikian lebih sesuai untuk mereka dikenali, maka mereka tidak akan diganggu. Dan Allah adalah Maha Pengampun, lagi Maha Mengasihani.

(Surah Al Ahzab ayat 59)

An interesting video : Why Hijab (Click Here)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eating what my mother cooked

Food,‭ ‬become an important issue after reverted.
My mother first question after‭ ‬I‭ ‬reverted is:‭ ‬“You are not going to eat what‭ ‬I‭ ‬cooked anymore right‭?‬”

Well‭…‬ The answer may be yes,‭ ‬may be no.
First of all,‭ ‬everyone knows those plate and‭ ‬cooking pan which served Khinzir need to be Samak.‭ ‬It‭’‬s mean I can‭’‬t eat at my parent‭’‬s house without cleaning their plate and pan.‭ ‬But it‭’‬s also caused a misunderstand to my mother.

‭“‬I am already cooked your favourite chicken rice.‭ ‬Are you going home to eat with us‭? ‬I am not put any pork with it‭”
I refused.‭ ‬It‭’‬s really disappointed my mother.‭ ‬This incident happen after‭ ‬one month‭ ‬they knew I was reverted.‭

There‭’‬s many way‭ ‬I‭ ‬heard about how to eat at parent‭’‬s house who are still non-muslim.‭ ‬Some people change every plate and cooking pan at parent‭’‬s house,‭ ‬and their parent is not eat Khinzir anymore,‭ ‬Alhamdulilah‭…‬ And there‭’‬s also muallaf keep another set‭ ‬of‭ ‬cooking pan at parent‭’‬s house,‭ ‬while they go back their parent would specially serve food on those cooking pan only.‭ (‬And it‭’‬s locked while away from house‭)

Many way can be refered,‭ ‬but none of the way works for me.‭
At last,‭ ‬I have found out a way on myself.‭ ‬I buy everything needed for cooking,‭ ‬chicken that‭’‬s already Sembelih,‭ ‬kicap,‭ ‬few vegetables‭…‬ Then I was invited my mother come to my house,‭ ‬ask her to cook it at my‭ ‬house‭’‬s‭ ‬kitchen.‭ ‬ (I moved out since married‭)

Finally,‭ ‬I was very enjoying with what my mother cooked.‭ ‬My mother seems glad that‭’‬s I was eating what she cooked.‭ ‬I was trying hard to show my mother the message that‭’‬s I am still her son,‭ ‬I‭ ‬eat what she cooked..‭ ‬And Islam is never asking me to leave parent behind.‭

I know Islam have been frustrated my mother,‭ ‬and it‭’‬s my responsible to show her the beauty of Islam.‭

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin...
Semoga Allah swt menerima Ibadat puasa kami sepanjang Bulan Ramadhan..

Monday, September 6, 2010

Thanks my mother

Last week, My parent come to pay a visit at my house. Already been few months they are not visit our daughter.. "Are you fasting like malays?" That's what my mother asked me always, however I am remain silent because I don't know how to explain the importance and amazement of fasting in Ramadhan.

While they come to my house, my mother give me a pack of dry food. "You should eat Oatmeal, it would let you stay healthy while fasting. And there's 100 plus, biscuits." (Before this my mother even give me mooncake with halal chop on it. She tried so hard to understand what I cared)

All I can think about is love between mother and son are never differed by religion. That's non-language expression, can't be judge with anything existed on earth. I appreciated what's my mother give me, perhaps it's a silent answer that she accepted me as muslim.

As long as my mother knows I am still his son, I am satisfied.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Adakah saya anak derhaka selepas memeluk Islam?

This is my answer based on question by Sister Aliya's "Soalan" (Link to Original Post).

8.‭ ‬Mereka yang nonMuslim akan menuduh saya anak derhaka kerana tidak mengenang jasa ibu bapa yang membesarkan saya sehingga saya sanggup membelakangkan keluarga dan memeluk agama Islam,‭ ‬seterusnya tidak lagi dapat bersama keluarga melakukan upacara keagamaan dan tradisi.‭ ‬Benarkah tuduhan mereka bahawa saya menjadi anak derhaka jikalau memeluk Islam‭?

Terutama sekali,‭ ‬Islam tidak menyuruh kita membelakangkan keluarga kita yang tercinta.‭ ‬Sebaliknya kita perlu melayan ibu bapa kita dengan lebih‭ ‬mesra dan sentiasa menjaga hati orang tua.‭ ‬Seperti apa yang difirman oleh Allah swt‭ ‬ dalam‭ ‬Surah al-Israa‭'‬,‭ ‬ayat‭ ‬23‭ ‬maksudnya:‭

"‬Dan Tuhanmu telah perintahkan,‭ ‬supaya engkau tidak menyembah melainkan kepada-Nya semata-mata,‭ ‬dan‭ ‬hendaklah engkau berbuat baik kepada ibu bapa.‭ ‬Jika salah seorang dari keduanya,‭ ‬atau kedua-duanya sekali,‭ ‬sampai kepada umur tua dalam jagaan dan peliharaanmu,‭ ‬maka janganlah engkau berkata kepada mereka‭ (‬sebarang perkataan kasar‭) ‬sekalipun perkataan‭ "‬Ha‭"‬,‭ ‬dan janganlah engkau menengking menyergah mereka,‭ ‬tetapi katakanlah kepada mereka perkataan yang mulia‭ (‬yang bersopan santun‭)"‬.

Cuba bayangkan hanya sekadar berkata‭ ‬“Ha‭”‬ juga ditegah,‭ ‬juga sebagai peringatan kepada mukmin bahawa kita tidak boleh melampaui batas dengan ibu bapa‭ ‬walaupun‭ ‬bercakap-cakap‭ ‬dengan nada yang tinggi.

Saya juga teringat peristiwa‭ ‬mualaf‭ ‬yang melanda jiran saya.‭ ‬Anak lelaki jiran saya telah meninggalkan keluarganya semenjak memeluk islam dan berkahwin dengan muslimah.‭ ‬Jiran saya asyik berkata:‭ ‬“Sungguh memalukan‭! ‬Anak saya sanggup meninggalkan segala adat budaya demi‭ ‬berkahwin dengan‭ ‬bangsa lain.‭ ‬Sampai sekarang‭ ‬saya tak pernah jumpa anak dia yang dah berumur‭ ‬2‭ ‬tahun‭…‬”

Kesalahan yang paling besar ialah meninggalkan keluarga selepas memeluk Islam,‭ ‬padahal Islam menyuruh kita berbuat baik kepada ibu bapa.‭ ‬Segolongan mualaf tidak boleh menahan tekanan daripada keluarga serta maruah sendiri,‭ ‬malah mereka telah milih jalan yang paling sempit.‭ ‬Pernahkah Allah swt menyuruh kita meninggalkan ibu yang bersusah payah mengandung kita selama‭ ‬9‭ ‬bulan‭? ‬Adakah jasa ibu bapa‭ ‬tidak dikenang budi‭?

Diriwayatkan dari Abu Hurairah r.a berkata: Telah datang seorang laki-laki kepada Rasulullah saw lalu bertanya: “Siapakah manusia yang paling berhak untuk aku layani dengan sebaik mungkin?” Rasulullah saw bersabda: “Ibumu.”

Orang itu bertanya lagi: “Kemudian siapa?” Rasulullah saw bersabda: “Kemudian ibumu.”

Orang itu terus bertanya: “Kemudian siapa?” Rasulullah saw bersabda: “Kemudian ibumu.”

Orang itu terus bertanya: “Kemudian siapa?” Rasulullah saw bersabda: “Kemudian ayahmu.”
[HR. Bukhori, Muslim, Ibnu Majjah, Ahmad]

Syurga dibawah tapak kaki ibu‭…‬ Ia merupakan perumpamaan kepada darjat dan jasa sebagai ibu yang mengandung dan bersusah payah mendidik kita sejak dilahirkan.‭ ‬Bagaimanapun,‭ ‬Allah swt jua yang menjadikan manusia,‭ ‬termasuk nenek moyang kamu dengan kuasa Allah swt.‭ ‬Maka kita patut mengikut setiap perintah daripada Allah swt agak tidak melakukan Syirik.‭

Dan apabila dikatakan kepada mereka:‭ ‬Turutlah apa yang telah diturunkan oleh Allah,‭ ‬mereka menjawab:‭ (‬tidak‭)‬,‭ ‬bahkan kami hanya menurut apa yang kami dapati datuk nenek kami lakukannya.‭ ‬Patutkah‭ (‬diikut‭) ‬sekalipun datuk neneknya itu tidak faham‭ ‬suatu apapun,‭ ‬dan tidak mendapat petunjuk‭?

(Surah‭ ‬Al Baqarah ayat‭ ‬170

Upacara agama selain Islam diharamkan kerana ia mengandungi unsur Syirik yang boleh merosakkan Akidah.‭ ‬Kita sepatutnya menurut perintah daripada Allah swt dan bersyukur terhadap segala rezeki yang datang daripadaNya,‭ ‬bukannya agama ritual yang diada-adakan walaupun ia datang daripada nenek moyang.‭ ‬Sekiranya anda mengaji lebih lanjut,‭ ‬terdapat banyak kelemahan dan konflik dalam agama selain Islam dan ia tidak pernah‭ ‬“Perfect‭”‬.‭

Wahai orang yang beriman‭! ‬Janganlah kamu menjadikan bapa-bapa kamu dan saudara-saudaramu sebagai pemimpin jika mereka memilih kufur atas iman‭; ‬dan sesiapa di antara kamu yang menjadikan mereka pemimpin,‭ ‬maka merekalah orang yang zalim.

(Surah‭ ‬At Taubah ayat‭ ‬23)

Dan Kami wajibkan manusia berbuat baik kepada kedua ibu bapanya‭; ‬dan jika mereka berdua mendesakmu supaya engkau mempersekutukan Dengan-Ku dengan sesuatu yang tidak engkau ketahui tentangnya,‭ ‬maka janganlah engkau taat kepada mereka.‭ ‬Kepada Akulah tempat kembali kamu kemudian Aku akan menerangkan kepada kamu segala yang kamu telah kerjakan.

(Surah‭ ‬Al‭ '‬Ankabuut ayat‭ ‬8)

Bagaimanapun,‭ ‬Islam tidak menegah segala tradisi yang tidak melanggar syariat Islam.‭ ‬Saya‭ ‬sekeluarga‭ ‬juga memakai baju berwarna merah untuk meraihkan Tahun Baru Cina‭ ‬dengan‭ ‬ibu bapa saya.‭ ‬Cuma apa yang penting pastikan makanan Halal atau bersih dari sudut syariat Islam,‭ ‬ketahuilah menjaga tradisi‭ ‬yang sihat‭ ‬dan hati ibu bapa adalah digalakkan.‭

Semenjak kita dilahirkan,‭ ‬kita telah ditakdirkan hanya mempunyai‭ ‬pertalian dengan‭ ‬ibu dan bapa‭ ‬ yang tidak dapat dipisahkan.‭ ‬Mungkinkah kamu boleh menggantikan ibumu‭ ‬ dengan orang lain yang beragama islam tetapi dia tiada mempunyai sebarang perasaan kasih sayang terhadap kamu‭?

Sebagai anak,‭ ‬kita memikul tanggungjawab yang besar untuk membalas jasa ibu bapa.‭ ‬Jangan sekali-kali sedih atau marah sekiranya mereka menyakitkan hati kita,‭ ‬kerana mereka jua yang patut kita menghormati sepanjang umurnya seperti apa yang diperintah oleh Allah swt.‭ ‬Kita patut bersyukur setiap Hidayah yang diberikan oleh yang Maha Esa‭…

Dan tentulah Kami pimpin mereka ke jalan yang lurus.

(Surah‭ ‬An Nisaa‭'‬ ayat‭ ‬68)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Soalan" by Sister Aliya

This article are posted from
Sister Aliya's "Soalan" (Link to Original Post).
I found out those question are exactly what I faced, and I have met some answer for few question. I will write out fews article according to those question.. I need times to collect some interesting fact first, please stay tuned..

Saya masih ingat, ketika saya mula minat Islam, banyak juga perkara yang mengelirukan saya sehingga saya tidak pasti sama ada tindakan memeluk Islam adalah sesuai dan baik.
Bukannya kerana saya tidak percaya kepada wujudnya Tuhan Yang Esa.
Bukannya kerana saya tidak percaya bahawa Islam merupakan agama yang benar.
Cuma... saya masih ada soalan yang belum berjawab, dan reaksi sesetengah orang Islam sendiri turut mengelirukan saya. Ia sedikit sebanyak melengahkan saya daripada memeluk Islam.

Soalan yang sama juga ditujukan kepada saya oleh nonMuslim yang seolah-olah menyindir saya apabila mengetahui minat saya pada Islam ketika itu. Begitu juga, ditujukan oleh ahli keluarga apabila menyedari minat saya itu, dengan harapan minat saya terhadap Islam akan semakin pudar.

Di antara yang menghantui saya ketika itu:

1. Mengapa mahu peluk Islam sedangkan Islam itu banyak sangat ritual keagamaannya berbanding agama lain? Mesti sembahyang 5 kali sehari, mesti puasa, mesti bertudung dll sedangkan agama lain mudah sahaja?

2. Kalau Islam itu baik, mengapa ramai orang Islam menjadi Mat Rempit, penagih dadah, perogol, perompak, buang anak, berzina dan sebagainya? Bukankah itu menunjukkan ajaran Islam itu ada kelemahannya?

3. Mengapa orang Islam masih bergaduh/berperang sesama sendiri sedangkan Islam itu mengajar kedamaian? Antara orang politik, antara jiran tetangga, antara ahli keluarga? Kalau Islam itu baik, tentu orang Islam tak bergaduh sesama sendiri sebaliknya bersatu?

4. Islam membenarkan pergaduhan dan pembunuhan? JI, Taliban, Islam terrorists... semua mereka adalah orang Islam, bukan?

4. Kalau saya peluk Islam, di manakah boleh saya tinggal kalau saya dihalau oleh keluarga? Bagaimanakah saya nak hidup sedangkan segala perbelanjaan seharian disediakan oleh ibu bapa? Saya tak mahu tinggal di rumah perlindungan yang jauh dari pusat bandar kerana bimbang tak dapat sesuaikan diri tanpa kemudahan internet dan sebagainya.

5. Perlukah saya memberitahu keluarga saya bahawa saya mahu peluk Islam? Atau masuk Islam secara senyap-senyap?

6. Kalau saya masuk Islam secara senyap-senyap dulu dan berlakon seolah-olah saya belum Islam di hadapan ahli keluarga, bukankah itu bermaksud saya menipu ibu bapa dan ahli keluarga saya? Bukankah Islam mengajar umatNya supaya sentiasa jujur?

7. Apabila saya memeluk Islam, saya tidak lagi boleh melibatkan diri dalam ritual keagamaan keluarga saya yang masih nonMuslim. Sekiranya ibu bapa saya meninggal dunia, saya akan dituduh anak derhaka dan tidak mengenang budi kerana tidak melakukan upacara keagamaan mereka kerana ia bercanggah dengan ajaran Islam? Bagaimana saya harus hadapi keadaan itu nanti?

8. Mereka yang nonMuslim akan menuduh saya anak derhaka kerana tidak mengenang jasa ibu bapa yang membesarkan saya sehingga saya sanggup membelakangkan keluarga dan memeluk agama Islam, seterusnya tidak lagi dapat bersama keluarga melakukan upacara keagamaan dan tradisi. Benarkah tuduhan mereka bahawa saya menjadi anak derhaka jikalau memeluk Islam?

9. Perlukah saya menjadi Melayu apabila memeluk Islam, yakni berpakaian ala orang Melayu dan bertutur dalam Bahasa Melayu? Bagaimanakah saya harus kekalkan identiti saya sebagai orang Cina tetapi beragama Islam?

10. Orang Islam mendakwa bahawa Islam itu agama benar dan Allah itu Maha Esa, dan hanya satu tuhan. Apakah buktinya yang boleh saya yakinkah kepada ahli keluarga saya yang begitu negatif terhadap Islam?

Syukur alhamdulillah, dengan izinNya saya berjaya melakukannya, berhijrah dan memeluk Islam.
Bagaimana pula dengan mereka yang masih menanti jawapan kepada soalan-soalan seperti di atas, mereka yang 50%, 60% atau 70% berminat memeluk Islam?
Bolehkan anda membantu menjawab soalan-soalan tadi untuk meyakinkan mereka?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Islam Missionary Adam

latar belakang Muhammad Adam Eh ( saudara baru )
  • umur 17 tahun, saya agama kristian. saya berdebat dengan kawan islam saya dan membuat kajian Islam selama setahun.
  • umur 18 tahun, saya memeluk islam. sebelum memeluk islam, saya berasal daripada keluarga yang senang. tetapi, selepas masuk islam, saya dihalau dan dibuang oleh keluarga, kos sara hidup dan yuran pelajaran juga diberhentikan oleh keluarga saya.
  • sekarang saya menjadi penulis buku dan menjual buku. buku ini adalah kisah benar " kajian sebelum saya masuk islam " . selain itu, boleh guna buku ini dakwah kepada orang yang bukan islam.

I am curious with what he written in his book. It's impressing that he is able to publish books at very young age, only 21.

I love to read and find lots of facts about Islam, but I don't think I am capable to become Pendakwah... Too little things I know and what's Allah swt created is far too high to achieve.

Read Also : Saudara Baru Kongsi Pengalaman Bersama PTS

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fasting Month...

Alhamdulilah, so far my fasting is keep on going...
Everytime puasa my body would become more sensitive. If I buy drinks from pasar Ramadhan, I will have stomachache immediately. May be it's a sign of my body become normal and reject dirty foods?

Enjoying puasa, enjoying the most graceful month among others..
I would try to remain my positive minds and way of life even though Bulan Ramadhan is over next month...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Underground Muslim

I have been read about chinese muslim in newspaper few weeks ago. What mentioned in article roughly like this : Most of the time chinese muslim will become awkward with their religion status and muslim name, they will be criticized and looked down by Malaysian no matter chinese or malay.

*WhyMalaysian cannot accept chinese muslim?
>At Malaysia, muslim have been given a lot of benefits compared to non muslim. This special policy have been attracted many peoples reverted blindly simply because they want to earn some allowance from Gov. Some people even reverted just because they thought it would make them easier to become Malaysian Citizen. When this problem occured too often, malaysian would assume every reverted muslim are having their intention on muslim’s allowance and benefits from gov.

Would it be different if the so called allowance (Sedekah) not given to them?
Islam is the most fair religion, reverted muslim occasionally facing a lot of financial and family problem. According to history, even Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was threaten by non muslim untill he Hijrah with his followers. That’s why sedekah need given to the poor and muallaf (for few years), not because of money politic like what have been criticized by some folks.

I live my life as underground muslim.
None of my relative and friends know I have been reverted and married. My family feel shame on me, they want to take care of their family dignity and even “advised” me don’t get any children so soon. I don’t mind with their decision and excuses, because I have been move out from house before I reverted. None of my chinese friends know I am reverted either. This would be heart breaking news for them.

It’s too hard to explain what Islam really about to non muslim. I am just a servant of Allah swt, I am not capable to change the whole world. I would rather live my life as muslim silently, I don’t like to explain how much I love Islam and Allah swt to people around me. I am ignore every negative comments from my family, I am just want to follow what have been told by Allah swt.

At the same time I am not leaving my family, I bring my wife and daughter meet them sometime. I know it’s hard for them to accept us totally, but I try to do my best as their son.

When I am walking on the street, I am just another chinese muallaf..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan dan berpuasa kepada semua....

Thursday, August 5, 2010


This year ramadhan would be my second time‭ ‬“Full Month‭”‬ puasa‭…‬
Since reverted I would be excited to wait for the Ramadhan coming,‭ ‬It‭’‬s hard to say what‭’‬s the reason.‭ ‬I know it‭’‬s my chance to strive because of Allah s.w.t.‭ ‬,‭ ‬and I feel very happy as day by day goes by in Ramadhan month.‭ ‬“Another day I am success to puasa‭!‬” That‭’‬s my thought while I was fasting last year.

Few years ago,‭ ‬I was just attempt to puasa for testing only.‭ ‬I tried not to eat since morning till afternoon,‭ I was ‬not taking breakfast but still drink water.‭ ‬It‭’‬s quite suffering for me..‭ ‬And I was only do it for‭ ‬2‭ ‬days per week.‭ ‬Perhaps I was finding answer of true Religion of God,‭ ‬perhaps I was just curious about it.

Until‭ ‬2008,‭ ‬I was attend course with my‭ ‬colleagues.‭ ‬I have been fasting with my colleagues and eating Sahur with them at‭ ‬4.30AM.‭ ‬My friend‭ ‬Azlan‭ ‬keep on telling me‭ ‬:‭ ‬“You no need to puasa la,‭ ‬you are not muslim‭…‬ We are muslim already used to puasa,‭ ‬not need to follow us at 4am morning‭…‬” I am just smiled and say‭ ‬:‭ ‬“ I am learning to puasa too..‭”

Yes,‭ ‬for the first time I‭ ‬was puasa full day long‭ ‬for‭ ‬5‭ ‬days at course ‭(One day missed Sahur with Azlan, Ouch...) ‬Some people smiled when‭ ‬they‭ ‬saw me taking so much food at‭ ‬7.30pm.‭ ‬When Azlan tell them actually I was puasa too,‭ ‬they just thought we were joking with them.‭

Unforgettable experience..‭
For the first time in my whole life,‭ ‬I was puasa with‭ ‬every‭ ‬Muslims‭ ‬colleague.‭ ‬I was not puasa alone and without people‭’‬s notice like my past days at private firm before.‭ ‬After that I realize it‭’‬s the power of Muslims puasa together at the same month.‭ ‬Everyone are‭ ‬committed to do what‭’‬s commanded by Allah s.w.t.‭ ‬

Pasar Ramadhan, products kurma, market who selling Baju Raya and lots of prayer's stuff... Everyone are so busy to strive and wash away sins in Ramadhan. It can't be done by our own personal effort. Just like how Allah s.w.t. giving rewards to those who sholat Jemaah.

One week after attended course,‭ ‬I went to Pejabat Agama with my friend Azlan,‭ ‬Shiema‭ (‬My wife‭)‬..‭ ‬Kalimah Syuhadah Recited in Ramadhan‭ ‬2008,‭ ‬I found my way back to Allah s.w.t.‭ ‬,‭ ‬Tuhan yang Maha Esa.‭

Whenever I feel tired and hungry in Ramdhan times, I remember Allah s.w.t. and pray in my heart. " I willing to puasa because of Allah s.w.t. No matter how hard is it." All of my hunger have been missing slowly.. This is the most amazing thing that I feel on my own, Alhamdulilah.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jawapan dari Perkim : Nama Islam

Saya pernah tanya Perkim tentang Nama Islam.. Saje kongsikan untuk semua.

Askum kepada ustaz.. Saya memiliki Nama Islam kerana saya menyukainya, tetapi bolehkah ustaz menjelaskan apakah Hukum dan Hikmahnya di sebalik mempunyai Nama Islam?



Terima kasih kerana sudi bertanya...untuk pengetahuan saudari yang bertanya setiap manusia di atas muka bumi ini adalah asalnya dari Nabi Adam dan pasangannya hawa.Dan semuanya termasuk Adam dan Hawa merupakan makhluk ciptaan Allah S.W.T.Nama-nama dalam Islam adalah sangat indah dan mempunyai erti dari sudut spiritual dan fizikal serta diterima dari segi sosial kemanusiaan.Selain itu, nama-nama Islam itu mempunyai maksud tersendiri yang sangat indah dan baik kepada pemiliknya sendiri.Melalui nama tersebut juga mampu membentuk dan melambangkan keperibadian seseorang itu. Tiada salah untuk mempunyai nama Islam namun menjadi kesalahan andai digunakan sebagai tujuan penipuan.

Sekian,wassalam.. (ustaz Sayyid)

Keep on finding Truth

I have spend a lot of time on finding truth.

When I'm on my journey, I have met few people who know a lot about truth. At the same time, I also met few people who is confuse with their life. Whether they are never met the truth, or they decided to leave behind truth....

Every question must be have an answer. The correct and unbeatable answer which is never can be found without effort. I was read a book once written this : "People's instinct are never admit their wrong, but they do insist to give away lots of excuse to make their wrong seems right."

I am totally agree with author's opinion. (The most interesting thing is that book written by Taiwan Professor about how to win relationship with people)

May be you will be interested in these videos..... :

Benjamin Murtad Video 1 (Click Here)

Jawapan kepada Benjamin Stephen yang Murtad Video 1 (Click Here)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bagaimana berdakwah kepada Non-Muslim?

Surat Rasulullah kepada Hirarclius (Herkules) Penguasa Romawi (Raja Byzantin).

Sering kali kawan-kawan tanya saya bagaimana berdakwah kepada non-muslim.‭ Ini adalah suatu perkara yang amat susah.‭ ‬Terutama sekali,‭ ‬Hidayah Taufik adalah hak‭ ‬mutlak Allah swt,‭ ‬tiada sesiapa boleh mendapatnya sekiranya Allah swt tidak mengizinkan‭…‬ Dan tidak dapat terhalang sekiranya Allah swt membuka hati pintu hambaNya.‭

Hati‭ ‬dan Akal‭ ‬manusia adalah ciptaan Allah swt yang paling istimewa.‭ ‬Ia mampu berfikir,‭ ‬berdoa,‭ ‬menuju jalan kebaikan mahunpun menikmati alam dunia.‭ ‬Tetapi hati juga boleh terjerumus dalam lembah hawa nafsu,‭ ‬sehingga membawa kerosakan ke dunia.‭ ‬Seterusnya,‭ ‬setiap manusia juga mempunyai pemikiran yang tersendiri,‭ ‬tiada formula tertentu yang boleh mengukur hati perut manusia.‭

Bagaimanapun,‭ ‬non-muslim juga boleh tergolong kepada beberapa golongan.‭

1‭) ‬Penganut Agama lain-lain yang tidak mengetahui‭ ‬ajaran‭ ‬Islam langsung.‭ ‬Mereka sering mempunyai‭ ‬ persepsi negatif terhadap Islam atas pengaruh Media Hollywood,‭ ‬surat khabar dan khabar angin.‭ ‬Mereka asyik tanya soalan mengenai fitnah-fitnah terhadap Islam seperti‭ ‬:‭ ‬Betulkah lelaki muslim boleh kahwin empat dengan sesuka hati‭?

2‭)‬ Penganut Agama yang setia sungguh dengan ajaran diorang.‭ ‬Mereka bagai memeluk balak besar sehingga enggan melepaskannya.‭ ‬Balak telah menjadi‭ ‬“pegangan hidup‭”‬ mereka yang kekal,‭ ‬padahal balak tu tidak bercakap-cakap dan tidak berkuasa. Ia juga merupakan Ciptaan Allah s.w.t. semata-mata. Jika ingin minta mereka melepaskan balak ialah sesuatu yang tak dapat dibayangkan oleh mereka.‭

3‭) ‬Penganut Agama yang setia dan agressif terhadap agama lain-lain.‭ ‬Mereka sering mencari kesilapan yang ada pada setiap agama supaya menimbulkan keraguan dan konflik‭ ‬terhadap agama tersebut.‭ ‬Tujuan mereka‭ ‬kiranya‭ ‬“berdakwah‭”‬ juga tetapi melalui fitnah dan kekeliruan yang ada pada penganut agama tertentu.‭ ‬(Senjata non muslim berdakwah ialah fitnah yang tidak berasaskan kebenaran, sekiranya kebenaran dijelaskan, mereka tetap mengabaikannya.) Contoh yang terbaik boleh didapati dalam Forum Post ini‭ ‬:‭ ‬Soalan dari non-muslim (from Cari Forum).‭ ‬Konon2nya dia merupakan non-muslim yang bersikap ingin tahu tentang Islam,‭ ‬sebaliknya setiap soalan yang dilontarkan adalah‭ bertujuan untuk ‬menimbulkan kekeliruan dan keraguan umat islam semata-mata supaya kita menjauhi ajaran suci‭ ‬Islam.‭ ‬Nauzubillah‭…‬

4‭)‬ Akhir sekali,‭ ‬orang yang sedang mencari-cari Tuhan Semesta yang mencipta segalanya.‭ ‬Apakah tujuan hidup‭ ‬manusia‭ ‬sebenarnya‭?‬ Siapakah Tuhan sebenarnya‭? ‬Kebanyakan daripada mereka selalu menukar agama tetapi akhirnya‭ ‬gagal menemui jawapan dan ketenangan.

Bagaimanapun,‭ ‬ hanya Allah swt Maha Mengetahui.‭

Demi masa,‭ ‬sesungguhnya manusia itu dalam kerugian.‭ ‬Kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal salih,‭ ‬dan mereka pula berpesan-pesan dengan kebenaran serta‭ ‬berpesan-pesan dengan sabar.

‭(‬Surah‭ ‬Al‭ '‬Asr‭ ‬:‭ ‬ayat‭ ‬1-3‭)

Kita tidak boleh asyik menjawab soalan yang‭ ‬dilontar oleh non muslim sahaja,‭ ‬sebaliknya‭ ‬kita perlu mengajaknya berfikir.‭ ‬Islam bukan ajaran yang diikuti dengan‭ ‬buta tuli,‭ ‬setiap syariat Islam mesti terkandung hikmahNya.‭ ‬Jadi kita perlu menyampaikan Kebenaran yang bermulai dengan Rukun Iman.‭ ‬Siapakah Allah swt‭? ‬Apakah peranan Nabi‭? ‬Adakah Islam membantah Nabi Isa/Jesus‭? ‬Kenapa ada kitab-kitab yang nampaknya‭ ‬“lebih kurang sama‭”‬? Manakah manusia kembali selepas meninggal dunia‭?

Kesabaran juga amat penting kerana non muslim kadang kala boleh menanya soalan yang boleh mencetuskan kemarahan umat Islam.‭ ‬Sabar la‭…‬ mungkin‭ ‬dia tidak mengetahui apakah Islam sebenarnya,‭ ‬maka tanggungjawab kita sebagai umat islam ialah menyampaikan Kebenaran yang bukan direka-reka,‭ ‬malah bukan pandangan sendiri.‭ ‬Sekiranya mereka berpaling,‭ ‬kita juga tidak perlu menanggung dosa mereka atas kedegilan mereka sendiri‭…‬ Bagaimanapun‭ ‬bergantung kepada niat non muslim yang bertanya,‭ ‬adakah dia bersikap ingin tahu atau saje nak mencaci‭? ‬Jika‭ ‬niat dia bukan ikhlas,‭ ‬usah kamu layan kerana dia sedang memperbodohkan umat Islam sahaja.‭ ‬

Sekiranya kita mampu menyampaikan Rukun‭ ‬Iman walaupun sedikit,‭ ‬sebenarnya kita sedang mendorong non muslim mendekati Islam.‭ ‬Mengajaknya berfikir,‭ ‬adakah berhala mampu bercakap2‭? ‬Adakah‭ ‬alam ini terjadi sendiri tanpa Pencipta‭? ‬Jika kita asyik memberi jawapan,‭ ‬maka non muslim akan menolak habis tanpa memikir tentangnya.‭ ‬Berfikir la‭…‬

Rasulullah bersabda dalam sebuah hadis kudsi yang bermaksud,‭ ‬“Allah s.w.t.‭ ‬berfirman,‭ ‬‘… Jika seorang hamba mendekati-Ku dalam jarak sejengkal,‭ ‬maka Aku‭ ‬akan mendekatinya dalam jarak satu hasta.‭ ‬Jika ia mendekatiku dalam jarak satu hasta,‭ ‬maka Aku‭ ‬akan mendekat kepadanya dalam jarak satu depa.‭ ‬Apabila dia datang kepada-Ku berjalan,‭ ‬nescaya Aku akan mendatanginya secara berlari.‭”‬ (Riwayat al-Bukhari‭)

Kita hanya mampu menjalankan usaha yang sungguh sedikit untuk berdakwah,‭ ‬bagaimanapun Hidayah Taufik masih merupakan hak mutlak Allah s.w.t.‭ ‬Berdoa kepada Allah swt setiap kali selepas sembahyang agak pintu hati mereka dibuka,‭ ‬merayu kepada Allah swt agak orang yang kamu kasihi akan bersikap proaktif mendekati Islam...
Sesungguhnya kamu tidak dapat memberi petunjuk kepada orang yang kamu kasihi,‭ ‬tetapi Allah memberi petunjuk kepada sesiapa yang dikehendaki-Nya.‭ ‬dan Dialah jua yang lebih mengetahui akan orang yang mendapat petunjuk.

‭(‬Surah‭ ‬Al Qasas‭ ‬:‭ ‬56‭)

Cara yang paling baik ialah menghadiahkan buku-buku seperti Rukun Islam dan Iman, Apakah Ajaran Islam dan Al-Quran kepada non muslim yang ingin mengetahui Islam.‭ ‬Kerana membaca‭ ‬adalah lebih baik di sisi Allah s.w.t. ‬seperti wahyu pertama yang diturunkan melalui Malaikat Jibrial kepada‭ ‬Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.

Bacalah‭ (‬wahai Muhammad‭) ‬dengan nama Tuhanmu yang menciptakan‭ (‬sekalian makhluk‭)‬.‭ ‬Ia menciptakan manusia‭ ‬dari sebuku darah beku.‭ ‬Bacalah,‭ ‬dan Tuhanmu Yang Maha Pemurah.‭ ‬Yang mengajar manusia melalui pena dan tulisan.‭ ‬Ia mengajarkan manusia apa yang tidak diketahuinya. ‭(‬Surah‭ ‬Al‭ '‬Alaq‭ ‬:‭ ‬1-5‭)

Semoga Allah s.w.t.‭ ‬membuka‭ ‬hati pintu‭ ‬hamba Allah‭ ‬yang masih merempat untuk memohon HidayahNya,‭ ‬Aminn‭…‬

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fobia Yahudi Dan Barat Terhadap Islam

My another islamic books collection...
Syukur Alhamdulilah my father grow me up in books shelve, he bought a lot of books and recommend me to read it since I was little kid. Including "How to Win Friends and Influence People written by Dale Carnegie", and lots more china classic story books. (I don't know how to translate those name) So I was 90% chinese and 10% English book reader since I was small, till now I have become 50% BM(Mostly Islamic book), 45% Chinese, 5% English book reader.

My father teach me how to pick books..
First, look at the author's biodata. How high author's education? Does his major relevant with what he wrote?
Then, look at the book's index. It may let you take a glimpse what this book written about? Does it interesting and worth to buy?
Lastly, pick one of the chapter and read it throughly. Does author express it in meaningful way or messy way? Can you understand what author trying to tell?

So that's the little tip from my father. Also I would like to recommend to my blog reader another book: Fobia Yahudi Dan Barat Terhadap Islam. Trust me, by looking at Haji Husseiny's biodata only may make your feel impressed.

Buku ini menjelaskan berkaitan dengan fobia pihak Yahudi dan kemudiannya diikuti oleh pihak Barat terhadap Agama Islam. Pengarang memulakan kajiannya dengan mengemukakan tentang penyelewengan oleh pihak Yahudi terhadap akidah Agama Kristian yang pada asalnya adalah monoteisme seperti yang telah dibawa oleh para Rasul dan para Nabi-Nya. Isu penggunaan perkataan 'Allah' di Malaysia turut diperjelaskan melalui kupasa daripada para sarjana Islam bagi menyatakan hal yang sebenarnya.

Selanjutnya pengarang juga menghuraikan persoalan dari segi sejarah, kenapa Islam telah mara ke Barat seterusnya menguasai Empayar Parsi dan Rom. Dalam pada itu dijelaskan juga akan propaganda-propaganda anti terhadap Islam yang terawal di Barat hinggakan kemudiannya telah mencetuskan Perang-Perang Salib. Dalam kajiannya, pengarang berpendapat penyeleweng pihak Barat terhadap Islam adalah kerana mereka kurang memahami akan agama suci ini. Pengarang berjaya membawa para pembaca dari urutan sejarah berkaitan dengan pandangan-pandangan para penulis Barat sejak awal lagi terhadap Agama Islam.

Dalam semua hal ini terdapatlah tangan-tangan dari pihak Yahudi yang turut mempengaruhi pihak Barat untuk memusuhi Islam dan para penganutnya. Bukti-bukti berjaya dijelaskan, bahawa melalui pengaruh pihak Yahudi di Amerika Syarikat khususnya dan di Eropah amnya, maka berlakunya krisis di Palestin hinggalah sampai ke dewasa ini. Dengan itu tercetuslah isu-isu berkaitan dengan penaklukan di Iraq dan berlakunya Serangan pada 11 September 2001 terhadap Menara Berkembar di New York. Isu berkaitan dengan karikatur Nabi Muhammad yang disebarluaskan di Eropah juga di Singapura turut dinyatakan. Sentimen anti Islam kian menjadi nyata di Eropah. Ini semuanya kerana gara-gara sebilangan besar daripada penduduknya terlalu takut akan pengaruh Islam ke atas mereka.

- Penerbit

  1. Islam Dan Ahli Kitab
  2. Penulisan Kitab-Kitab Agama Kristian
  3. Kenapa Islam Mara Ke Utara Dan Ke Eropah?
  4. Propaganda Anti Islam
  5. Kenapa Berlakunya Perang Salib?
  6. Adakah Islam Dan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. itu Disalah Ertikan Di Barat?
  7. Jihad Dan Maksudnya
  8. Yahudi Dan Barat
  9. Palestin Selepas Perang Dunia II
  10. Kedudukan Palestin Kini
  11. Syahid
  12. Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. Difitnahkan
  13. Serangan-Serangan Pada 11 September 2001
  14. Kucar Kacirnya Satu Tamadun Islam (Baghdad)
  15. Bertoleransi?
Harga = RM22.00 (Sem) RM24.00 (Sab/Swk)
Mukasurat = 418
Penulis = Haji Husseiny Bin Zambery
Diedit Oleh = Dr. Mohd. Puzhi Bin Usop (U.I.A.)
Penerbit = Al-Hidayah Publication

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Alhamdulilah... (Praise to Allah s.w.t.) My blog have been written since last month, and just promote it in facebook, and few blogger's page. But I have received lots of positive comments from readers.

Many months ago, my friend suggested me to write blog about what I think about Islam, I was hesitated. She told me: "Your blog may help lots of people like me." Actually I don't think I am Ulama who can explain Al-Quran in expert way, I am just muallaf who love to read and finding Truths.

Yes, there's a lot of small things I noticed when I am finding truth. It's like experiencing the transform of life, a lot of personal view and mindset have experienced serious "treatment" via Islam. Too many misunderstand I noticed in this country but too few people to break the lies.

Due to my strong desires to know more about Islam, I can't stop myself to buy Islamic books. Especially books which is explain what Islam really about and being compared with slander from non-muslim. I am always have a feeling that I was too late to learn Islam, this feeling makes me keep on finding more and more info.

Whenever I accidentally read something that looks weird at internet, or it's make me feel doubtful... I will start my "books hunting journey" till I found the answer and satisfied. I never been so amazed with books before, normally I was just read some story books while teen.

Till now I am still not understand what I have inspired my readers. Do you all think what I wrote is really interesting or looks important for you?
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