Thursday, December 24, 2015

Look Before You Leap

Long before there were loudspeakers introduced in masjid before 1930s, where they are used for the adhan (call to prayer).. Muslim were beating this big drum as adhan. 

I'm always telling my non muslim friends to think twice before embrace Islam instead of urging them in making a rash decision.

Because they must be knowing the true meaning of shahadah first instead of chasing dunya. Then embrace the essences of shahadah, the whole new guidance in life. worship none but Allah SWT, witness prophet Muhammad s.a.w. as the last messenger for mankind.

When shahadah recited, the whole dunya means nothing and everything try to tear us apart, telling us how sorry we should feel and how irresponsible we are.

Most people have a fragile heart, they can't take the trials and challenges easily unless if they have found the true path to go on.

The only thing left within us is the little faith in shahadah. The reason to stay strong and knowing the true meaning of life as servants.

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