Friday, December 14, 2012

Life In A Maze

Play this Maze before reading

Link : 迷宫人生 Life In A Maze Translated Article
This article is also available in Chinese at Blog Esa Yap @ Mini Documenatary Magazine.

When I was a kid, I used to be attending tuition class. I started my first tuition class at standard 3, studied English and Bahasa Malaysia course. My native language is Chinese language, so it would be lousy to learn an unfamiliar language at childhood times. My attention and interest flew to nowhere while teacher was teaching us. Day dreaming and remain silent as always, as if there weren’t any serious tuition class I ever attend.

Mrs. Lee was my teacher, she has a long straight hair and oval shape face, and the spectacles make her eyelid looks heavier. Mrs. Lee always smiling at her students while teaching us, no matter how hard to make us memorize some simple vocabulary or English grammar, she putted every effort to make us squeeze out our brain cells.
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