Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sharing Is Caring : Friends Of Y

Friends of Y adalah sekumpulan rakan rakan yang berganding bahu untuk membantu rakan kami, Wahida Mohamed (lebih dikenali sebagai Y di kalangan rakan2), yang mengidap penyakit kanser. Kami juga berharap dapat membantu rakan2 yang lain, terutama pesakit2 kanser and keluarga pesakit kanser melalui perkongsian maklumat, titipan doa dan kata2 semangat, dan juga pengumpulan dana kebajikan. Sertai usaha kami. Segala bantuan dalam bentuk apa sekali pun, walau hanya ingatan dan doa, amat kami alu-alukan. Allah sahaja yang dapat membalas.


Friends of Y is a group of friends that came together to provide support for Wahida Mohamed or affectionately known as Y among her friends. Y has been affected by cancer in 2008. After a series of aggressive treatments and surgery, she was subsequently declared free of cancer.

In early 2013, the cancer cells came back and spread to other parts of her body, including her brain. Friends of Y came together to develop and share ideas, in a non-judgmental and caring environment. Friends of Y also aim to plan, run and manage fundraising activities to assist Y in any way we can, including the cost of treatments.

Why join a support group like Friends of Y?

People with cancer often feel alone, scared, isolated and unsupported when they are diagnosed with cancer.

People caring for people with cancer (i.e. spouse, partners, children, family members) quite often feel scared, helpless and unsupported too.

Sometimes someone to listen is all that is needed. By joining a support group like Friends of Y, we can share important information about cancer, raise awareness that leads to specific actions, share inspiring stories, show we care about Y (or anyone else, who is a cancer warrior).

Adik (14), Y, Zul dan Syafiq (17) semasa Aidilfitri Sept. 17, 2012

Why join a support group like Friends of Y?

We say, "WHY NOT?".

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