Thursday, March 26, 2015

Premium Yunnan Loose Leaf Greentea (Imported)

Yunnan Loose-leaf Greentea Order:
Ikhwan Ng : 012-3979998

Ramai kawan yang selalu bertanya kenapa saya giat jual Greentea? Jawapannya saya bukannya jual Greentea jenis uncang, tetapi jenis "Loose-Leaf" yang import dari ladang teh Yunnan, China.

Harus faham perbezaan ketara di antara uncang dan Loose-Leaf.

Semasa pemprosesan daun Greentea, daun teh yang sempurna dan berkualiti akan dipilih dan packing sebagai Loose-Leaf. Untuk sisa-sisa daun teh lain pula, akan packing dalam uncang sebab telah hancur daun asal ataupun tiada kualiti yang ditetapkan dalam packing Loose-leaf. Sehingga uncang dinama sebagai "Tea dust" (Habuk teh).

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Monday, March 23, 2015


I just came across an article Practicing Islam in Short Shorts written by Thanaa El-Naggar.
The scenario I'm about to describe has happened to me more times than I can count, in more cities than I can remember, mostly in Western cities here in the U.S. and Europe.
I walk into a store. There's a woman shopping in the store that I can clearly identify as Muslim. In some scenarios she's standing behind the cash register tallying up totals and returning change to customers. She's wearing a headscarf. It's tightly fastened under her face where her head meets her neck. Arms covered to the wrists. Ankles modestly hidden behind loose fitting pants or a long, flowy dress. She's Muslim. I know it. Everyone around her knows it. I stare at her briefly and think to myself, "She can't tell if I'm staring at her because I think she is a spectacle or because I recognize something we share."
I realize this must make her uncomfortable, so I look away. I want to say something, something that indicates I'm not staring because I'm not familiar with how she chooses to cover herself. Something that indicates that my mother dresses like her. That I grew up in an Arab state touching the Persian Gulf where the majority dresses like her. That I also face East and recite Quran when I pray.
"Should I greet her with A'salamu alaikum?" I ask myself. Then I look at what I picked out to wear on this day. A pair of distressed denim short shorts, a button-down Oxford shirt, and sandals. My hair is a big, curly entity on top of my head; still air-drying after my morning shower. Then I remember my two nose rings, one hugging my right nostril, the other snugly hanging around my septum. The rings have become a part of my face. I don't notice them until I have to blow my nose or until I meet someone not accustomed to face piercings.
I decide not to say anything to her. I pretend that we have nothing in common and that I don't understand her native tongue or the language in which she prays. The reason I don't connect with her is that I'm not prepared for a possibly judgmental glance up and down my body. I don't want to read her mind as she hesitantly responds, "Wa'alaikum a'salam."
Please read the rest of the story in here :

It's a story pretty much about Cultural Muslim,  as a Reverted Muslim myself who had been living 100% Non Muslim life before embraced Islam, I don't think Islam should become a religion that's "mix and match" based on our desire as it's a complete morality system set by Creator, a way of life.

However the response from Umm Zakiyyah is truly brilliant, in her article : PRACTICING ISLAM IN LONG, LONG PRAYER GARMENTS . As attached the original article, please enjoy reading it :

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Untold Story: My Journey Of Faith

I would like to talk about my 'Born Buddhism' background. A story that remains untold to the public. As it might be sensitive and provoking to our non believer's feelings.

Monday, March 9, 2015


I remember that someone messaged me yesterday but I can't find it in facebook and smartphone. May be I was reading text message in my dream.. Never mind, the question goes like this:

"What is the different of Non Muslim and Not Yet Muslim? Why are there people who arguing that 'Not Yet Muslim' clearly an offense to them as they will never embrace Islam. So what is the most appropriate title in calling those who aren't Muslim?"
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