Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Chindian Muslim Kiosk

I have an email conversation with Jasmeen Tay Abdullah regarding her “Chindian Muslim Kiosk” since last year. Jasmeen Tay and her husband have started back their business in mid of January 2014. Here is an excerpt from our conversation.

From :
Sat, Oct 12, 2013 at 4:16 PM

Thanks for the autograph on your books :)

One book is for our son and daughter and the other one book is to be used at our gerai's mini library. We are planning to start a small reading corner at our gerai ChindianMuslim Kiosk whereby anybody or any race whom are keen or having doubts about Islam can sit at our stall and read all kinds of Islamic knowledge book while enjoying a meal at our stall. (instead of having UXXv, Mxnggx, Mxstxkx and etc as a reading materials).

InsyaAllah, hopefully we can use this way to touch more hearts to revert to Islam as a way of life.

We are selling Halal DimSum, Mini Pau(cooked or frozen), Mee Bandung Muar and Kopi 434 Muar at our mini stall. We hope that through or mini gerai and mini library, our little efforts can be a way of dakwah to more people.

Monday, March 10, 2014

How Islamic Is Your Name?

Previously I have written few articles about should Reverted Muslim change their name or not? As stated:

The Myth of "Bin Abdullah" (2011) and Getting Officially Muslim (2013)

This time I would like to share a true story from Reverted Muslim, Sophea Ng who retains her name while registered as ‘Islam’ on Identity Card. Please bear in mind that Islam is a universal religion, it would be unfair to turn someone into ‘Cultural Muslim’ according to Nusantara’s cultural.

Please enjoy this heartwarming and honest story:

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bill Nye VS Ken Ham: Should Scientists Bother To Debate Creationism?

Creation Museum head Ken Ham, right, speaks during a debate on evolution with TV's 'Science Guy' Bill Nye, at the museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. Photograph: AP

I would like to share a debate between noted science communicator Bill Nye, and the president of Kentucky’s Creation Museum, Ken Ham.Their debates might be irrelevant to Islam, perhaps full of controversial and misleading for certain Muslim. The reason I share this video is because I'm not born to be faithfully Muslim, I was seeking answer from every reachable media and books about God. It would not be surprising that I am tolerable with this controversial debate because God shows us the eternal answer for mankind, regardless of what religion background and race, we still have the will of seeking our Creator.

Please enjoy this fresh debate video that happened last few days. As attached the original news from The Guardian. 

Bill Nye v Ken Ham: Should Scientists Bother To Debate Creationism?

Last night, we were treated to a two-and-a-half hour debate between noted science communicator Bill Nye, and the president of Kentucky’s Creation Museum, Ken Ham. Ham is a Young Earth Creationist, which means he believes that the Earth was created around 6,000 years ago, following a literal interpretation of the Genesis creation narrative from the bible. On the other hand, Nye is a scientist, who draws upon multiple lines of converging evidence, from a wealth of sources, which shows that the Earth was formed around 4.5bn years ago, and that all life descended from a universal common ancestor around 3.5bn years ago. Here’s the debate in full:

Bill Nye debates Ken Ham, February 4th 2014.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Seeking For The Eternal Sunshine

I could see tons of books falling down like snowflakes from sky. I felt so excited and waiting for those books to fall on ground gently. Then I picked it up and thinking: “Precious knowledge is only coming from sky, none of us may write such a knowledgeable book except what comes from sky."

Indeed, I told my friends that I believe that books are falling from sky while I was 5 years old. They were laughing at my silly idea and I didn’t know why. I was dreaming the same scene almost every day, the same books, same blue sky, and I was waiting patiently for their arrival. As time goes by, I managed to realize that none of the books are falling from sky dramatically. Those books are written by different authors and being published at market, whether it’s imaginary fairytale or nonfiction, never dropped from the high sky.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Half Glass of Water

“What is the most effective way of Dakwah (Making an invitation towards Islam)?” One of my friends asked. “As we know that most non Muslim has no idea what Islam really about. Islam is the eternal light of our life, our soul and salvation to afterlife.”

“Dakwah is not an easy task. Before we invite non Muslim to have a brief knowledge about Islam, what is our role to emphasize Islam is the right path? Non Muslim friends tend to judge our behavior and speech as a Muslim, it might reflects our personality and the image of Islam itself. How do we going to convince people that Islam is the right path of human being while we are on the opposite way?”

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hidden Writer

“Your father and I are feeling very upset with you, how dare you publish your conversion to Islam into magazine? Do you ever realize that the whole world will be laughing at us?” My mother spoke to me via mobile phone.

“Stop writing any article at internet anymore, your father open the blog link based on magazine, he feels more stressed with everything you have done. You just convert into Islam, how much do you really understand about that religion?

Alright, I thought I am always being criticized by local Muslim that I am not qualified to understand Islam, now my mom is thinking the same thing. The theory is like I’m not born to understand what Islam about, that’s exclusively for the lucky one who born to be Muslim. My mother was telling me this depressing comment few weeks before I received my 2012 Brass Crescent Award. I was so frustrated till ever wonder that I should be closing down my blog and live peacefully, perhaps fully underground Muslim life.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Free E-Book : Tertubuhnya Koporat Latihan Dakwah Imaginatif

"Tertubuhnya Koporat Latihan Dakwah Imaginatif" merupakan sebuah E-Book sebanyak 116 muka surat yang ditulis oleh Esa Yap. Menurut beliau tujuan menulis buku PDF dan dikongsi secara percuma adalah berikut :

Buku ini merupakan sebuah novel yang ingin menyampaikan idea sustainable dakwah. Sarat dengan isi dan pengajaran. Harapan saya ialah usaha dakwah daripada pelbagai pihak dapat diperkasakan lagi dengan penerapan prinsip pengurusan dan juga amalan industri.


Sila tinggalkan komen selepas membaca.

Friday, September 27, 2013

First Chinese Muslim Mosque In Malaysia

Guests attending the Hari Raya function at the Muhammadiah Mosque in Ipoh.

Most of my readers asking me whether I’m Taiping citizen, actually I had live my early childhood at Ipoh until the year I recited Shahadah at age 23. A small “Hijrah” to Taiping and start my new life at there. My heart is still missing Ipoh a lot, the place I grow up and had fun with my friends.

Whole Malaysia is surprised with the First Chinese-Muslim mosque built up at Taman Tasek Jaya, Ipoh Perak as published in The Star Newspaper:
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