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The Redefinition Of Underground Muslim

Last year I have been written about my status as “Underground Muslim” in previous post. This term have been accidentally spread among reverts muslim to describe their sensitive identity. However from the word itself also caused some unnecessary misunderstand as if “Underground Muslim”  refered to some sort of terrorist activity.

So, I am hereby to redefine the meaning of Underground Muslim.

First, what is Islam?

Kalimat Islam bermaksud tunduk dan taat. Imam Qartubi dalam al-Jamik Li ah-kamil Quran semasa mentafsirkan ayat 19 dalam surah Ali Imran,

“Sesungguhnya agama yang di sisi Allah adalah Islam” berkata, “Islam dalam ayat ini bermaksud ‘iman dan taat’. Pendapat ini berpandukan tafsiran yang dibuat oleh Imam Abu al-Aliyah dan majority ulama mutakalimun”.

At Malaysia have been many people approach Islam slowly and realized Islam is more than what they thought before, it is not just a “Brand” or so called “Jenama” to wear by and live with. The real Islam is we obey and beriman to every commands of Allah SWT. It doesn’t mean Islam have been told us to “Wear like you are Malay” or “Eat what Arabians favorite”, but we all as servants of Allah SWT are given freedom to live what kind of lifestyle we prefer.. And don’t ever try to be close with anything that already forbidden by Allah SWT.

“Dan Kami berfirman :”Hai Adam diamilah oleh kamu dan isterimu syurga ini dan makanlah makanan-makanannya yang banyak lagi baik di mana saja yang kamu sukai dan janganlah kamu dekati pohon ini yang akan menyebabkan kamu termasuk orang-orang yang zalim.”

(Al-Baqarah : 35)

At the same time, Islam also is the religion which most seriously being criticized by Media and society. Not one or two years phenomena but way long ago before Islam was preached, Prophet who preaches Tauhid will be challenged and some of them even killed. Sounds ridiculous but in reality how many muslims have been killed without reason? Hatred and lust have been driven mad those who fight for treasure that never last.

Alhamdulilah, we live peacefully at Malaysia. No oil war and being independent country. But religion issue still arouse among us silently. Non muslim society is still staying at highest hatred stage against Islam. I even have been warned by my family that don’t get too close with Malays, “Otherwise you will be pulled into Islam forcefully...” They added. Although Islam is a universal religion, especially those famous reverts from foreign country like Cat Steven AKA Yusuf Islam, Michael Jackson, and also Peter Sanders… But these foreign reverts still failed to wipe out the most wrong conception in Malaysia that anyone who embrace Islam would turn into Bangsa Melayu.

Not only failed to wipe out, but it also worsen the situation when family member found out one of them embraced Islam. Before I explain more about how family relationship broken due to embrace Islam, I would like to share one real history from Zaman Nabi :

Ammar dan orang tuanya memeluk Islam sejak awal. Mereka memeluk Islam ketika Nabi memilih rumah Arqam bin Abi Arqam sebagai markas dakwah Islam. Ketika kaum musyrik mengetahui bahawa mereka sudah menganut agama Ilahi, para penyembah berhala itu tidak berhenti menyiksa dan menganiaya mereka. 

Ibnu Al-Athir berkata, “Kaum musyrik memaksa tiga orang ini meninggalkan rumah mereka di musim panas dan menghabiskan waktu di tengah angin gurun yang panas membakar. Penyiksaan ini dilakukan berulang kali sehingga Yasir mati kerananya. Suatu hari balunya, Sumaiyah bertengkar dengan Abu Jahal di sekitar masalah ini sehingga orang bengis itu menikam jantungnya dengan tombak. Sumaiyah pun syahid. 

Nabi sangat terharu terhadap penganiayaan mereka. Suatu hari baginda melihat mereka sedang disiksa. Dengan linangan air mata baginda berkata, “Wahai keluarga Yasir! Sabarlah, kerana tempat kamu adalah syurga.”

From many of the reverts friend I knew, most of them choose to hide their Islam identity for protecting their Iman. The main reason is pressure and objection from family will be ruin their Iman and also avoid any excessive acts from family, including being killed. Dignity of family will be totally ruined if one of the family member reverted, they will be insulted and humiliated by everyone. That’s why most of the non muslim family will do whatever it takes to stop family member from embrace Islam, so far what I heard including lock their son in room for weeks, force them to eat Ba Alif Ba Yaa, or even break away their family relationship.

Also some of their parents have heart disease or any kind of it, they are unable to accept any drastic changes in son/daughter religion status. Does anyone willing to kill their parent softly by telling things they most don’t want to hear?

Therefore, between the right and wrong… Islam or Kafir, those who didn’t born as Muslim have been given choice to choose. They have been realized the real meaning of Islam, at the same time Islam is not good to deal with in their own family.

Dan kami tunjukkan kepadanya dua jalan

(Al-Balad : 10 )

In love of Islam and feeling impressed of Allah SWT, they choose to embrace Islam silently without awareness of family. Being as “Underground Muslim”, hiding their kopiah secretly and always go to the most far masjid to sembahyang Jumaat. Pretending as vegetarian to avoid eating any pork or chicken that is not sembelih.. Love to read Islamic books but it always being hide at somewhere.

Back to the story of Yasir as mentioned above…

Setelah Yasir dan isterinya syahid, kaum musyrik menyiksa dan menganiaya ‘Ammar seperti yang mereka lakukan terhadap Bilal. Untuk menyelamatkan nyawanya, tidak ada jalan lagi kecuali berpura-pura membenci Islam. Namun setelah itu dia segera bertaubat. Dengan jantung berdebar dia menjumpai Nabi dan menyampaikan peristiwa itu kepada baginda. 

Lalu Nabi bertanya, “Apakah iman kamu pudar?” Jawabnya, “Hati saya beriman sepenuhnya.” Nabi pun berkata, “Jangan hiraukan kekhuatiran sekecil apa pun dalam benak kamu. Sembunyikanlah iman kamu untuk menyelamatkan diri dari kejahatan mereka.”

Ayat berikut diturunkan sehubungan dengan iman ‘Ammar tersebut :

Barangsiapa yang kafir kepada Allah sesudah dia beriman (dia mendapat kemurkaan Allah), kecuali orang yang dipaksa kafir padahal hatinya tetap tenang dalam beriman (dia tidak berdosa), akan tetapi orang yang melapangkan dadanya untuk kekafiran, maka kemurkaan Allah menimpanya dan baginya azab yang besar.

(An-Nahl : 106)

Underground Muslim is not Munafik, but they are the muslim who striving hard in protecting their Iman. The typical case about Underground Muslim would be Maniam Moorthy, also known as Mohammad Abdullah, was a corporal in the Malaysian Army and a member of the first group of Malaysians to successfully climb Mount Everest. A Malaysian Indian born and raised Hindu, a controversy about his religion arose after his death; he was buried as a Muslim against the wishes of his wife in accordance with a Syariah Court ruling that he had embrace Islam without the knowledge of his family.

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mentioned few years ago that anyone who want to embrace Islam must be ask permission from their parent or family. Alhamdulilah the suggestion was not launched... Asking permission from family before embrace Islam doesn't solve the problem but worsen it. 

What Underground Muslim need is knowledge, time, money to survive and spiritual supports. Before they are going to expose themselves need lots of time in preparation. We shouldn't condemn them as not Ikhlas or Munafik because they are the one who striving very hard in approaching Islam. 

So what do you think about Underground Muslim now?


  1. Salam bro.

    Masha'Allah. Very well written. The first time I met a revert (who is not a family member) was when I attended a course in UTM during my high school days. The sister was a facilitator there, and she told me her reversion story. When her family found out, she was disowned and kicked out of the house. Alhamdulillah her friends in UTM helped to shelter, fend & support her.

  2. Hi Ikhwan. I found out about your blog after reading the May 2011 issue of 'Majalah I'. Alhamdulillah, I'm happy for you and I truly understand what you went through. And no, I'm not a saudara baru.
    You see, I was born a Moslem but wanted to embrace Christianity,the religion of my non-moslem partner. That step ironically brought me closer to Islam because I had nothing but questions about Christianity, most of which cannot be answered satisfactorily. And it was Islam that had the answers to the questions I was asking....
    I can now say with certainty that I'm a moslem because it is a conviction, and not because I was born in a Moslem family. You see, what the moslems call as hidayah' can only come from Allah and I'm truly blessed, as you are. Once again, I would like to say that I'm happy for you, because I truly, truly understand what you went through. Amin!

    a revert muslimah

  3. Hajar:

    Walaikumsalam Sis Hajar..
    Yes I also heard a lot that kind of news, where reverts have to leave their home and straying at outside. Family also warned only if they get out from Islam may continue back the relationship with family.

    However.. I believe that is also test and challenges from Allah SWT.

  4. revert muslimah:

    Hi.. Thanks for reading my story at majalah i hehe. Everyone are born as pure as white clothes, and all left to us whether are we striving to find the answer from God. Some might found it from what have been told from parents, some of them are believing in certain religion without asking more about it.. But Islam is the only religion that ask servants of Him to think and find more answer in universe.

    I am very happy for your decision after comparing both religion, and back to Islam.. I am very happy for you too sis, May Allah SWT blessed us and those who striving hard for their Iman.

  5. ok boleh saya tanya satu soalan.nabi muhammad adalah orang arab.tapi awak semua melayu kenapa awak semua sembayang tuhan orang lain.mana nabi cina sembayang tuhan mereka,org india sembayang tuhan mereka dan kenapa pula orang melayu sembayabg tuhan org lain

    1. Muslim tidak sembahyang nabi Muhammad s.a.w.

      ada banyak macam tuhan, tuhan cina ada, tuhan india ada, tuhan orang putih ada, itu macam mana mahu pilih tuhan kita?


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