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Kad Akuan Masuk Islam

What frustrated a lot nowadays is do reverted muallaf need to change IC? EPF? Bank Account? From what I know, first they need go to Pejabat Agama and filling Borang Memeluk Islam. Then Pejabat will give a Kad Akuan Masuk Islam. However every state's Kad Islam is different. Like my Perak one is stated Nama Islam, Nama Asal, No. KP and Tarikh Islam.

About IC, Pejabat Agama Perak only advised me go to change IC on my own. Which mean OPTIONAL... Pejabat Agama does not change any muallaf's IC forcefully through their Jabatan, but it's for those muallaf self initiative to do it. Of course there's many people have to hide their Islam identity as they may get fired by employer or being thrown by family.

Tidak ada paksaan dalam agama (Islam), sesungguhnya telah nyata kebenaran (Islam) dari kesesatan (kufur). Oleh itu, sesiapa yang engkar kepada Taghut, dan ia beriman kepada Allah, maka sesungguhnya ia telah berpegang kepada tali yang teguh, yang tidak akan putus. Dan (ingatlah), Allah Maha Mendengar, lagi Maha Mengetahui.

(Al-Baqaraah ayat 256 )
Islam does not wipe away our name. It's still stated Nama ASAL as acknowledgement. The best proof is the Kad Islam above. But most people have been misunderstood about it.

From what I know now, there's a way for muallaf to embrace Islam silently without change IC first. But as for marriage with Muslim, so far I don't have any information about that..


  1. I think it will not have any problem for married also.

    I think bro. Lim did change back to chinese name and he already married too

    so I think that should not be any problem...

  2. As I know person who married with must be muslim too according to undang2 syariah..

  3. So in short, a Muallaf will carry two id cards with one being said converted and another one is the ORIGINAL ic reflects the old profile, right?

    I hope to get some background on embracing Islam. I do see some huge limitation and strict policy once after conversion since it is being covered by Syariah law.

    1. What will happen to my EPF naming if to my non-Muslim wife? Valid or null after conversion?
    2. if I have a house join name with my mum (non-Mislim). What will happen to the property once the loan has been fully settled? Do I have the rights to own it?
    3. What if I get my second child, will it be declare as Islam? Or since under 18, there is an option to remain as what it is?

  4. Question - I am married (non-Muslim) and what will happen after I convert to Islam. Will my marriage status will be declared as Void/Null as per Syariah Law? Is there any one I can reach out to understand your journey of experience before and after embracing Islam? I am in the midst of attending some Islamic classes thru Masjid Daerah. Also about the Fardhu-Ain, how would this be taken care? Thank You.

  5. William :

    About ID card, yes those who registered officially will be given Kad Akuan Masuk Islam. However it is more encouraged if IC is updated "Islam" status.

    I don't know much about syariah law at Malaysia so I just write down little information I knew, if one of the marriage partner is embrace Islam and the other is not, marriage status will be void in 3 months or other partner willing to revert too as well. So it should be goes the same with EPF status.

    2. In Islam non muslim can't inherit muslim's property, it goes the same also for non muslim's property. However muslim and non muslim still can accept or give away property in "Hibah" concept, which is accept it as gift while both party is still alive.

    you may read more about Hibah at link below

    3. In Islam, we can't force kids to embrace Islam and it is self decision. However in Malaysia, kids who under 18 will be automatically follow muslim reverts become muslim too.

  6. Anonymous:

    please email me privately at

    If one of the marriage partner not embrace Islam, marriage status will be void after 3 months.

  7. Alright, I found a little information now.

    If one of the non muslim marriage partner embrace Islam.The marriage is void; If husband embace Islam and following by the wife too, then she is still his wife; If wife embrace Islam and wait till finished her iddah, and yet husband not embrace Islam, then she can get married with another muslim. Or if wife willing to wait for him come back, after he embrace Islam she is still remain as wife. No need to do marriage ceremony, akad nikah or giving mas kahwin as well.


  9. This is posted by NurAliya Yeoh from

    I would advise anyone keen to revert to Islam but is married to be patient and go through the proper divorce procedure in the civil court first. Less hassle and less headache. If u revert while still married, u may try to invite your wife to follow u and be a muslim too, that way your marriage remains intact, u just need to register at the syariah court. if after 3 months, both will be considered divorced under the syariah but the civil court still regard u two as married, so as i said, it'd be a big problem. Then only the nonMuslim spouse can do the divorce proceedings as the muslim will be tied to the syariah court. So better to do it while u are still legally a nonmuslim, settle all the harta sepencarian , hak jagaan anak etc, then only then declare yourself a muslim in the jabatan agama.

    correct me if i'm wrong
    1. u may check that with the epf staff by meeting face-to-face.. i believe they have a clause for that now
    2. property will remain both your mum and yours coz you change your religion only, not your ic number, right.
    3. under our syariah law, a child under 18 will be a muslim if one of the parent becomes a muslim, so if u have children under 18 when u become a muslim legally, u have a right to revert them too.. but beware that this decision may be challenged by your spouse in the civil court

    1. This is why converting to Islam in Malaysia is so complicated. In Quran, it says in a family, husband need to be Muslim, wife is not compulsory at all but encourage so. As long as husband is the head of family, it is not compulsory. But if wife is muslim, but husband is not, then the marriage will be void because husband is the head of the family.

  10. Salam. I am Italian i would like to convert and embrace Islam here in Malaysia. Can anybody explain to me how is the procedures? My girlfriend she is Malaysian Malay Muslim, and I want to marry her after I convert to Islam.

    1. Walaikumsalam. perhaps you can try to visit Al-Khadeem that placed at KL, because there are Sheikh Hussein Yee who can explain the procedures and islamic teachings in English.

      Address :
      Lot 1034 Jalan Cempaka
      Sungai Kayu Ara
      47400 Petaling Jaya
      Selangor Darul Ehsan


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