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In the name of Allah, The Glorified and the Exalted


How do we understand al-Quran?
The answer is we understand  each al-Quran verse by looking for explanation from one another al-Quran verse.

Non-Muslim can't use "Allah" name and it's against freedom of speech? 

The answer already given by Allah The Glorified and the Exalted in al-Quran more than 1400 years ago before Malaysian debate this issue.

First of all, Allah s.w.t. already explain about Himself that none of the creation is looks like Him. As stated clearly in al-Quran, Surat Al-'Ikhlāş (The Sincerity) :

Say, "He is Allah , [who is] One, Allah , the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent."
The exclusiveness of "Allah" name?
Those people at the prophet time already argue about the name of god, when they being asked who is their god? They immediately said "Allah", but then they worship hundred idols that placed around Kaabah. Clearly contradicts what the real meaning of "Allah" which mean "One God". As stated in al-Quran:

And if you asked them, "Who created the heavens and earth?" they would surely say, " Allah ." Say, "[All] praise is [due] to Allah "; but most of them do not know.
 (Surat Luqmān (Luqman) 31:25)
Allah s.w.t. more than just a name to behold. Allah s.w.t. isn't idolatry to be worshiped. This is clearly stated in al-Quran for servant's mindset that when they asked who is the Creator of Universe? They answer "Allah". But then, at the same time they praise to the idolatry for the faulty they made although they claim god is Allah.

This is pointless to say which religion have the right to use "Allah" in Torah or Bible. Everyone has the right to talk about "Allah", and most importantly we are not talking about "Name", we are talking about the "Awareness" of knowing who is our Creator (Surat Al-'Ikhlāş ).


  1. >ikhwan ng

    salam maulidur rasul to you and followers of this blog. may we remember him by offering much selawat and salam on this happy occasion. pardon me as i would love to share my view on the above article.

    2) firstly, i must make it clear by stating my ground that i have no problem and have faith (beriman)into believing that kalamullah is true into prophesying things that would always reveal to be true in later future. i need also to be reminded and pass it on to you guys that having faith in book's' (kitab2x/al quran (exclusive pass to prophet muhammad to be pass to his followers)/ kalamullah/ ayat2x Allah) is the third foundation in rukun iman.

    3) now one must had been wondering, as to why in (2), i had mentioned books as referring to kitab2x which is plural; taurat, zabur, injil and al quran, but only state al quran in the bracket.

    4) this is because, i find it crucial thou, as to highlight the events, that as the other holy books had been passes to the prior respective prophets, al quran is meant to be passes to prophet muhammad.

  2. 5) the gist of tauhid teachings which would solely (meng-esa-kan)tell them to worshiped non other then Allah (not sun nor moon nor star nor object of worshiped)had been passes to the prior AND respective (holy books)prophets, and Islam which is the complete teaching of it to prophet muhammad.

    6) to teach humanity about religion and its practices, do rights not wrong, is a never ending cycle. if we do follow the chain of stories from al quran then we know that bani israil alone had few prophets send to them. after a while they will follow and then forget about it until they are sent and be reminded again. thus; god (Allah) knowingly had been teachings us human through sets of chronology events, likewise the forbidden act of drinking alcohol are not forbid in one go, but through multiple reminders and lastly warning. sometimes the chronology would passes through lifetimes, holy books, prophets, until it is perfected to which we known as Islam teaching which is the only religion accepted by Allah swt.

    7) now, if i may bring your attention to today situation, the 'NEW' tauhid teaching is not about to solely worshipped Allah swt. the definition of god is not of the one we know. in indonesia for example, there is a religion known as 'kristen tauhid' to which their kalimah syahadah would be,

    "tiada tuhan selain Allah, Isa adalah roh Allah"
    which could nearly be interpreted as;
    "there's no god except for Allah, and Isa is Allah's soul."

    nauzu billahi min zalik...

    8) the christian we know as today, are of the pope's, pastor teaching, with trinity concept, encircled around one entity with three forms, fatherly god, son's god, and divine souls which are clearly a syirik as in the teaching in Islam.

    9) in Islam, syirik are the act of leveling the god in any form/s (not to mention 3 as in trinity) whether in words, practice, acts and faith as to associate the god with any life or dead forms (al maidah, 72)

    10) furthermore, if we learn the lesson of what happening in indonesia as one of the nearest and best exemplary there is, the teaching of islam is often associated with spirits, the prayer of islam are been used from the quran but fused with the help of nyai roro kidul. to add salt to the wound, there are signs of calling people to pray, marilah sembahyang 5km but it turns out to be a church.

    11) such confusingly matters are polyps that need to be cut off before it turns into staging cancer.

    12) why there are needs to allow non-muslims to use the kalimah Allah, when we know their intention there is and the cause and effect it will later bring in a country where Islam is being kept in harmony so well with other religion given we respect each other?

  3. 13) why in the later so called now, the present where we lived without the guidance of nabi muhammad saw, we have failed (even muslim) to comply and follow the result of officialy appointed majlis fatwa ulama, the scholars who are said to inherit the prophet teachings? it is sadly to see that some muslims are more prune to listen to political figure, a singular political ulama rather then plural ulama who sat inside discussions to arrive at one single fatwa.

    14) there are times when we used to combined hari raya aidilfitri with other celebration by initiating kongsi raya to promote harmony, but later found out it is haram? this is because hara raya are exclusively to celebrate the muslims victory and celebrating it are considered as ibadah likewise if we perform the prayers.

    15) what more there is to say if we muslims even allow the name of Allah swt to be used and misdefined by other religion in a country where the federal religion is Islam being protected by constitution, the supreme ruler, kings, muslims ruling party, only to be rotten by the muslim themselves...

    sad the world we living in today. don't just look at what is just and harmony only. a rotten egg or vegetables should not be kept in the same place with the good ones.

    i will close my 2 cents with the verse from ali imran, 19.

    1. Walaikumsalam brother Mae.

      If you are free, please check your email. I just want to discuss something with you :)

      As always, your comment enlighten me a lot. There are so much thing we are unaware of, especially what is happening at Indonesia. From there we may learn a lot mistake that overlook by most of us.

      Till now, there are still no solution for Kalimah Allah issue at Malaysia. I do pray to Allah may there are more people knowing the real meaning of Islam instead of taking away god's name.

  4. Assalamualaikum. I am sure the issue of using the name 'Allah' has been addressed clearly in the Quran long time ago.

    1. Walaikumsalam. This is controversial issue. our Creator sent prophets to tell us the meaning of Oneness of God. Which is "Allah". One interesting fact is, before prophet Muhammad SAW era, Arabian do mention god with "Allah" but they are worship idols.


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