Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Alhamdulilah... (Praise to Allah s.w.t.) My blog have been written since last month, and just promote it in facebook, and few blogger's page. But I have received lots of positive comments from readers.

Many months ago, my friend suggested me to write blog about what I think about Islam, I was hesitated. She told me: "Your blog may help lots of people like me." Actually I don't think I am Ulama who can explain Al-Quran in expert way, I am just muallaf who love to read and finding Truths.

Yes, there's a lot of small things I noticed when I am finding truth. It's like experiencing the transform of life, a lot of personal view and mindset have experienced serious "treatment" via Islam. Too many misunderstand I noticed in this country but too few people to break the lies.

Due to my strong desires to know more about Islam, I can't stop myself to buy Islamic books. Especially books which is explain what Islam really about and being compared with slander from non-muslim. I am always have a feeling that I was too late to learn Islam, this feeling makes me keep on finding more and more info.

Whenever I accidentally read something that looks weird at internet, or it's make me feel doubtful... I will start my "books hunting journey" till I found the answer and satisfied. I never been so amazed with books before, normally I was just read some story books while teen.

Till now I am still not understand what I have inspired my readers. Do you all think what I wrote is really interesting or looks important for you?


  1. ur writing is an example of dakwah,not only for muallaf but for an already made muslim like me.may Allah bless u =)

  2. I always look foward for your post. Keep on writing coz i got lots of information from you bro. :)

  3. nailahabdulrazak :
    Thanks, I am just sharing my experience as muallaf and lots of interesting facts I have found..


    Hafiz Majdi:
    Thank you, please leave comment if you like my new post..

  4. Salams brother Ikhwan;

    Personally speaking, your posts are very insightful. Sharing is caring, and your process of sharing your knowledge and experiences enable us to learn from it as a revert, born Muslim and even as a Non-Muslim. Continue blogging bro! :)

  5. Assalamualaikum.

    Reading your blog, make me happy to post a comment too. Mostly chinese will feel isolated when embrace in Islam. They feel like many malays look down to them. Frankly speaking, when chinese embrace in Islam, we malays are really-really respect you but we never say it. So, for those who don't understand, will feel sad and disappointed because most of the chinese have no idea about malay before their conversion. Plus, they don't even have malay friend as well.

    Don't forget that Islam also have chinese Ulama (wali Allah) too. I really like to read the story of Ulama. The most prominent wali Allah is Syeikh Baba As-Samasi.

    Anyway, nice blog...i really enjoy reading it and comments from kawan-kawan too...:p

  6. Hajar:

    Walaikumsalam... Opps a bit late to reply your post. Thanks for your encouragement, I am just love to read and learn Islam from books and my environment, which my reverts process let me realize more and more what Islam really means.

  7. Anonymous:

    Walaikumsalam.. Alhamdulilah I received lots of positive comments and suggestion from malay friends too as well, just there are small bunch of people may feel untrusted with reverts.

    I still remember I was attending Kursus, where they ask every muslim to sembahyang jemaah for every waktu. Without feeling shame I wake up 5.30am and get prepared for sembahyang subuh with them. For those non-muslim they look at me like :" what the.. see chinese even follow malay like that.." But I don't mind at all, because I know Allah swt who will be judge me whether I am solat or not.

    After two days, my malay roomate suddenly saying apologize to me. I was shocked and ask why? Then he tell me :" Sebenarnya saya ni.. bukannya orang yang rapat sangat dengan orang cina, ataupun terus terang je saya ni orang yang racist. Saya mohon maaf kepada kamu, harap2 kamu tidak terasa dengan saya sebelum ini."

    I was just smile and say it's ok.
    Even though I dunno why he apologize, whether it's because he don't like to chat with me before or he may have strong prejudice on me, I never feel awkward of what people feel about me.


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