Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year New Target...

Happy New Year to everyone... My blog is being published for 6 months already, so far I have received a lot positive comments, feel glad about that.

This brand new year, I am laying out my new points in writing this blog. I would focus more on :

- My experience before and after reverted
- Misunderstand that makes people feel doubt about Islam
- One week at least one article

According to Google Analytic, this is some of the keywords of people searched my blog :

-Ajaran Sesat
Well.. I am not really expert in analyzing ajaran sesat, just a glance on the newspaper information.

- Muallaf Friends
I can be anyone's friend, that's no problem..

- Cabaran seorang muallaf
I will try to write more about it...

- Beijing seronok tak
I don't know..  Seronok kot ?

- Cara mendakwah yahudi
I think it's impossible... They will get rid of muslim I guess

- Cari girl chinese muallaf
I am male.. Yes it's true and I am married.

- Kahwin melayu tak mahu masuk melayu
no comments... I guess it's no answer in my blog

Any suggestion with my blog? What's more you would like to read from me?


  1. Assalamualaikum abg ikhwan,
    Actually if you can I'm more interested in how you realize that you want to learn more about Islam?
    When was the seed of curiosity for you was planted in your heart?
    Did it start since you were young?
    Or is it like recently when you met your wife?
    If you have posted about it already, I apologize.
    Have a good day :)

  2. saudara Ikhwan...
    can U posted about how u meet your wife and penerimaan family?
    kalau sudi kongsikan yer

  3. Anonymous:

    Actually I also want to know about what readers want to know from me, because there's too much things to write but need to sort out which one is more interested by reader, I will try to focus on what you suggest Insyaallah..

  4. Hans :

    How I meet my wife? hehe may be I will try to write a bit la, as for penerimaan family It think it's no problem and would be informative for others..

  5. hehehehe
    I'll waiting your post about that

  6. "- Cara mendakwah yahudi
    I think it's impossible... They will get rid of muslim I guess"

    Salam, I'm sorry but that's not quite true..There are techniques in doing dakwah, even to a Jew, as Islam was intended for all, no exceptions.

    Some of the Companions of the prophets were indeed Jews, like Abdullah bin Salam for example. Saffiya binti Huyyay was the Jewish wife of the prophet (saw). By Jew, I mean Jewish by blood, not religion.. They both converted to Islam..Jews are both race and religion, a Jewish convert would be Jewish(or Israelite) by blood but muslim by religion

    Some of the famous modern Israelite muslim would be Muhammad Asad (Leopold Weiss). He is known for translating the Quran into english and is a muslim ulama (scholar)..He died in 1992

    Even in Israel, there is an increase in Jewish converts to Islam, although the number is sadly still very low..,7340,L-3274735,00.html

  7. Typo error

    should be prophet, as in the last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

  8. Iliyas Ismail:

    hehe for me I feel it's impossible, which is my personal opinion.. According to the history of prophet Muhammad saw married with Jewish/Yahudi for Dakwah and Silaturrahim purpose with Jews. It can be seen at Al-Maidah : 5 that Ahli Kitab is allowed to be married as an invitation to Truth.

    However those Ahli Kitab been thousand years ago history, also kitab nowadays except Al-Quran are not "original" anymore.


    Nowadays jewish just set up a webpages in doing a comparison between Jewish and Muslim which shows that Jewish getting higher achievement in many fields but Muslims is not (I don't remember the link of webpage).

    Also at prophet Muhammad ages jewish already realize that Islam is true religion, however most of them deny it.

    If there's any Jewish willing to embrace to Islam nowadays, that's the Hidayah from Allah SWT. We as servants of Him only showing them directions to Islam according to what Wahyu in Hadis and Al-Quran but none of us able to bringing them into Islam with our little might.


  9. Assalamualaikum saudara,
    alhamdulillah n tahniah..

    saya nak tanye skit..
    what did u thought about Islam before you convert?

    Thank You..

  10. Walaikumsalam diary of anime.

    Actually since my childhood time, I have been trained so hard to become faithful prayer in religion. But at the same time I was asking about is that the real god? then why that god doesn't listen to me?

    Perhaps that's the starting point God want to show me His path, and I was struggling towards Him till I found Islam.


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