Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Islam In Malaysia : Perceptions And Facts

I have to agree that this book is wonderful.
The best book in describing the relationship between Islam and local Muslims. There are lots of twisted puzzle in mind have been solved, especially the issue like "bin Abdullah", Are non-Muslims allowed to enter mosques? and more....

However I bought the original script in BM language, titled as Mengemudi Bahtera Perubahan Minda.

I still prefer to read in BM, write in English.
What a sweet languages conflict.

CLICK here for preview 3 Chapters 

For more details about this book:


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  2. Salam Ikhwan,
    Akak pun baca jugak buku ni.
    Memang sedap dibaca dan jelas...
    Dulu masa degree kat USM akak ada ambik klas dgn ustaz ni, klas munakahat... memang suka ustaz ni... lecture dia memang best plus tutorial :)


  3. Assalamualikum bro ikhwan,

    I saw the link to your blog through a facebook friend. It's the post that has something to do with chinese muallah from china with a drinking muslim boyfriend. And i have been reading a couple more entries until i got to this entry.
    There has been many stories about new brothers and sisters in islam and their journeys. But it's interesting to read about tge daily journey of a new brother locally. Though officially by definition, you are no longer a muallaf. A muallaf Is those who enter islam less than 2 years and you became muslim (by registration) since 2008. Personally, i dont fully agree with the official definition but it is understandable to draw a line especially when people still call Ust Ravi muallaf when he is already (if i'm not mistaken) a hafiz. :)
    What draws me to post a comment is actually about the book you recommended. I dont want to confuse you neither do i want to debate or point my finger to say a certain people to be wrong. But i do feel as if at least i should tell you to gather further knowledge about islam, especially traditional islam. I used to find drmaza's book to be enlightening and as i learn more about islam, and especially about islam as it was practiced by the ulamas of the past and with the teacher who has sanad of ilmu all the way to Rasulullah saw, i find the book and the teaching by drmaza to be confusing.
    As i say above, i'm not posting to debate but i believe as you learn further, you would be able to see what i meant.
    You are welcome to email me ifyou have questions and you may delete this post if you find it controversial.
    I love your entries so far and will continue reading and wish that you will continue sharing.

    May Allah show us the right path and keep us in the right path. Amin

  4. there's no such thing as traditional Islam. i don't agree with that statement.

    either it was the Islam introduced by our prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h)or the later 4 big mazhab's teaches by respective imam who might differ in cabang only not in the main teaching and understanding.

    i agree that one should seek for more knowledge about Islam provided let a certified "guru" lead u in the process of understanding the reasons for "cabang/branches".

    for e.g;

    a) doa qunut in subuh's prayer.
    b) tarawikh in berjemaah during khalifah's time, the purpose and reason behind it.
    c) bidaah.
    d) dhab/biawak pasir
    e) and etc's.

    please let certified guru teaches u in this. i am really afraid if just baca2 u might get lost in the process.

  5. i'm going to be honest in this, not pointing to anyone....., (with sincere heart to my muslim brothers and sisters)

    but please beware with people who introduce u to the new ideology/new concept of Islam to better suit with the global world; claiming Islam as in traditional way or brand new. (liberalisasi islam/ gol.bertopeng agama dan ahli warak agama palsu)

    ISLAM IS AN AGAMA WAHYU. please please please noted this. nothing is change.

    if one truly wanna seek the depth of ISLAM then i would advice them to deepen their understanding in AL-QURAN first.

    learn their meaning, and if possible hafaz it; as i am a firm believer of prophet Muhammad quote;

    "berpeganglah kamu kepada 2 perkara; al-quran dan sunnahku nescaya kamu tidak akan sesat selama2nya."

    rather then u guys just baca2x this book or that book (without guidance)to deepen ur understanding. if foundation not strong no use u add-up another structure as it will eventually fall into pieces..

    p/s; just voicing up my concern. i'm really afraid of this thing. i believe brother ikhwan ng knows my worries, not blaming or pointing any previous quote.

  6. “Sebaik-baik kalian adalah yang belajar Alquran dan mengajarkannya kepada orang lain”.(Bukhari no : 4739).

  7. arixahmad:

    Walaikumsalam akak.

    Ya saya rasa cara penyampaian dia amat berbeza daripada orang lain, juga ada artikel yang amat menarik perhatian. :)

  8. Abd Ghani & Mae :

    Well... I have no comment on this issue. As we all know Ikhwan Ng is only muallaf who still struggle to learn Islam with teacher at masjid, still not able to differ the right and false in this huge community Islam.

    Hope sharing this book won't be arrogant to readers.

  9. > ikhwan ng,

    kawan faham. terima kasih. ikhwan ng mungkin sekarang lebih pandai dari sy tentang agama Islam :). awak terlalu merendah diri. kami semua respect ikhwan klu ikhwan nak tau.

    minta maaf klu ada yg tersinggung. tetapi sy tidak akan berkompromi tentang soal agama dan kepercayaan sy. tetapi klu pemahaman sy ada tersilap, sila tunjuk ajar. sy akan refer semula.

    tentang nak share book of course of course. tiada apa yg arrogant tentangnya. maaf klu ikhwan terkecil hati atau apa. sungguh sy tiada niat nak memperlekehkan, cuma sy terbaca quote abd ghani berkenaan "traditional Islam" dan sy tidak bersetuju mengenainya dan memberi komen balas secara general untuk ingatan sy dan semua muslimin. sy hormati komen abd ghani cuma tidak bersetuju dengan ayat tertentu.

    artikel ikhwan mantap as always. ok tak? jangan kecil hati ikhwan, serba salah sy.

  10. Cuba surf www.peacetv.tv dan tonton 'Peace TV Live'. Semoga mendapat ilmu di sana.

    1. Terima kasih En. Zonnorain, saya suka tonton ceramah Dr. Zakir Naik juga di youtube.


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