Thursday, August 5, 2010


This year ramadhan would be my second time‭ ‬“Full Month‭”‬ puasa‭…‬
Since reverted I would be excited to wait for the Ramadhan coming,‭ ‬It‭’‬s hard to say what‭’‬s the reason.‭ ‬I know it‭’‬s my chance to strive because of Allah s.w.t.‭ ‬,‭ ‬and I feel very happy as day by day goes by in Ramadhan month.‭ ‬“Another day I am success to puasa‭!‬” That‭’‬s my thought while I was fasting last year.

Few years ago,‭ ‬I was just attempt to puasa for testing only.‭ ‬I tried not to eat since morning till afternoon,‭ I was ‬not taking breakfast but still drink water.‭ ‬It‭’‬s quite suffering for me..‭ ‬And I was only do it for‭ ‬2‭ ‬days per week.‭ ‬Perhaps I was finding answer of true Religion of God,‭ ‬perhaps I was just curious about it.

Until‭ ‬2008,‭ ‬I was attend course with my‭ ‬colleagues.‭ ‬I have been fasting with my colleagues and eating Sahur with them at‭ ‬4.30AM.‭ ‬My friend‭ ‬Azlan‭ ‬keep on telling me‭ ‬:‭ ‬“You no need to puasa la,‭ ‬you are not muslim‭…‬ We are muslim already used to puasa,‭ ‬not need to follow us at 4am morning‭…‬” I am just smiled and say‭ ‬:‭ ‬“ I am learning to puasa too..‭”

Yes,‭ ‬for the first time I‭ ‬was puasa full day long‭ ‬for‭ ‬5‭ ‬days at course ‭(One day missed Sahur with Azlan, Ouch...) ‬Some people smiled when‭ ‬they‭ ‬saw me taking so much food at‭ ‬7.30pm.‭ ‬When Azlan tell them actually I was puasa too,‭ ‬they just thought we were joking with them.‭

Unforgettable experience..‭
For the first time in my whole life,‭ ‬I was puasa with‭ ‬every‭ ‬Muslims‭ ‬colleague.‭ ‬I was not puasa alone and without people‭’‬s notice like my past days at private firm before.‭ ‬After that I realize it‭’‬s the power of Muslims puasa together at the same month.‭ ‬Everyone are‭ ‬committed to do what‭’‬s commanded by Allah s.w.t.‭ ‬

Pasar Ramadhan, products kurma, market who selling Baju Raya and lots of prayer's stuff... Everyone are so busy to strive and wash away sins in Ramadhan. It can't be done by our own personal effort. Just like how Allah s.w.t. giving rewards to those who sholat Jemaah.

One week after attended course,‭ ‬I went to Pejabat Agama with my friend Azlan,‭ ‬Shiema‭ (‬My wife‭)‬..‭ ‬Kalimah Syuhadah Recited in Ramadhan‭ ‬2008,‭ ‬I found my way back to Allah s.w.t.‭ ‬,‭ ‬Tuhan yang Maha Esa.‭

Whenever I feel tired and hungry in Ramdhan times, I remember Allah s.w.t. and pray in my heart. " I willing to puasa because of Allah s.w.t. No matter how hard is it." All of my hunger have been missing slowly.. This is the most amazing thing that I feel on my own, Alhamdulilah.


  1. im totally agree with u,puasa with niat lillahi taala,insyaAllah surely we can survive till the evening without feeling hungry. :)

  2. Salams brother Ikhwan. Ramadhan mubarak! Isn't it amazing how one hardly feels hungry in the literal sense throughout Ramadhan, but one tries hard to satiate the 'hunger' towards doing more good deeds for the sake of Allah S.W.T?

    May you have a blissful Ramadhan with your loved ones. :)


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