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First Chinese Muslim Mosque In Malaysia

Guests attending the Hari Raya function at the Muhammadiah Mosque in Ipoh.

Most of my readers asking me whether I’m Taiping citizen, actually I had live my early childhood at Ipoh until the year I recited Shahadah at age 23. A small “Hijrah” to Taiping and start my new life at there. My heart is still missing Ipoh a lot, the place I grow up and had fun with my friends.

Whole Malaysia is surprised with the First Chinese-Muslim mosque built up at Taman Tasek Jaya, Ipoh Perak as published in The Star Newspaper:
IPOH: The RM4mil Muhammadiah Mosque here is said to be the first Chinese-Muslim mosque in the country with a 100% Chinese architectural design.
The roof is imported from Longyan in China and at a first glance people may mistake the mosque for a Chinese temple. If one were to take a closer look, the inscription at the entrance states “Masjid Muham­madiah”.
Mosque committee deputy chairman Datuk Dr Fadzli Cheah Abdullah said there was a similar mosque in Kelantan, but the architecture was not 100% Chinese.
“That one has Thai architectural influence,” he said.
“Therefore, this makes the mosque in Taman Tasek Jaya the pioneer with such architecture in the country. During the fasting month, several television stations featured the mosque in their documentaries.
“And, the very next day a busload of tourists from China visited it,” Dr Fadzli told reporters during a Hari Raya function at the mosque yesterday.
The construction of the mosque began two years ago, and it now houses an air-conditioned prayer hall, a pond, garden and other facilities.
Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, on behalf of the state government, presented RM300,000 to the mosque committee.
He said the place could be turned into a tourist attraction, just like what several mosques in the country were known for.

I went to the Masjid Muhammadiah 清真寺 and shot a few photos. I prefer to observe interesting stuff alone, looking for the details in everything.

I was standing outside of the mosque. My friend asked me whether it's a new Chinese Temple, definitely no... Just a mosque that adapted from China's ancient building.

Red color is synonym to Chinese New Year theme color. That's what I'm thinking of while passing by it. Why Chinese love Red color so much? Red color means lucky, festivity, warm, imaginative and passion.
From among a world of colors, red stands out the most. The color red is fresh and pure, and in China we call it China Red. Chinese people are fascinated by the color red not only because of its intoxicating vibrancy, but also because of its rich meaning in Chinese culture and history.
 It is believed that no country in the world has ever adopted a color in such a thoroughgoing way as China, where red is a symbol that gives color to the soul of the nation. In the past, red stood for dignity and mystery. Even now, we adore the color much more than we love it. It is can be said that ‘China Red’ is an eternal theme for China, and an essential color for the Chinese people. “China Red” has become a quite popular word, attracting the world’s attention.
Shooting red-colored things in China is an easy task, as its powerful presence can be found every-where. All traditional red things have been playing special roles in China: the walls of ancient palaces, the national flag, Chinese knot, lantern, couplet, clothes, traditional paper-cuts for window decorations, and even red tanghulu (sugar-coated haws on a stick). Red is the color of the auspicious, signifying reunion, health, happiness, harmony, peace and prosperity.
Only real things and events can fully display and explain its beauty. Only in its relation with people can the color be alive and meaningful. Here we will reveal the cultural significance of China red.

 Left side poem :

真经奥妙万代传 : The amazement of testament (al-Quran) inherited for over ten thousand generations (Which mean a very long time ago)

Right side poem

清真正教自古降 : The righteous and true religion descended since ancient time

I love Chinese poem although not knowing to write any. If you can understand Chinese language, you may know the structure of Chinese poem must be formed in such a incredible way. And I know nothing beats the beauty of al-Quran.

The first thing I saw after step into mosque was this RED shoes rack, or helmet rack? I have no idea... I wonder is this rack imported from China also.

A very detailed history about Muhammadiah Mosque. It would be interesting if printed in English and Chinese language also. Kindly click here to get a larger view.

Visiting hours, Do and Don't for visitors.

Behind prayer hall. I can see red carpet though.

This is Sholat area for Muslimah, the decoration remind me of the China Drama. Normally mosque hang up white curtain in separating Muslimin and Muslimah.

Entry into the prayer hall and golden glass doors.

A never-seen-before decoration in Mosque.

I love to take a look at central dome whenever I visit Mosque. This isn't "Onion" or "Hershey's Kisses" as most non Muslim misunderstood, the origin of central dome origin from the Ottomans :
The Ottomans introduced central dome mosques in the 15th century. These mosques have a large dome centered over the prayer hall. In addition to having a large central dome, a common feature is smaller domes that exist off-center over the prayer hall or throughout the rest of the mosque, where prayer is not performed.This style was heavily influenced by Byzantine architecture with its use of large central domes. Hajja Soad's mosque took a pyramid shape which is a creative style in Islamic architecture. 

This photo is taken from Masjid Muhammadiah Facebook page.

Answer Allah's call first (In red color, again)

That's all for my Chinese Muslim Mosque travelogue... Feel free to share your thought about this mosque...

Masjid Muhammadiah Coordinates :



  1. Salams Bro Ikhwan : Thanks for the info on the Chinese Muslim mosque, Alhamdulillah. I must make an effort to visit it and maybe could even organized a group from Darul Arqam Singapore to visit this beautiful mosque, Masha'Allah. Thanks again.

    1. Walaikumsalam, are you sis Iman? If you are going to visit here one day, don't forget to inform me :)

  2. wah... cantik nyaaa.... thnks for the info... :D

  3. Subhanallah! The mosque is so beautiful and unique. Nak kena pergi ni.

    1. Alhamdulillah... Jika ada datang Ipoh boleh singgah sini sekejap..

  4. Assalamualaikum,

    Although I am the fifth generation of Chinese descendants, Chinese blood is still running fast inside me. I always get excited when talking about Chinese culture. Although I don the black jubah now, after a long stay in Jeddah, my first choice of color to wear at home is still red. Very interesting and magnificent looking mosque, hope to visit it one day.

    1. Walaikumsalam. I see, fifth generation is quite long descendants. I heard there were a lot of Chinese Muslim stay at Malaysia long ago, hope to know more from you.. Even our former PM Pak Lah also has Chinese blood, if I'm not mistaken his grandfather is Chinese Muslim from China.

    2. My great great grandparent was a Chinese, married to a Malay lady. He was outcasted from the family and denied inheritance....he was from Malacca...of the Tan clan.

    3. My wife told me once that her great grandparent is Chinese. So I always wonder what was the situation back in hundred years ago at Malaysia.

    4. Alhamdulillah in syaa Allah blh singgah jika ke ipoh☺

    5. Alhamdulillah in syaa Allah blh singgah jika ke ipoh☺

  5. Subhanallah.

    As a malaysian, i have to sadly admit that i never heard about this mosque before. Ever! Thank you for sharing on your blog. I'm happy to know it.

    and let thanks Allah for allowing us to be muslim. Alhamdulillah..

    1. You are welcome, every Malaysian should pay a visit at this mosque. Let's spread the beauty of Islam regardless of what race we are :)

      Yup, thanks Allah for allowing us to be Muslim.

  6. alhamdulillah~~akhirnya berjaya jua pembinaan masjid ini dengan izin-Nya, saya mengetahui tentang pembinaan masjid ini melalui satu artikel di suratkhabar The Star beberapa tahun yang lalu~

    1. ya betul, dah beberapa tahun MACMA dapat permit untuk membina masjid ini. Dulu saya pernah menghadiri Majlis Pecah Tanah, masa tu merupakan berita gempar kepada semua muslim.

  7. Belum pergi lagi tapi da bayangkan suasana n persekitaran masjid yang indah...ipoh di mana ye??...

    1. Perak.. Masjid ini berdekatan dengan Taman Tasek Jaya.

  8. Dulu dalam bulan November 2012 saya ada pergi ipoh n perak masjid ini dah siap ke belum masa tu,InshaALLAH sekira nya ada kesempatan pergi lgi saya akan sholat sunat tahayattul masjid dulu.

    1. Ya tempat yang mesti melawat jika ada singgah Ipoh. telah menjadi tempat pelancongan ni.

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