Wednesday, July 2, 2014

::Ramadan Reflections::Day 4: The Hunger Games

Everytime I walk into Pasar Ramadhan and it's 6pm.

Today I'm not feeling well...
So I would just write a simple article today.

Bought my favorite today, Murtabak...
I don't buy any drinks from Bazaar Ramadan, because I'll have terrible stomachache for unknown reason. My Muslim friends seems fine with it. Some of the foods is a little bit overpriced, really test our rationality while buying foods.

Sometimes I was called to attend courses at Hotel. This is what Buffet Ramadan looks like. Most Hotel selling buffet package from RM 30++ each person. I do feel bad if there's any leftover after all.

This photo sent by bro Zhang Farish, he is staying at Malaysian student's hostel for Iftar.
I wonder how it feels to eat on a big plate (Talam).

That's all for today.. InshaAllah tomorrow I'll continue writing articles.

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