Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Keep on finding Truth

I have spend a lot of time on finding truth.

When I'm on my journey, I have met few people who know a lot about truth. At the same time, I also met few people who is confuse with their life. Whether they are never met the truth, or they decided to leave behind truth....

Every question must be have an answer. The correct and unbeatable answer which is never can be found without effort. I was read a book once written this : "People's instinct are never admit their wrong, but they do insist to give away lots of excuse to make their wrong seems right."

I am totally agree with author's opinion. (The most interesting thing is that book written by Taiwan Professor about how to win relationship with people)

May be you will be interested in these videos..... :

Benjamin Murtad Video 1 (Click Here)

Jawapan kepada Benjamin Stephen yang Murtad Video 1 (Click Here)

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