Sunday, June 30, 2013

Inspired By Nature

Taiping Lake Gardens, photoshop effect is unnecessary.

When I was a kid, I used to visit D.R. Garden at Ipoh. I love the freshening breeze from trees and few lakes. Till the moment I grew up to be teenager, I still walking alone at there to find the peace of my mind. The beauty of nature is calming my heart, walking on the greenly grass and look at swarm of fish in the lake.

As time goes by, my passionate on beauty of nature makes me pondering more upon the creations of Allah. Nothing beat its beauty with any sort of entertainment and luxurious stuff. Most people getting bored of 80’s Hollywood film and preferable with latest CGI effects, however Nature doesn't need any designation from human, it just grows as always will be. Nothing much changed for hundred or even thousand years.

After I hijrah to Taiping, I fell in love with Taiping Lake Gardens. That beauty of well growth trees captured my attention, finding inspiration from the creation of Al-Mighty. Since the moment I recited Syahadah, “Comfort Zone” is getting far away from me, a popular word that describe certain people who enjoy the comfortable situation without getting any challenging task in daily life. Perhaps I am staying upon “Challenging and Uncomfortable Zone” for the rest of my life, nerve wrecking kind of life when you have become the lonely passenger on the right path.

When I'm back to the nature, nothing else is matter.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First Step Is Always The Hardest

Book description that written by publisher

Since I was registered myself as muslim, this year is going to be my 5th Ramadhan fasting month. I was eager to study as much as I can regarding Islam, however I was stuck at bottleneck that most people won’t tell you the difference between cultural and Islam.

I am fully believed that Islam is the righteous religion, a way of life, ad-Din. Whenever I’m dealing with complication between cultural and Muslim, there are hardly anyone may explain about it regardless of self-esteem customs and community perception. Although Islam principle can be easily adopted by all walk of life, the controversy aroused whenever a “custom made Islamic cultural” being applied on a reverted muslim.
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