Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Malaysia Reverted Muslim Gathering at Perak


Date : 8th January 2010 (Saturday) at Macma Ipoh, Perak (Greentown zone, In front of Bangunan Persekutuan Perak, the most highest lot)

Itinerary of the gathering
11am - 2pm
- Getting to knew each other by experience sharing
- Propose & voting of Protem committee for future activity
- Planning for future activity

2pm - 3.30pm
- Solat Zohor
- Lunch

3.30pm - 5.30pm
- Discussion of tentative 2011 calendar
- Other agenda to be propose by other

Firdaus Wong Wai Hong called me last few days, he suggested to do a gathering among muallaf at Ipoh. We discussed about it and I am agree with his concept of gathering : "Muallaf, born muslim or even non muslim are very welcome to our gathering, any race also can come to join us. Unlike any other organization just focus on specific race only." 

Thus I agree and it would be the first time ever "Malaysia Reverted Muslim" from internet are going to held up an unofficial gathering at Ipoh. We are just meet each other as friendship gathering not debate about Religion. 

However, we are still finding suitable place... and we need more people to join our gathering. So far we got 16-20 muslimin muslimah attendance. 

If you are interested to join us, please message me through FB at , or email me :

or you also can call me at 014-3055 326, This gathering are specially for interaction between those who interested in Islam, muallaf and Underground Muslim. For more information please join our FB Club at Malaysia Reverted Muslim

P.S. Anyone are welcome to drop by and join us anytime during the event, no serious registration really needed.

Monday, December 27, 2010

KepadaMu aku bersujud...

When I was sembahyang, my daughter always feel curious with every movement in my solat. She would sit beside me silently... Untill one day, when I was just put sejadah on ground she crawls quickly towards sejadah then sujud on it.. It is so surprising because she is just one years old now,  but she is memorize what I did in solat everyday.

Her little and cute sujud keep on reminds me that I should be strive hard to be her good example, Insyaallah.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wanita yang bertudung tetapi....

There was a friend asked me one question at Facebook chatroom before, I was give a simple answer and she accepted it. However I think I should write it out at my blog with more detailed answer... 

Soalan : 
"Seorang wanita yang bertudung dan anda menganggap dia seorang wanita yang baik...tetapi dia senang untuk disentuh oleh lelaki yang bukan muhrim...apakah pandangan anda tentang wanita ini..."

Jawapan saya:

Imej dan gerak geri seseorang senantiasa dijadikan sebagai penyukat Iman dan Takwanya.. Tetapi pandangan manusia adalah serba lemah, kerana mereka tidak dapat mengetahui segala aib dan apa yang dirahsiakan olehnya melainkan Allah swt. Macam saya pula, orang sering menganggap saya ialah orang kafir atau jahiliah, tetapi Allah swt saja yang mengetahui bahawa saya beragama Islam.

Allah swt adalah Maha Melihat lagi Maha Mengetahui. Walaupun wanita itu dipandang baik oleh umum, Allah swt tetap menghitung setiap dosa yang dilakukan olehnya… Tiada rahsia serta perbuatan aib boleh diselindungkan daripada pandangan Allah swt seperti apa yang difirmankan dalam Surah Al Mujaadalah Ayat 7 :
Tidakkah engkau memikirkan, bahawa sesungguhnya Allah mengetahui segala yang ada di langit dan bumi? Tiada berlaku bisikan antara tiga orang melainkan Dialah yang ke empatnya, dan tiada antara lima orang melainkan Dialah yang ke enamnya, dan tiada yang kurang dari bilangan itu dan tiada yang lebih ramai, melainkan Ia ada bersama-sama mereka di mana sahaja mereka berada. Kemudian Ia memberitahu kepada mereka pada hari kiamat apa yang mereka kerjakan. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui akan tiap-tiap sesuatu.

Walaupun dari pandangan manusia wanita itu nampaknya baik, tetapi di akhirat dia tetap disoal setiap dosa yang diperlaku olehnya. Maka hendaklah wanita itu segera bertaubat dan berhenti segala perbuatan yang berdosa itu… Kita tidak boleh bertakwa kepada Allah swt secara 50/50 sahaja, waktu siang menjalankan tugas harian sebagai muslimah, waktu malam pula mencuba “Aksi Terlarang”…
Wahai orang yang beriman! Masuklah kamu ke dalam Islam keseluruhannya; dan janganlah kamu menurut jejak langkah Syaitan; sesungguhnya Syaitan itu musuh bagi kamu yang terang nyata.
[Surah Al Baqarah Ayat : 208]

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sangkaan Dugaan

Nowadays everyone are exposed to all kinds of information, no matter from internet, TV, newspaper... I found out this comic is interesting, Media always show the negative side of other country, it cause lots of hatred and condemnation among country's citizen. Especially among Christian and Muslim... However their parents are playing the role in telling kids : "Not ALL Muslim/Christian are hateful."

Only those who are educated and able to think (Berakal), realise that not ALL Muslim are suicide bomber, and not ALL Christian are prefer to insult Islam. Just like one chinese idiom : "Various kind of people are eating the same kind of rice." There are various kind of people on this world, we can't justify someone or any community are the same at all. 

Look at everyone around you, can you say everyone from your race have the same thought and character like you? The answer is definitely not, so how can you judge other race are the same from any personal perspective when your own race is not the same? Only Allah swt know everything about everyone just like what stated at Surah Az Zalzalah ayat 6-8 :

Pada hari itu manusia akan keluar berselerak (dari kubur masing-masing) untuk diperlihatkan kepada mereka (balasan) amal-amal mereka. Maka sesiapa berbuat kebajikan seberat zarrah, nescaya akan dilihatnya (dalam surat amalnya)! Dan sesiapa berbuat kejahatan seberat zarrah, nescaya akan dilihatnya (dalam surat amalnya)!
This world is very complicated, there's no one single word can be use to describe any race. We are often being taught that don't judge book by its cover, but nowadays TV and Movie are teaching us to "Judge their cover forget about their book". Showing the "Cover Story" without in depth of analysis, scared away most of the viewer and keep hatred in their heart with other race or religion.

Mari kita sama-sama renungkan Surah Al Hujuraat ayat  12...

Wahai orang yang beriman! Jauhilah kebanyakan dari sangkaan kerana sesungguhnya sebahagian dari sangkaan itu adalah dosa, dan janganlah kamu mencari kesalahan orang; dan janganlah setengah kamu mengumpat setengahnya yang lain. Adakah kamu suka makan daging saudaranya yang telah mati? Maka sudah tentu kamu jijik kepadanya. Dan bertakwalah kamu kepada Allah; sesungguhnya Allah Penerima taubat, lagi Maha Mengasihani. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Connecting the dots

It takes me quite long time to write an article, perhaps few days till weeks.
I am working hard on finding trusted source information, ayat Al-Quran.. (Especially I am just new-learner) plus I am sharing my personal experience as Muallaf. Which is what I am working hard to prove that Islam is true, more facts and information need to be collected and combined into one little article. This process makes me feel like connecting the dots. Each dot is stand for one small piece of trusted information, I search for few dots from various kind of books and information at internet then link them into one "Image".

Sesungguhnya pada kejadian langit dan bumi, dan pada pertukaran malam dan siang, ada tanda-tanda (kekuasaan Allah) bagi orang-orang yang berakal. (Iaitu) orang yang menyebut dan mengingati Allah semasa mereka berdiri, duduk dan berbaring mengiring, dan mereka pula memikirkan tentang kejadian langit dan bumi (sambil berkata): Wahai Tuhan kami! Tidaklah engkau menjadikan semuanya ini dengan sia-sia, Maha Suci Engkau, maka peliharalah kami dari azab neraka. 

[Surah Ali 'Imran Ayat : 190-191]
Islam is not fairytale that full of fantasy because Allah swt are the One who made this world.. Al-Quran have been proven everything about universe and life, day by day science keep on proven every Kalam Allah swt precisely describe every creation of Him.

However, the religion situation in Malaysia could be a mess. Which is muslim and non muslim always fight about religion issue especially at Internet. No one know what's their real identity at internet, just register any nickname then they will insult Islam openly at forum discussion board. Even if you google Islam photo, 80% of them are insulting cartoons and picture.

Before we condemn those rude non muslim, perhaps we should sit back and think may be the problem is come from muslim ourselves. Muslim should be preaching Islam to others patiently and politely, but occasionally what happening is other religion's idol oftenly being abused with all kind of rude words and criticism. Just like what it means in Surah Al An'aam Ayat : 108 :

Dan janganlah kamu caci benda yang mereka sembah selain dari Allah, kerana mereka kelak akan mencaci Allah secara melampaui batas tanpa pengetahuan. Demikianlah Kami memperelokkan pada pandangan tiap-tiap umat akan amal perbuatan mereka, kemudian kepada Tuhan merekalah tempat kembali mereka, lalu Ia menerangkan kepada mereka apa yang mereka telah lakukan.

Allah swt won't forgive us if we do Syirik to Him, however Allah swt also warn us don't insult other religion's Idol. We are not asked to respect other god than Allah swt but to respect non muslim's feeling with their "god". Everyone need god in themselves,  insulting their god would lead to meaningless debate.

I tried to explain about Islam at chinese forum, but most of their feedback is abusive article like berita saudara baru merogol saudara baru, mayat muallaf direbut oleh pihak berkuasa, Islam meniru agama Christian and lots more criticism that drive me mad. It's very easy to teasing and insulting others, they don't need any knowledge to do so. Just search through the internet and they would copy paste a lot of nonsense information about Islam. Just like what have been quoted in Surah Al An'aam "Kerana mereka kelak akan mencaci Allah secara melampaui batas tanpa pengetahuan."

Such situation always happened on me while I try to explain Islam to non muslim.
They throw away those critical question on me, but most of the time I am just remain silent.. Honestly I have heard a lot of those negative rumours already about Islam before reverted, now it's my turn to stand on Islam side collect facts and fatwa from books then reply back. Sometime after I replied back with long true information they would refuse to accept it then walk away (Perhaps they don't understand at all) The last comment I received is : "Why you always trying hard to fight for that religion Islam? What's wrong with you? You are just living in your own world, act like dirty politician forcing everyone to accept all of the nonsense..."

Another hush from me...
I believe I am not fight for nothing or insult others feeling, but I just want to show them that Islam is true, Allah swt is the God and Prophet Muhammad saw is the last prophet.

Sesungguhnya Allah, Tuhanku dan Tuhanmu, maka sembahlah Kamu akan Dia; inilah jalan yang lurus.
[Surah Az Zukhruf Ayat : 64]

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Would You Marry Me?

Gambar hiasan semata-mata..

I was met a china friend at internet. She get to know me through my chinese blog. She asked me a lot about Islam information because she does have muslim boyfriend at Malaysia. Where they were plan to get married so as usual she was asked to embrace Islam.

It’s hard to find islamic knowledge in chinese language, since she is china’s civilian. I have few islamic books but all of them are written in Bahasa Malaysia. So I was try hard to translate every answer from my book into chinese language while she ask me at Internet. For few months of communicating through MSN, She tells me a lot about China and herself.
“I don’t like to eat pork since I was small, perhaps I should say I never eat at all. My friends also teasing at me that I'm looks like muslim even though  I am not.”
Alhamdulilah, I think she have potiential to learn more about Islam. So I give away all of my effort in translate islamic knowledge to her.
“He asked me to convert so we can get married at Malaysia. But I am just don’t understand why Malaysia have such law? Because at China there’s no such law, everyone are feel free to embrace any religion they wanted.. Or I should say religion and marriage is never become an issue in China.”
Well.. This is a complicated question which related to Syariah Law in Malaysia. I was not dare to asnwer it but just get to know a little bit more about China’s politic and laws.

For few months of chatting with her at internet, I written a lot of islamic information and she seems try hard to understand it. Like why muslim don’t drink beer, why muslimah must be wearing hijab and sort of information. She also tell me that boyfriend’s family were welcome her to their house, just she can’t understand Malaysia’s language while they were chit chat. As I know she take flight from China to Malaysia few days in every month for dating with her boyfriend. (Seems like she is raised up in wealthy family)

Untill one day, she told me this…
“Actually… My boyfriend and his father are drinkers. That’s why we are easy to get along since we met at Malaysia.”
“I am just don’t understand… What’s the point if I am following every islamic knowledge as you explained and do it well, but my marriage partner will not follow it at all?” 

I was totally shocked. 
Since that day, I didn’t know much to write anymore while she asked me again about Islam. How can she follow Islam while her partner is not? How they live their marriage while her boyfriend just want her to apply a “Permit to get married” by asking her embrace Islam? Dakwah is responsible for every muslim, but when embrace Islam being treated as “Permit in Law”.. I can’t even imagine how’s that gonna be.
I am not intend to insult malaysian muslim or Islam, but just wanted to share the real story from my friend. When Islam is being practised for their Nafsu, it would turn into very terrible hoax from themselves. I also recalled lots of cases happened in Malaysia like muallaf wanted to murtad, reason given is they never practice Islam and their husband/wife have left them away, which makes them think what’s the point if they keep on embracing Islam since their partner have been leave them away.

At the next month, She message me at msn again :“I am break up with my boyfriend already.. I am accidentally saw his phone records that he have another girlfriend. That’s why he keeps on hide his handphone while we are dating, now I am understand everything already.. It’s hurt but I think I should leave him, he is not appreciated what I have been sacrifice.”

Alhamdulilah, the only thing I would say.
After that, she is not asked anything about Islam with me anymore. I also understand that I can’t force her.. Perhaps I should say only Allah swt may open her heart one day, Insyaallah.

Dan apabila dikatakan kepada mereka: Janganlah kamu membuat bencana dan kerosakan di muka bumi, mereka menjawab: sesungguhnya kami orang yang hanya membuat kebaikan. Ketahuilah! Bahawa sesungguhnya mereka itulah orang yang sebenarnya membuat bencana dan kerosakan, tetapi mereka tidak menyedarinya.

(Surah Al-Baqarah 11-12)

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