Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's time to rearrange myself and blog

One day, my wife ask me a simple question:
"How much you know about solat now?"

I remain silent, I know what I learned is still very little. What I still not learned like doa after sembahyang, surah Al-Quran.. Zikir.

"Do you know, solat is the second pillar in Islam?"
"Ya I know."

"Then stop reading too much unrelated books, you still not clever enough to read those books. Even me myself as born muslim also can't understand thoroughly those books you bought."

I am looking at my books, all kinds of islamic books. Tanda Hari Kiamat, Perundangan Islam, Yakjuj dan Makjuj... I guess I have bought over 30 books in past 2 years.

I think what my wife said is right.
It's time for me back to the basic, learn it well in Solat. I am always feel too excited to learn everything about Islam, but I never realize I have forgotten I don't have firm basic knowledge in Islam, especially the second pillar of Islam. Sometime while I go to mosque praying there's few people become my jemaah at behind. I can read Al-fatihah, but I would remain silent after sembahyang, a terrifying hush...

Now I need to put much more effort in Iqra and Tajwid. Then I will try to correct my doa in praying, Insya Allah. I do have a retired teacher who willing to teach me Iqra, I am very appreciate him.

As for my blog, I think it's time to stop write too much about Islam. As I don't have any firm knowledge like others. What I should write may be just my little experience as muallaf, my joy and sadness, that' would be enough right?


  1. sometimes u have to know more of the other stuffs to help get a better quality solat.

  2. Agree, just like me lots of thing about solat i dun know such as doa after solat, and all the while i keep recite two same surah for my solat.
    InsyaAllah next month onward I started learning of Iqra and that Ustaz said will also correct my solat if any (but i'm sure lots of thing is....).
    Let put more effort on Islam together and congra bcoz u get a good wife (iman...) and I hope my future wife will same with Shima, care bout halal and haram, never leave any ibadah and high knowledge in religion.

  3. The Tea Drinker:

    Yes agree, sometime it makes our heart feels more Khusyuk while praying..


    Allah swt sure will arrange a good Jodoh for you..


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