Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Malaysia Reverted Muslim Gathering at Perak


Date : 8th January 2010 (Saturday) at Macma Ipoh, Perak (Greentown zone, In front of Bangunan Persekutuan Perak, the most highest lot)

Itinerary of the gathering
11am - 2pm
- Getting to knew each other by experience sharing
- Propose & voting of Protem committee for future activity
- Planning for future activity

2pm - 3.30pm
- Solat Zohor
- Lunch

3.30pm - 5.30pm
- Discussion of tentative 2011 calendar
- Other agenda to be propose by other

Firdaus Wong Wai Hong called me last few days, he suggested to do a gathering among muallaf at Ipoh. We discussed about it and I am agree with his concept of gathering : "Muallaf, born muslim or even non muslim are very welcome to our gathering, any race also can come to join us. Unlike any other organization just focus on specific race only." 

Thus I agree and it would be the first time ever "Malaysia Reverted Muslim" from internet are going to held up an unofficial gathering at Ipoh. We are just meet each other as friendship gathering not debate about Religion. 

However, we are still finding suitable place... and we need more people to join our gathering. So far we got 16-20 muslimin muslimah attendance. 

If you are interested to join us, please message me through FB at , or email me :

or you also can call me at 014-3055 326, This gathering are specially for interaction between those who interested in Islam, muallaf and Underground Muslim. For more information please join our FB Club at Malaysia Reverted Muslim

P.S. Anyone are welcome to drop by and join us anytime during the event, no serious registration really needed.


  1. support pls join ya everyone if you all are interest

  2. Raremany:

    No problem please promote this to everyone who interested...

  3. akum i hope all muallaf strenth their iman till death cuba perhati umat islam palestin,india,china di sana lebih besar cabaran


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