Monday, September 21, 2015

Seeking Guidance

Bought a few books from China

One of my friend saying that he feels like other religion is more lovely, at least he feels like those followers treat him nice. Which attract him more towards that religion rather than Islam.

I have to agree that everyone need love, respect and heartwarming feeling.

I hope he'll understand that the reason I choose Islam isn't looking for the best "customer service". It's pretty simple, what is the answer about life? Forget about all those taboos, welcoming members, lovely events.. I just need to know the truth or leave me alone.

After all, life after shahadah don't seems to be easy. I have encountered with a few problematic muslims. However my faith in Islam didn't less a bit because I choose to forgive them.. I choose not to put the blame on Islam just because of their betrayal.

Once I have realized what is the TRUTH, nothing really matters, really.

The truth is unchanged message that live forever, while the rest is just an illusions.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival Halal? Haram? 
One of the FAQ among Malaysians..

I do admire Muslim's attitude in being cautious with something that they're unfamiliar with. Therefore I would like to share something about 中秋节 mooncake festival.

I used to be playing tanglung (灯笼)and candles with friends, the most interesting part was we create a bigger candle by heating few candles then pour it into a plastic container, also "cooking" special dishes, daun chili, flowers and stuff.. my family didn't believe in "praying to moon" so no rituals was made. Only certain neighbours was holding joss sticks and praying to Moon, which means every Chinese enjoy the mooncake festival solely for our chinese cultural that inherited for ages.. while rituals is depends on their personal belief.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Analogi Dakwah

"Dah berikan buku2 kepada kawan non muslim, tapi nampaknya dia masih belum berminat bacanya.. kita doa2kan ye " saya menerima mesej daripada seorang sahabat, saya telahpun tolong poskan beberapa buku pengenalan kepada islam dan al Quran kepada kawannya yang non muslim.

Dakwah bukannya perkara mudah untuk dijalankan. Ia seumpama kita tanamkan benih di dalam tanah, menyiram air, letak baja, pastikan suhu sesuai dan tidak dipijak binatang.. Namun sekian lama menyiram air, mungkin benih akan tumbuh daun kecil dan akar, mungkin tidak.

Dalam hati semua orang mempunyai benih ini, ia dinamakan sebagai "fitrah". Adakah benih dalam hati ini tumbuh menjadi pokok yang tinggi dan berbuah ataupun terpendam begitu saja amat bergantung kepada rangsangan dari luar.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Pursuit of Guidance

Berita Harian newspaper clip

"I'm sorry, I can't betray my parents especially I'm their only son. I just can't make it no matter how I try.. let's just end this relationship."

Jim was telling this to Shila calmly, as if there's no big fuss about the situation. Just say good bye, turn around and never come back. Full stop.

"But you told me that you'll learn more about Islam and persuade your family? What's wrong.."
"There's nothing wrong, I'm very sorry and I have to go now.. I'll have a meeting later." Jim took his briefcase and leave. It's a tough decision to break a girl's heart but there's nothing else he could do.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

You're The Master Of Your Soul

"Just remember this, I'm your father and I promise that I'll not force you to be a Muslim. "

His son was weeping, carrying a school bag and wearing school uniform. The day Daniel's parents getting divorced, he was only 8 years old.

"But why dad? Why would you separate from mom and insist to convert into Islam? Mom told you not to do so.."

"My son, listen carefully.. your mom against my will to embrace Islam together, we are getting separated for our own good. She choose to remain her stand, while I choose my way."

"Daniel! Get into the car! " his mom was yelling from the car while parked it beside school entry. She won Daniel's custody, the attendance of her ex husband was unexpected.

"One day you'll understand, my son. Just remember one thing, no one may refrain your soul from which way you head to. I am your father, and I'll be your father forever.. I can't force you to embrace Islam, you may follow your mother to church and continue your life. Just learn more about religions, seeking the meaning of life and be an independent boy.. Promise me. "

"One day you'll understand inshaAllah. You're the master of your soul. "

-inspired by true story

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Free Distribution Of "Not-For-Sale" Religion Books

My father always brought us whole family to Buddhist temple. That was the happiest moments of my life.. Because I may get FREE BOOKS!!

Every Buddhist temple have a special Chinese book rack that give away books for free. Every book marked as "Not for sale". No cashier or anyone guarding the books. When I was a kid, my father gave me a few ringgits and said, "Take what books you're interested with then put these money into donation box."

I'll take whole bunch of books that haven't read before, heaven and hell, Buddhism, karma, why should be a vegetarian etc.. there's also comic books that explain Buddhism, which was my favorite.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cina, Muallaf, Babi

"Awak ni cina muallaf ke?"
"Awak makan babi lagi sekarang?"

Itulah apa yang diucapkan oleh seorang muslimah yang berpakaian jubah hitam dan memakai sarung tangan. Saya ingin menggantikan nama tu kepada khinzir tapi itulah situasi sebenar yang didengari oleh seorang kawan revert saya. "Cina, muallaf, babi."

Beliau kongsikan kisah ini yang baru berlaku pada minggu lepas hari jumaat. Saya amat menghormatinya kerana beliau telah memeluk Islam lebih 40 tahun.. Namun tujuan saya bukannya ingin mengaibkan sesiapa, maka saya rahsiakan nama kawan saya dan tiada gambar dan video muslimah itu untuk diviralkan. bab viral2 aib orang bukannya adab orang Islam.. Buat sementara ni saya namakan kawan saya sebagai Auntie A.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Oldest Religion

The Quran mentions 25 messengers by name but also tells that God sent many other prophets and messengers, to all the different nations that have existed on Earth.

"Ikhwan u knw hindu the oldest religion?"
- by "Anonymous"

One of the comment in my blog.
It seems pretty fair, the oldest religion withhold the authentic source of God. Although Islam came after Hindu, Judaism, Christianity.. There's one thing that make Islam special from other religions.

Islam is the oldest religion than any other religions. It's not invented by people, in fact our Creator, ALLAH SWT has no beginning and ending.. Guide us to the straight path since the first human Adam created.
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