Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My daughter

My sweet daughter are turns into one years old today..
Alhamdulilah I have a cute mix baby, not easy to raise daughter at our young age.

Shake hand shake hand ~


  1. Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullah!

    Cute children, maashaAllah! May Allah bless them with good characters and may Allah leads them to be obedient children toward Allah and toward parents. I am sure it is not an easy task raising a children at young age.

    I am just a year younger than you. I am not even sure if I could handle what you and your wife are going through if I am a married person. Marriage is not always easy as what people use to say here although it is a sunnah (prophet tradition).

    Anyway, this blog is awesome, may Allah bless you and your family. I have both non-Muslims and Muslims relatives too. I always come and read your posts here since two months ago. Pleased to meet you and other brothers and sisters in faith. Keep moving this blog up whenever you have free time with your experiences as a Muslim :)

    With peace and with love
    May Allah bless everyone

  2. Walaikumsalam...

    Thanks.. Alhamdulilah I have cute daughter and she is quite active in playing and communicate with people. Insyallah she will be obedient children like what you bless to Allah swt..

    When times come, I get married with my wife and I know Allah swt always prepared rezeki for my children..

    Thanks for your comment about my blog, I am just share my experience about my life as muslim only.. May Allah bless you too..


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