Friday, July 20, 2012

Interactive Dakwah Training

Brother Lim Jooi Soon and Firdaus Wong Wai Hung


One day, every muslim are feeling so excited with their chinese classmate, Jessica. She is just embraced Islam few days ago. Everyone go to greet her : "Alhamdulillah ... You have embrace the most beautiful religion on earth! You got the hidayah from God, we are feeling so happy with your reversion."

However, Jessica question back : "Where did you go when I was searching for God?"

The Awareness of Dakwah 

I was attending Interactive Dakwah Training that held at Institut Al-Qayyim, 4-5 May 2012. Brother Lim Jooi Soon is one of the speaker in this IDT, I was watching a lot of his youtube video before my reversion. However, watching youtube video is definitely doesn't same with listen live lecture. If there are any question we may ask publicly or privately.

One thing that can't be denied is, Muslim ourselves is lack of doing dakwah to Non Muslim. Most of the islamic program is limited for Muslim only, while the Non Muslim is not invited. It have become a silent cultural at Malaysia that no one talk about Islam among multiracial community. Let the Muslim live their own Islamic lifestyle, and let those Non Muslim continue their non Islamic lifestyle. Don't mess with each other and we keep on doing our own business.

Sometime, we doesn't aware that everyone of us have responsibility to spread the message of Islam. Until sister Jessica who read a lot Islamic book asked her friends : "Why didn't you share with me the beauty of Islam before this?"

Most of the Muslim have this assumption : Well... Non Muslim will be given Hidayah by Allah SWT one day, we don't have the might to do so. Just leave it to God alone.

However, Allah SWT has commanded :

“Who is better in speech than one who calls to Allaah, does righteous deeds and says indeed I am among the Muslims.”

(Soorah Fussilat, (41): 33 )

Muslim shouldn't only live a way of life, but also calls to their friends, neighbour, and just about anyone to Allah SWT. And I know you are asking me this question right now :

"I know I should do dakwah, but I don't know where can I getting started."

The best way to do dakwah?
Learn it from those reverted muslim who embraced Islam, through every hardships and experience they have went through, for jumping into different religions again and again.... And finally, why choose ISLAM?

My Personal Review About Interactive Dakwah Training

Ustaz Mohd Amin Yaacob explain about Christianity

Actually, I found out this closed door lecture is very interesting. No one can record video and taking photos, the attendees also specially picked from MUSLIM only.

Later on I found out the reason they recruit Muslim only is due to correct the "Mindset" of muslim nowadays. Perhaps I would named that as "Preset Mindset". The so called mindset is mean every muslim have wrong perception against Islam and non muslim like :

- A new muslim must be change their name
- Drinking Holy Water may turn someone's tongue become Blackberry alike
- Looking at the Christian Cross may weaken our Iman

When lecturers pointed out the common "Preset Mindset", they bring it into another step which is "Reset Mindset".

Every single doubt and questions, explained and solved one by one with the al-Quran verse and Hadith. Especially Brother Lim who explained it in humors and relaxing way. So the attendees found it's very easy to get along in this process of "Resetting" mindset into a clean and clear perception against Non Muslim and their religions.

The Exact situation while I was attending IDT, Bro Lim was giving lectures

Also, there are Religion Comparison who brings attendees to have a brief introduction about Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism. This is very important because when we doing dakwah to Non Muslim, we must be understand what is their religion belief... From there Non Muslim may feel impressed and say : "Great... So you know a lot about my religion." So that's will be a good chance for Muslim to exchange opinions, at the same time explaining what is Islam briefly about.

Curtains Down

Taken Group Photo with IDT Team and Allianze University College of Medical Sciences (AUCMS) students

As a conclusion, I think this is a informative course to every Muslim. It will be raised up our awareness about the importance of Dakwah, firming up our Iman towards Allah SWT and gain new knowledge that you won't see at any school.

Usually the IDT course is lectured in Bahasa Malaysia. Currently IDT Team is working on English Version IDT which is presents with Hussein Yee at Al-Khaadem Foundation, Kuala Lumpur.  For sure it would an eye openers to everyone.

If you are interested in joining Interactive Dakwah Training, please don't hesitated to contact us via :

Facebook Page :

Firdaus Wong Wai Hung : 017-6479978

Ng Kuan Beng : 014-3292832
Kamaliah binti Abbas  : 019-3979252


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    1. Thanks... It's surprise to know that you are reading my blog silently :)

  2. huhu...i must claim royalty for using my name here... :P

    1. Your name is very famous worldwide : P

  3. Replies
    1. Shalom Elohim .
      I'm very sad to know that a lot of people are ignorant and confused when it comes to the real JESUS of the Bible. I pray that you will know The Truth and The Truth will set you free .amen.

  4. Semoga Allah membalas usaha2 kalian dgn jannah, amin

  5. what u can u expect much about born muslim in msia.u do know typical non muslim in msia about islam right?n islam is getting bad reputaion from media.we juz can tell little bit about islam without telling them like u c on tv right now n then we can only hope you will find the truth.maybe we can do more.n 1 more thing u do know typical chinese right.if the malay is lazy,selfish idiot then the chinese greedy,like to judi,taking ribba,like to be free n so on,so do u think they want to eliminate m sascrify all those thing just 4 of the reason why most of the chinese embrace christianity although in christianity its a same rules but they just did 'nt practise it.sesungguhnya manusia adalah sebaik baik ciptaanNYA.kalau org yg benar2 mhu mncari kbnaran saja akan brtmu islam.ada otak guna la.

    1. That's why I'm inviting everyone, including you to Interactive Dakwah Training. So you will know there is a way to dakwah.

      It's doesn't mean we must convert them, but it means we convey the message.

      Saya menulis artikel ini bukan saya tiada otak, tetapi saya menjemput saudara menggunakan otak yang ada untuk mempelajari daripada orang yang aktif dalam dakwah.

    2. ada otak gunalah tu untk not yet muslim.anyway luv ur blog n keep it up

    3. sebenarnya saya faham apa yang kamu maksudkan. Typical chinese dan typical malay susah untuk berlaku dakwah di antaranya. Disebabkan masing2 tidak mengambil berat dalam hal agama.

      Maka, kami yang amat mementingkan agama Islam, sedang cuba sedaya upaya untuk menyedarkan orang awam mengenai mesej Islam. Sama ada ia bermula dari non muslim ataupun born muslim sendiri.

  6. Most of the time kita terhalang oleh ilmu kita sendiri...oleh itu berlapang dada dgn belajar ilmu & pengetahuan baru...moga sdr ng terus tabah n terus maju jaya

  7. As-salaamu'alaikum. Salam Ramadhan Kareem, akhi ~ .

    Terkejut juga apabila mendapati blog saya mendapat kebanjiran trafik daripada blog Bro Ikhwan Ng :) .

    Alhamdulillah, saya bersyukur kerana berkesempatan menghadiri IDT siri 1 bulan Mei yang lalu. Banyak perkara baru yang telah saya pelajari. Saya sendiri menyertai IDT atas dorongan untuk mendapatkan bekalan ilmu untuk mendekati sahabat Cina yang pernah mengucap kalimah Syahadah di hadapan saya, suatu ketika dahulu. Bro Ikhwan mesti ingat lagi kan mesej saya di FB?? :P .

    Pandangan peribadi saya:

    1. Muslim yang dilahirkan Muslim seharusnya menghayati ajaran Islam yang indah ini. Sayangnya, kebanyakan daripada kita hanya sekadar melepaskan batuk di tangga, yakni Islam hanya pada ibadah, tak dijadikan neraca dalam kehidupan. Apabila kita merasai manisnya Islam itu, maka sewajarnya kita akan terdorong untuk berkongsi "kemanisan" itu dengan orang yang kita kasihi. Hal inilah yang sepatutnya kita pelajari daripada revert-Muslims. Saudara-saudara kita ini mendapatkan kemanisan hidayah Islam itu dengan jalan bersusah-payah. Sesudah mendapat "kemanisan" itu, mereka tak simpan sendiri-sendiri, bahkan berkongsi dengan keluarga sahabat yang tersayang. Kita, born-muslims, bagaimana pula? Ayuh kita pelajari agama kita secara mendalam, agar merasa manisnya Islam. Atau seperti saranan Bro Lim Jooi Soon, pelajari agama lain dan bandingkan dengan Islam, akan nampak dengan begitu jelas bahawa agama Islam benar-benar meraikan fitrah kemanusiaan.

    2. Bersahabatlah dengan kawan-kawan non-Muslim. Sebenarnya, dengan membina hubungan yang baik dengan kawan-kawan non-Muslim, mereka sendiri akan tertarik untuk bertanya tentang Islam (sekurang-kurangnya, ini yang pernah saya alami). Lain pendekatan dakwah, lain penerimaannya. Menang berdebat tak semestinya kita memenangi mad'u (subjek da'wah) kita. Menangi perasaan kawan-kawan non-Muslim kita, insyaAllah, hatinya lebih senang menerima Islam.

    3. Maaf, sedikit teguran daripada hati kecil saya. Umum kebelakangan ini, tanpa menuding jari kepada siapa2, terlihat kecenderungan segelintir aktivis-Islam (pendakwah) memperkecilkan usaha-usaha da'wah yang dilakukan oleh para ulama' terdahulu. Benar, da'wah itu satu tuntutan. Cuma saya berharap kita tidak memperkecilkan usaha golongan terdahulu (tradisionalis) dalam menyampaikan Islam kepada umat di nusantara ini. Yang menyebarkan Islam di nusantara inipun suatu ketika dahulu adalah daripada golongan ulama tradisional juga (tok-guru tok-guru) dari Hadhramaut, Yaman dan juga benua kecil India, yang merantau ke Kepulauan Melayu. Syeikh Makhdum, Hamzah Fansuri, Abdul Rauf Singkel, Nuruddin ar-Raniri, Wali Songo, dan sekian-sekian, sekadar menyebut beberapa nama tradisionalis terdahulu. Saya khuatir dengan kecenderungan kita yang mempunyai kesedaran Islam yang mendalam, punya keghairahan yang tinggi untuk mempelajari agama tetapi (bak kata Bro Lim Jooi Soon) belajar Islam dengan cara yang tidak Islam. Tidak salah mempelajari Islam melalui buku-buku dan video, tetapi itu tidak mencukupi. Sebagaimana generasi sahabat (sasaran dakwah Nabi) punya rujukan terhadap permasalahan mereka (yakni Rasulullah S.A.W. sebagai guru), kita juga seharusnya mencontohi mereka (generasi sahabat) dalam menghormati alim-ulama' sebagai guru, pewaris kenabian.

    Wallaahu a'lam bisowab.

    Semoga Allah berkati usaha Bro. Ikhwan Ng dan sahabat Muslim-reverts yang lain.
    Semoga Allah menggelorakan hati kita born-Muslims untuk menyampaikan kemanisan Islam kepada sahabat-sahabat non-Muslims di luar sana. Allahumma amiin~!

    1. Betul juga alami benda yg sama..seorg Muslim revert yg sy amat kagumi pngetahuan agama dia juga merendah2 kn ilmu pengetahun kbykn golongn agamawan..Rasa sungguh terkilan sekali. Adakah kita rasa diri sudah cukup hebat dgn ilmu yg kita ada sehingga ke tahap m'perkecilkn ilmu org lain meskipun niat kita tidak bermaksud begitu? Sy betul2 ikhlas n brsemngat nk bljr ilmu dakwah drpd mereka tp perkara spt ini amat mendukacitakan sy...harap take note..

  8. Assalamualaikum,
    Gosh, i miss those interesting talks :)
    I was only a month-old Muslimah at USM[2006] when I joined the Dakwah dalam Masyarakat Majmuk being held at the campus. Needless to say, I had an open dialogue with bro Lim and Ustaz Kamaruddin helped to clear things up, hehe..
    Then a few years later, I was invited to share my story at the same venue, organised by Hidayah Centre :)
    Unfortunately now, it's tough to attend such programmes with 2 small and active little boys coz the nurseries are not open the whole day.
    Anyway, my prayers are always with you all, may Allah continue to guide and bless us and your mission in spreading Islam, ameen.

    1. Walaikumsalam. What a coincidence that cikgu Aliya giving speech at the same vanue : )

      I think cikgu Aliya blog is very informative (especially the ah moi post :P), although not attend such programmes, but a lot of readers still getting benefits in reading blog.

      May Allah bless you and family too, ameen.

  9. Salam
    Yes we are lacking in dakwah. Many don't know what is Prophet's way of dakwah.
    A very good book, the best I read on dakwah, is "fiqh of da'wah" by Mufti Muhammed Sajaad. It tells how the Prophet had different ways of doing dakwah and how the Sahaba did dakwah, and how we can apply it now.
    For example we should do dakwah like this:
    Imagine a person about to have accident, and you see, will you sincerely and passionately try to save him? Yes you would. So similar with dakwah, we should be sincere AND passionate, trying to save non-Muslims from hell.

    1. Walaikumsalam. Thanks for the sharing about book. Do you have the pdf version of that book? I would be very interested to read that... Jazakallah khyran.

  10. I am one of the culprits of not spreading the joy of Allah. =P

    I commend you on your efforts and may Allah grant you the strength and support to continue doing the wonderful work.

    1. InshaAllah. Actually what I know is still very little about Islam, and I do hope what I share can be attract people to think about Islam.

  11. i like reading ur writing. eventhough i am a born muslim. i still need hidayah from Allah s.w.t. Reading those new muslim experience really put me back on the right track again. thanks. All muslims are relative. Allahuakbar n alhamdulillah.

    1. Thanks very much for your comment Vino. As long as we strive to seek for the knowledge, insyaAllah Hidayah will given by Him.

  12. Allahuakbar!...i'm born muslim and i'm trying hard to live islam and appreciate i'm learning to share this beautiful religion with whoever non muslim i meet in the street...the least right now is i make dua so Allah guide this person with hidayah,may allah guide this auntie with hidayah...n i felt very guilty because for so long have been abandoning this DUTY..DUTY OF DA'WAH...

    Yes indeed its Allah who give hidayah, but its our responsibility to at least tell people about it...insyaallah one day i'll register to yuor course...

    1. Yup, please contact bro Firdaus Wong anytime for latest IDT announcement.

      A lot muslim don't know how to tell or explain Islam to non-muslim, so IDT course will be an eye opener to learn the skill of Dakwah. Everyone have the responbility to do so for the sake of Allah SWT

  13. Borned as a muslim,, sent to religious school at very young age,, yet still lack of dakwah skills,, dont mention dakwah to non muslim, dakwah among own siblings n relatives was also found very hard to do,,,, those are common problems faced by most muslims in mlysia, no exceptional for me also,,, but i love reading reverts story as they're really inspiring to me,,

    1. Everyone are born to be tested by Allah SWT.

      "Do the people think that they will be left to say, "We believe" and they will not be tried? " (Surah Al-Ankabut,29:2)

      Reverts story can be a different way to look at our life, and the reason of why we need Islam as religion. InsyaAllah.

  14. Replies
    1. Thanks ! (oppss.. I'm too late to reply this)

  15. Assalamualaikum ,
    I m a born chinese muslim in malaysia,
    2 weeks ago I went to hongkong , part ofymyself visit is to the chinese muslim community in Hkong, Hongkees is quite kiasu and like to talk loud n rough.
    But when I meet with chinese muslim community, they are different attitude.they are soft spoken , know how to respect others and pleasant personallity.
    From here we can differentiate people who got hidayah and who are not

    1. Walaikumsalam. Alhamdulillah I always looking for Chinese Muslim in Malaysia, wish to meet you one day. Based on one of the survey, Hong Kong citizen is most rude among other countries.. (Sometimes I can see China citizen and Hong Kong citizen argue in youtube video)

      My friend manage to get courier of islamic books from Hong Kong, we are impressed with their community strength to print chinese islamic books and build up ummah. Wish to know more from your experience at HongKong.


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