Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Lantern Festival ( Chap Goh Meh )

历正月十五元宵节,又称为“上元节”(the Lantern Festival),春灯节,是中国汉族民俗传统节日。正月是农历的元月,古人称夜为“宵”,而十五日又是一年中第一个月圆之夜,所以称正月十五为元宵 节。又称为小正月、元夕或灯节,是春节之后的第一个重要节日。中国幅员辽阔,历史悠久,所以关于元宵节的习俗在全国各地也不尽相同,其中吃元宵、赏花灯、 舞龙、舞狮子等是元宵节几项重要民间习俗。

According to Chinese Calendar, The Lantern Festival (Chap Goh Meh) is celebrated on15th day of First month Chinese Calendar. Also called as "Yuan Xiao Jie" (元宵节) . Local Malaysian prefer to call it "Chap Goh Meh" which is in Hokkien language, "The Fifteenth Night". Lantern Festival is one of the origin custom from China "Han" ethnic traditional festivals. 15th day of first month CNY also remarks the first "Full Moon" (As we knew, chinese calendar is emphasize a lot with the Moon phases). China has large territory and historical festival, so every district have their different custom to celebrate this festival. Few of the important custom like eating Festival Lunch together, watching lantern, dragon dance and lion dance.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chinese New Year Drama Starring Razali & Yeo Wee Kiat

I know Yeo Wee Kiat personally.
University student who love to share and talk a lot. As contrary of me, quiet and a bit shy perhaps. I do admit of being a quiet person, as my primary school teacher gave me a lovely testimony in my academic record : Ng is a very quiet student, whenever I ask him question he always remain silent.

The teacher even asked my parent : Do your son have any "disorder" or "abnormal behavior".

No, I'm not mentally disorder as what claimed by my teacher.
I do believe my brain cell Hijrah from "communication room" into "non-verbal communication room". My character turns me into books and blog matters.

Everyone have their ability to spread the message of Islam.
Mine is Silent.
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