Friday, June 1, 2012

Facebook Status : Once Muallaf, Forever Muallaf is one of my platform in getting connected with reverted muslim. At there I do know a lot of friends who admit the same faith, their comments also somehow encouraging and interesting to read with.

One day, I was updated my status as this :  Once muallaf, forever muallaf 

Their comments is more interesting than what my status written, so I screenshot it and share at my blog. If you would like to add me as friend at facebook, please browse this profile link :



  1. Salaam my brother in Islam,

    I am proud reading your blog and just like you, I am also working hard to get closer to our Creator, Allah swt.

    I am Malay, born as muslim but as people said, Iman bukan sesuatu yang diwarisi. Mualaf atau born muslim bukan persoalan, sebenarnya I see you as my brother in Islam. Once a mMslim always a Muslim. Insyallah.

    Saya ada big respect with mualaf, kerana lots of mualaf yang saya jumpa better than born muslim people(doesnt matter Malay, Chinese or Indian)

    Tahniah dan, hey Mualaf is something to be proud of, believe me... ;)

    Jazakallah Khair.

    1. Walaikumsalam Marini Marissa,

      Actually I am very appreciate also if there are muslim who can respect muallaf as their brother and sister in Islam. Although not many people think the same...

      If we think deeply, actually there are no such thing as born muslim or new muslim. Everyone of us are born in Fitrah, and see whoever obey to Allah SWT ..

  2. Salam..

    I just wish to relate my experience as a person born into a mix-racial background (Bajau/Pakistani father, and Chinese/Kadazan mother).

    My Mother converted from Catholicism to Islam in the early 50's. I never could recall any time when she was referred as a 'mualaf'. That label came to my knowledge much later in my adult life.

    I grew to accomodate the opinion that one is either a muslim or not a muslim.. period. Once when one recites the syahada one reverts to being in Islam. What ensues is ones efforts to learn into the faith in order to be enlightened deeper in Islam. As a born muslim (now 60), I too never cease to seek and upgrade my knowledge so as be a better muslim then I was yesterday.

    'Mualaf'... when does anyone grow out of that category or group? Malaysians esp. muslims are too fond of labels (esp. politicians).

    Btw, my mum is now 84, maintains her devoutness and never misses her 5 solats. I dont wish to judge nor belittle others.. but many of her 'born-muslim' neighbours, her peers or younger, have yet to match her devotion. Allah knows best. InsyaAllah, once finance permits I wish to fulfill her wish to go for the Haj.

    Yunus Abd Aziz


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