Thursday, April 12, 2012

You've Got Mail

When I was still primary school student, I used to write snail mail in expanding my relationship with others. It took one to two weeks to receive a handwritten letter. I was enjoying to share my thoughts and feeling with new friends, although how Media and adults warned how dangerous is it to talk with strangers.

There was no handphone, facebook and blog. Everything was going "Manual" to get in touch. This is hardly imagine by kids nowadays, an offline world. What we may reach was only snail mail, newspaper and some interesting books. That was how my childhood time goes by until Personal Computer went into my life while I was 14 years old. I have become amazed with the power of Internet and trying to shout out my voice at this virtual space.

Since my blogging of "Another Chinese Muallaf" opened, there are a lot interesting email sent to my inbox. Whether it's challenging about my faith towards Islam or asking advice about embrace Islam, every single mail do mean a lot to me. There are a lot confidential message kept inside my inbox, everyone of them have their very own story to share about. As I promised to my email sender also blog reader that I won't reveal their name and email content, but at last it turn out to be my inspiration to write another article to breakthrough what people commonly misunderstood about Islam.

Sometime things doesn't goes fluent all the way. There are positive and also negative email. As a servant of Allah SWT I can't simply criticize them and say they are just messing around with Islam religion. I know what is their thought deep inside their heart, the experience of struggling around family and religion problem. What I can do is pray to Allah SWT and turning their negative way into positive way. All I can do is only advice and some sharing about my life, in the end it's them who stand up and walk forward.

In the name of Allah SWT, who hold my life in His will. I am not misleading people to some sort of superstition. I found a lot of interesting message about God inside Islam and I would like to share it with anyone. I am not a wealthy and influencing person in community, I don't have any budget to spend thousands ringgit to publish book, just managing this small blog with my notebook and a heart of believing in Islam. For these moments I keep thinking what's the next step I should do in spread the message of Islam, so far what I see is still Internet Connection. It's very convenient to let anyone contact me from the corner of earth with an email, what is the most important is they don't have to show up themselves to protect their safety and identity.

These are the verses of the clear Book. Perhaps, [O Muhammad], you would kill yourself with grief that they will not be believers. If We willed, We could send down to them from the sky a sign for which their necks would remain humbled. And no revelation comes to them anew from the Most Merciful except that they turn away from it.
 ( 26 : 2-5)

If you or your friend have question about Islam please email me at  . You may write in  English, Bahasa Malaysia or 中文 . Everything inside of your email will not be revealed to anyone.

p.s. Alhamdulilah, there was a sister who just embraced Islam last week. I received this good news from her email, please pray to Allah SWT for giving her guidance till afterlife. 


  1. your blog inspire me a lot since you are not born originally as a Muslim. thanks a lot for sharing. :)

  2. Thanks for visit Farhana.

    Yup I believe my experience from non muslim into Muslim taught me a lot about Islam and life, and I would like to share it with anyone : )


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