Friday, September 30, 2011

For My Dearest Wife

I would like to say thanks to my dearest wife that have been accompany me 3 years already in marriage. I believe we are fated to be together in journey of life. It never been easy in breaking through the barrier of races and cultural in love.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Myth Of "Bin Abdullah"


There's one question that I have been asked by most people.
"Is it compulsory in Islam teaching that we must put bin Abdullah at behind our family name?"

Which means, do Islam forcing those who interested to embrace Islam let go of their name? Since you told me there are no enforcement in Islam, then why Islamic law causing such conflict between faith and name? 

This issue have been discussed and argued over and over again by Pendakwah Bebas, non muslim politician, NGO and also the minority Reverted Muslim. This issue can be very sensitive and I would like to explain the myth of "Bin Abdullah" in most perspective way. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Menyambut Bulan Syawal dengan hikmahNya

Afghan girl with complicated stories
Her name remained unknown for 17 years yet amazed the whole world

It was 3 Syawal night, also means 1 September 2011.. One day after Hari Merdeka. I was standing in front of a burger stall at Kepala Batas city, Penang. While my wife and daughter were staying in the car.. I was looking at the Kalimah Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW logo that sticked at stall's glass cupboard. Indeed it is rare to see any burger stall with islamic stickers.

Buying burger at roadside was not our first aim.. I was intended to bring my wife and daughter to have some delicious dinner at restaurant, especially it was a great family moment in celebrating bulan syawal. While we reached Fried Chicken fast food restaurant, every queue line was long till entrance.. The hall was full of people standing still and sweating a bit. After we waiting for 20 minutes and queue remain unmoved, we went out from restaurant and look for other alternatives.

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