Friday, July 2, 2010

The Reason I am remain silent on Hukum Allah SWT

Wahai orang yang beriman, taatlah kamu kepada Allah dan Rasul dan kepada Ulil-Amri dari kalangan kamu. Kemudian jika kamu berselisih dalam sesuatu perkara, maka kembalikanlah ia kepada Allah (Al-Quran) dan Rasul-Nya (Hadis) jika benar kamu beriman kepada Allah dan hari akhirat. Yang demikian adalah lebih baik (bagi kamu), dan lebih elok pula kesudahannya.

[Surah An Nisaa' Ayat : 59]

I do accept all kinds "Points Of View", but I can't say something is "Halal" or "Haram" in my personal opinion. The only thing I can do is suggest which book or Surah Al-Quran to refer.

"Ragu-ragu" or Scepticism.... May demolish our Iman without notice.
I have been fed up with info from internets, too many traps and mislead info by anonymous blogger. I was once cheated by a blog who mentioned fasting before Ramadhan is Haram, because "No hadis said so". However I found out the truth is that blog "Anti-Hadis".

But how about if someone feel like want to follow their desire on world? Do whatever they like and having fun with anyone?? Well... They may find thousand excuses and reason to ignore what Islam told, But there's only Two Reason to find the way back as a Muslim.


  1. makin banyak ujian untuk umat akhir zaman kini...makin melambak2 ajaran sesat...dan makin ramai mereka yang berpengetahuan dalam islam di ambil nyawa oleh Allah dan yang tinggal hanya yang jahil..nauzubillah min zalik

  2. Ya, telah terlalu banyak ajaran sesat.. Kebanyakannya hanya mengikuti nafsu syaitan semata-mata. Apakah mereka telah lupa janji Allah swt..

  3. it's so hilarious, even they want to cheat also agak-agak lah... do they really think that every muslim sinks to the level like them? no matter what, i'm glad that you are able to distinguish right from wrong. Alhamdulillah!

  4. Wong Chien Fui:

    May be because they have been lost in "Hawa Nafsu" or being mislead by syaitan. A lot wrong information at internet, from society or even from friends that know very little about Islam.

  5. nowadays there are many muslims in favor of Zionism and Freemasonry, we must be very careful of that...

  6. Wong Chien Fui: yes, and many people who assume they are Nabi.. Can't simply believe into what people said without fact and dalil..


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