Monday, June 27, 2011

Ana Masuk Majalah Al-Islam (?)

"salam buat saudara baru
cerita tentang lalat pula buat ikhwan ng.."

Mae leave this comment in my blog, then I am looking for any related info about Lalat. Last saturday went out with my wife and daughter having breakfast, what a beautiful morning breeze... The radio is playing my favorite song, it sounds like this.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rearranging My Mind

My thoughts are temporary jammed. 
There are a lot of thoughts stuck in my mind and I am still can't arranging them out.

Writing fiction stories would be much easier, no logical plot and flew away with my imaginations.There was even a joke about "ghost" is the most easily drawn image, because no one know how ghost really looks like. 

Whenever I was try to write something out, there will be people who asking me misleading question. The most typical case would be Jihad.. Even if I am trying to convince more about Islam, their unbeatable conclusion is : "You must be brainwashed."

That's the challenges to become reverted muslim, everyday have to keep on study Islam knowledge as a protection for my Iman. The more knowledge I learn, the larger of world turn out to be. Eventually I have been found out I am just chasing my tail. 

Yup, chasing my own tail...
Because I was keep on finding answer in specific question, after answered they throw away another doubt to confuse my thought. There is no "doubt" in Islam, what turn out to be doubt is due to their intensive statement in manipulating the right become wrong. While reading through al-Quran they intend to look for keyword "war" or "peperangan", then they using their horrible skill to transform them into "Holy War" or terrorist theory. 

I stopped and stand still, trying to look for their hidden intention.
Who is behind the scene? Why Islam is their target? Where they spread the misleading statement? 

Who set the fire? 

Still reading and rearranging my mind.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adat Istiadat Dalam Islam

After writtent the Chopstick issue, apparently  most of us started to question about Sunnah Nabi that mentioned eating with hand. Between hand and spoon which one is better? Do Islam asked us to abandon every races tradition that not against syariat Islam? 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Being Debate About Purity Of Islam

Recently I have been debating by few people about Islam.
One of them is Mr. Jeff in previous post Ajaran Sesat comments, who claims as born muslim and finally found out Islam is wrong. 
Salam Ng,
You accused us the one who follow the ajaran sesat in your Blog. Can't we defend our self and explain why we act like that. Just like you, I used to pray 5 times a day, twice go to Mecca. But, after studying the Quran carefully for numbers of years, I found out that all religion are the same. They promote idol worshipping, follow their religious expert such as priest, ulamak, monk etc, and to do the silly ritual which did not bring any benefit to the community.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Digi WWWOW AWARDS : Please vote for me ...

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For the first time Digi is managing Blog Contest...
I am not really a techie in beautify my blog lah, while browsing others blog are quite professional. However winning is not my purpose, just want to declare more about the "myth" and doubt in muallaf mind.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chopstick - The State of Art

I still remember everytime Chinese New Year I was following family to my grand ma house. We spent 3-4 days staying at there and having lunch together at round table. Recalls my memory while I was just 7 years old, still learning how to use chopsticks.

"Grand Ma makan."
"Uncle makan.."
"Aunty makan..."
"Ayah Makan..."
"Mak Makan......"

Meal only can be started after younger siblings invite elders by "Jemput Makan".
Everyone were start eating their meal and my dilemma cames... A bowl of white rice and pair of chopstick put in front of me, I was gossip to my mother :" Why there are no spoon and fork ???" My mother was angry and put chopsticks in my hand :"Don't ask too much, your grand ma don't like people eating rice with spoon... Just use it."

Kelab Taat Suami ???

While on the way to office, I turn up radio and seems media are condemning "Kelab Taat Suami" in an official way. 

RAWANG, 4 Jun — Kesediaan isteri untuk patuh dan memenuhi keperluan seks suami masing-masing akan membantu mengelak mereka daripada berlaku curang ataupun mencari pelacur — mesej ini yang hendak disampaikan oleh Kelab Taat Suami, yang dilancarkan hari ini untuk mengatasi masalah sosial di seluruh dunia.

Click : Full news at here

This club is held up by Global Ikhwan (Not Me) and also known as bekas pengikut kumpulan Al-Arqam..  I also can predict non muslim are preparing to condemn Islam through all kind of ways, although Islam never ask woman to act like Pelacur or worst. 

Please read Sis NurAliya about this issue at Isteri Solehah atau Isteri taat suami?

Again, Islam is being misunderstand and who is going to speak something about Truth?
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