Thursday, January 6, 2011

Breeze at seashore

Year 2008, I was went to Lumut seashore with Shiema.
This could the our first time went to seashore together, releasing our tension. She was bring along Nasi Lemak that cooked at house, we was having our tasty lunch under coconuts tree. As usual, people would looking at us with strange emotion, the situation that we get used to.

After having lunch, we rent two laying chair which cost us RM10..
There was so many problem we face in our journey, especially religion problem dan our future. How do I going to face my parent if I get married? What's my life going to be if I become a muslim, do Islam is the true religion I am looking for in my whole life? I believe there's God, but I don't know where is God.

"You will be going to interview police application right?"  she asked
"Yes, it's written I need to do physical test on next month.. I think it would be my last chance for our future, you know it's not easy for chinese to get job after convert."

"hmm.. "

I want to throw away all of the problems in my head, get rid all of them. Breeze blowing on my face, sounds like whistling on my ears.. The nature of beauty, it was so comforting me.

"Have you ever think about how breeze being created?"
"Nope... Is there a reason? "

"Yes la... These breeze is not created by fans, not human's power. Gentle breeze always blowing on anyone at anywhere on earth, no matter they are rich or poor.. or what race they are, breeze is still blowing gently everyday. We don't even have to pay money on enjoying these breeze like those aircond, don't you ever think about it?"
"Yes, it's for everyone.. no doubt at all"

"Then have you ever think who create breeze? Who is the one so caring to whole world humans, until everyone can enjoy it no matter who they are?"

I didn't answer Shiema.
This is not the first time she ask me such question, those question would stuck in my mind and takes long time to melt down in my heart. An invitation to Think and Find Answer. Our conversation stops right there, enjoying the beach breeze with hush.

I was felling asleep, soft breeze have become my blanket covering my whole body...

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