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::Ramadan Reflections::Day 1: Shepherd

Every prophet was a shepherd

All praises to Allah SWT, I’m going to perform the sixth year fasting in this year’s Ramadan. I have decided to make a “Ramadan Reflections” writing project that present 30 articles in 30 days of Ramadan month, for the first time ever. Besides celebrate the 6th years of embraced Islam, I would like to relearn the meaning of Taqwa spiritually and physically.

I have the toughest moments since last year November until now, it’s seriously affect my life and also this blog’s writings. Perhaps my readers may realized that I write the most least articles this year, unproductive and dull. What’s troubled me the most is whenever I put too much hopes upon others, they turn out to be upset me the most. Therefore I have realized that I lost my Taqwa gradually since last year, hoping the best from others.

Until I’m getting closer to Ramadan day by day, I started to remember the profound meaning of Ramadan as a Muslim. As stated in :

Purpose of Fasting

In chapter 2 verse 183 the Quran says, "O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those who were before you, in order that you may learn taqwa (piety)".

Taqwa is a very important spiritual and ethical term of the Quran. It is the sum total of all Islamic spirituality and ethics. It is a quality in a believer's life that keeps him or her aware of God all the time. A person who has taqwa loves to do good and avoid evil for the sake of God. Taqwa is piety, righteousness and consciousness of God. Taqwa requires patience and perseverance. Fasting teaches patience, and with patience one can rise to the high position of taqwa.

Back to the fundamental understanding of Islam.
Later on I flipped through my handwritings notebook, I have so many ideas to write articles but it keep postponed. “Just wait till this problem solved”, I told myself every time. Procrastinations. Giving excuses to myself that everything will be fine tomorrow. Those problems persisted till now, dragged me for months and may be forever..

May be there’s Hikmah (Wisdom) of Allah with those problems I’m facing right now. As every prophets have been shepherd to train their patience and piety.

Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah:
We were with Allah's Apostle picking the fruits of the 'Arak trees, and Allah's Apostle said, "Pick the black fruit, for it is the best." The companions asked, "Were you a shepherd?" He replied, "There was no prophet who was not a shepherd."  

(Bukhari :: Book 4 :: Volume 55 :: Hadith 618)

Prophet Muhammad worked as a shepherd at the age of 8 because he wanted to help his uncle Abu Talib since he wasn’t rich and had a big family with many children. As a young boy, Prophet Muhammad earned his living as a shepherd, a role he was later to speak about with fondness. Prophet Muhammad would take the sheep and cattle of his relatives and those of the people of Makkah to the surrounding deserts to graze. He gave his uncle the wages he received in return.

Indeed, during this period, He acquired many superior human characteristics such as generosity, good temper, magnanimity, good behaviour towards neighbours, tolerance, truthfulness, trustworthiness, and avoidance of vices. Prophet Muhammad grew up to become a fine young man. He became known for his excellent manners, and because of the honesty in his conduct and dealings he was referred to as Al-Sadiq (The Truthful One) and Al-Ameen (The Trustworthy One).

If you want to know more the lessons from this matter, I would like to recommend this article :
Every Prophet was a Shepherd!

In this Ramadan month, I would like to wipe away my negative emotions and dullness. Thus I have decided to complete 30 articles in this holy month, finish my unwritten articles and moving on with my life. May Allah ease my journey and give me guidance, Ameen.

p.s.: You may suggest what kind of articles you are interested to read..


  1. Assalam, I am ever interested in the various experiances of muslim reverts. I was born a muslim and have always been surrounded by muslims. As such really appreciate if you could continue to share the beauty, hardship, trials, challenges that muslim reverts face daily. Also please include ideas on how to invite our non muslims to islam. Maybe as a non muslim before, you would have a better approach on attracting our future brothers and sisters. I have been thinking of inviting my close indian n chinese friends to islam. But I am very afraid, that they would take it differently and eventually spoil our friendship. Tq.

    1. Walaikumsalam.

      insyaAllah I shall continue to share the challenges that reverts face, that's would be declare the misunderstood among malaysians. Dakwah would be easy if we learn to respect others and show them the beauty of Islam, and most importantly guide them to understand the meaning of tawheed.


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