Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Walking on the path of Islam

Recently I have found out that my father is written my muslim name in his handphone contacts. I don't have any idea how he know that since I have hide it as well.

Family always blame on me, they said I have long forgotten how they raise me up. I am only remain silent. My father even said he lost one son already, it's time to adopt a "anak angkat". I don't know they found him already or not, I am just keep on live my life as muslim.

Everytime I ask my father meet me at restaurant, we are having lunch together at mamak stall or malay's restaurant. His eyes are fulfilled with emptiness on me.. I know what in his mind, just like how he critics Islam a lots since I was small.

"Do you know why everyone needs religion?" My mind flashed back those old times, while I was form 4. He love to chat a lot with me, I always listen to what he said silently. I nodded for waiting his answer.

"Religion may let us feel safe and hold firm to it, so we won't stray away and believing in other religion. Our heart need to hold firm with it so we are not lost." He insisted.

I am fully understand why my father said like that, He is very religious in Buddhism religion.. But I also have a question deep in my heart. "What about if what you embrace now is the wrong path, but you still insist to walk on the wrong path till forever?"

The question never come out of my mouth.

When I have found the right path, I realise that the path I chosen is long forgotten by peoples. It's what Allah swt showed, and it's even mentioned in every prayer's Doa.

Tunjukilah kami jalan yang lurus.

(Surah Al Fatihah Ayat 6)

I am walking alone at the Islam path among my family.
Whenever someone ask me:"Are you embraced Islam together with family?" I would just smile and say no, it's self decision. Among all the relatives and family member, I am the only one who embrace Islam.

I am walking alone, I don't care what peoples critics about me.
I know it's the right path, and I never give up in protect my faith and heart. No matter how hard is the path I am passing through, I know I have found the path of light.

When I realize Allah swt is looking over me and everyone, thus I am not alone anymore.


  1. AssalamAlaikum,

    I share your views too~
    It isn't easy to be on the path which your family isn't on...

    What else can we do except to pray for their hearts to be soften...

    Hold on tight to the deen and we'll survive through!

    If Allah(SWT) guides us to it, He will guide us through it! =D

    Khadijah C.

  2. Support Support Support + Support

    Sometimes we did feel lonely and sad coz family cant understand us but at least you stil having relationship with your daddy, it is a good starting point.

    Hope your family can get the Hidayah soon


    (hehe started like to use this name,1st week not comfortable but then as long as Muslim frenz i did hope that they calling this name, else I feel weird lolx, but facebook is diff coz still it just an online acc oni)

  3. Akh, may Allah make it easy for you. You are not alone akh. HE will always be there for you =)

    p/s: Hafeez, may Allh bless you too ^_^

  4. "When I realize Allah swt is looking over me and everyone, thus I am not alone anymore."; Masha'Allah bro ... this is a very good statement. You're right, none of us is ever alone. He is always with us, just have to make sure we are also always with Him. :)

  5. Khadijah C. :

    Walaikumsalam... On the other hand I may say Alhamdulilah that I was choosen to receive the great Hidayah from Allah swt. However like what you said, I am only may pray to Allah swt soften their heart.

    I wondering how would it feel when I go home, my family is muslim and I am having lunch together with them. Hopes that day may come.

  6. destiny :

    Walaikumsalam Hafeez.. Yes I do feel comfortable and nice while my muslim friend call me Ikhwan. In Islam everyone are "saudara", there are no difference between race and skin colour.

    I may say my family only accept 50%, but better than nothing la. There's only one family I have on this world.

  7. TheHumbleWayfarer:

    Yes, Allah swt is always with me and everyone.. Alhamdulilah.

  8. Hajar :

    No matter what race we are, what are we doing, what are we thinking.. Allah swt is always looking after and take care of us. But it's hardly realized by those who are blinded in their heart.

    I know for sure Allah swt is with me, and everyone who live on this earth..


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