Monday, September 27, 2010

A Trip To Perkim HQ

Last week I just attended courses at Grand Pacific Hotel. I can't entered my room because my roommate have been go to nowhere. So I just put my bags and take a walk outside hotel alone.. While I was take a walk at outside, I was accidentally met Perkim HQ.. And it's just in front of the Hotel I was staying.

So I was entered there and ask them whether I can get Al-Quran Chinese Translation. (Thanks to Muhammad Syukhri Shafee told me that I can ask for it at Perkim for FREE) Also I take a look at many booklets which is translated in Chinese language.

When I was looking at those chinese translated books, my feeling was like Wow... Is it true? Mostly Islam is preaching in Bahasa Malaysia, so far I only seen once chinese islamic book at PXPXLXR bookstore.. Published by "Sister In Islam", well... what's the content? I guess most of you know about it already.

I also have some chit chat with Pegawai Pendakwah Perkim, Muhammad Farhan Tee. He is a very humble and nice young man, same age like me 25 years old. However I believe what he have learned must me quite a lot till he holding the important position in Perkim. After that I was invited to Perkim Open House at the next day I visited them. Our speech not stay too long because I understand he is quite busy so I just leave Perkim and went to their Open House.

Alhamdulillah... I was finding Chinese Al-Quran for 2 years already. Finally I get it too when attended Kursus Jabatan. As appreciate their kindness for give me 3 chinese translation Al-Quran (Two for my friends who are finding it too), I attended Perkim Open House by taking Taxi.

So that's my first time dealing with Perkim HQ and Open House. While I went there for the first time, my feeling was very warm and happy. What I can see is different races who pray to Allah swt sitting at the same long table having their meal, there's no race issue among us. Allah swt already teaching us the most important value among us : PERPADUAN/UNITY. But I don't know anyone at there, so I just having my meal alone and look around people at there. I also can see one chinese family gathered at there, where's seems like chinese muslim husband and wife are enjoying their times with granda father and mother.

After that I leave Perkim Open House, I will never forget that's Allah swt given me a trip to there. Alhamdulillah.

(Opps... Utusan have been reported that Perkim Open House..)

Personally I already have one Al-Quran Bahasa Malaysia translated... My wife suggested me to buy Malaysia edition because Indonesia edition language may be confusing.

What I love about this Al-Quran is... "Dengan Izin dan bawah kawalan JAKIM" and their explanation for every single words in Al-Quran..

The Chinese Translated Al-Quran, donated by King of Saudi Arabia... Alhamdulillah finally I get it too. It's very meaningful to me because Chinese Language is my mother tongue, and it can be proven to people that Islam is for Universal. Especially the chinese words used in translation is very deep meaning.

A browse at how translations looks... Very beautiful right? I am totally impressed and thankful to Allah swt.

Oh I was took a lot Perkim Booklet too... Some of the books totally impressed me because China also have very many Islamic History which I never heard about. (And also scared my wife again, too many books already I have)

Chinese Islamic Booklets... Many surprises in here. I will scan all of them and put at my Blog.. Who knows there's someone curious about it?

I wish one day I will visit Perkim HQ again..


  1. Assalamu'alaikum,

    akh, if im not mistaken, you can get the chinese translation of the quran at saba' islamic media(cannot remember whter they give it for free or not).

    I totally support you when you want to scan the booklets. honestly, its really difficult to find islamic materilas in chinese language. last time, i got a couple of booklets at masjid negara. its really useful I believe.

    That's why, it would be really great if we can have chinese muslim bloggers who can write their posts in chinese language. so far, most of them write in english though. Allahu A'lam

  2. Assalamualaikum brother Ikhwan.

    No wonder those books look really familiar ... I have those! If you wanted to get more Chinese books, you could have gone to MACMA. It's quite close to PERKIM HQ. That's where I got my other Chinese books; which I give/send to my Chinese Muslim friends. One of these days, I'll scan the front covers and post it on my blog. If you want it, then I can try asking it for you. Glad you had a good time. :)

  3. TheHumbleWayfarer:

    Yes, what I found out is there's a sticker at al-quran which written saba' islamic media.

    I think there's many people are interested to know what Islam really about, but these info are very hard to get. Not everyone know Perkim and Macma. And put it online may let them realise it much easier.

    Actually, I have tried to answer few question in chinese forum. But what I found out is very few people willing to listen, and lots of criticism being thrown by chinese reader. However I feel there's still a long way to go if malaysian chinese willing to read about it.

  4. Hajar :


    I am back to Perak already, may be next time I will take some books at MACMA.. If you can send some chinese books to me it would be great, because I am planning to scan every book I have and share it at my Blog.

  5. Assalamualaikum.

    I just did a quick post on the books I currently have in my possession. I think I have more than that, but I had forgotten where I placed them. Just let me know where I can help you out. :)

  6. assalamualaikum..
    i hope u already did what u said..scan the book n put in ur blog..i can't wait for it..
    thanks for ur effort.really appreciated.

  7. I really hope I have one Quran in mandarin,pls inform me if you have any idea how to get it..

  8. Assalamualaikum, can I get Quran with translation for My chinese friend ?

    1. Walaikumsalam. please email your home address to

    2. Thank you so very much. I have a chinese student who is studying in Japan and interested in Islam. thought of giving her a Quran with Mandarin translation but it was difficult to find one. Syukran. Jazakallah May Allah bless you and all of us.

    3. Please sms your name and address to 012-3979998, I still got one Mandarin translation al Quran..

  9. As Salaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

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  10. Greetings! Can you name me the chinese islamic history books please?
    I'd like to study it

  11. Pls let me know where I get / order a copy of quran in mandarin translation



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