Friday, April 27, 2012

Projek Mega Buku Islam Untuk Semua Kepada Perpustakaan IPTA Dan IPTS

Projek ini bertujuan untuk mengajak anda semua membeli sambil menderma buku

Jika anda berminat dengan projek ini, anda boleh membeli buku ISLAM UNTUK SEMUA dan buku anda ini akan di dihadiahkan kepada :
  • Perpustakaan di IPTA & IPTS (3 salinan untuk setiap perpustakaan)
  • Non-Muslims
  • Saudara Muslim (yang baru melafazkan Syahadah)
Dan juga Program Street Dakwah yang akan dijalankan pada ketetapan berikut : 

Tempat : Sekitar kampus, Universiti Utara Malaysia
Tarikh : 13-17 Mei 2012
Masa : 8 pagi - 6 petang
Sasaran Dakwah : 1,000 org Non-Muslim (majoriti besar kaum Cina)
Rujukan : Muhammad Nabil Fikri Suberi (014-9036338)

Harga setiap naskah buku ISLAM UNTUK SEMUA adalah RM20 sahaja (termasuk kos penghantaran). Jumlah buku yang diperlukan buat masa sekarang adalah 300 naskah.

Sesiapa yang berminat dengan projek dakwah ini, boleh hubungi;
· Faisal Abdurrahman (019 356 8602)
· Ikhwan Ng (014 3055 326) - Email :
· Nazifah (019 2364823)

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

MR. Red Hat And Curiosity

Ah Hong with his Red Fez, also known as Tarboosh

Every hat has its own story to tell.
One day I was shopping with my family at Penang shop lot and I was just 8 years old. I was looking at various kind of hats hanging at the hawker’s stall and then I shouted to my mom: “Mom… I want that Green HAT!!”

My mother was laughed at me and quickly pulls me away. “Don’t be silly my son, there are no one going to wear “green hat”, others will be laugh at you.”

I was getting to know that “Green Hat” is a secret code in Chinese community after I raised up. “Putting someone with a Green Hat on” (戴绿帽)is mean someone husband’s wife having affairs with another guy secretly, and the honor of  “Green Hat” is given to the husband involved. Just like kind of humiliation indirectly.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

You've Got Mail

When I was still primary school student, I used to write snail mail in expanding my relationship with others. It took one to two weeks to receive a handwritten letter. I was enjoying to share my thoughts and feeling with new friends, although how Media and adults warned how dangerous is it to talk with strangers.
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