Friday, July 12, 2013

Muslims In Korea Prepare For Ramadan

Whenever someone mentioned about Korea, what I'm thinking about is :
  • Running Man
  • Barefoot Friends
  • Jang Ok-Jung
  • PSY
  • Rooftop Prince
  • Monday Couple

Recently my friend shares a youtube film about Muslims in Korea, definitely an eye opener for KPOP lovers. And still, I would like to wish everyone Happy Fasting Month and Ramadhan al-Mubarak.


  1. During last Ramadhan I watched this video, it bring tears to my eyes. :) Yes Islam is one of the most gradually increasing religion in South Korea. I've been there twice. Alhamdulillah :) Been to their mosque in Seoul, and I'm in relationship with Korean. He always had curiosity in Islam. Keep writing about Islam on your blog so that I can make a good guide to answer him. ^^ 힘내!

    1. Till now I'm still top fans of Korean Variety show, kind of shocking me while watch the youtube video. Alhamdulillah you visited there, I wish to have the chance too :) InsyaAllah if any certain topic you wish to know, please let me know...

    2. Heheh! Yes some of their variety show were really good! It's not only entertain people yet it teach us a lot in many aspect. Off course those bad influence we should not taken it seriously, just take the positive one :D, I write about South Korea, feel free to visit :D, I try to give some information for Muslim travelers as well as to others too. ^^ Yes, I wish someday you will get a chance to travel to Korea with your love :) Really nice place and nice people! In fact it become my second home town! Hahah! I will let you know if I can't find a good answer for certain topic! ^^

  2. Assalamualaikum :), since I've been twice to South Korea, most of my friends asking me about halal cuisine. I've told them I just ate vegetarian, fishes and seafood, if I wanna eat chicken or beef I will go to halal restaurant around Itaewon. However some of my friends telling me that there is certain seafood that Muslim can't consume.. As far as I know we just can't eat "ketam nipah" as it live in water and land.. The rest we can eat either cook or raw.. I read a lot on Islamic forum and other sources and didn't found any other seafood that Muslim can't consume..Can you write about this topic so that we aware what we can consume and what we cannot consume regarding seafood.. Thank you ^^

    1. Walaikumsalam, so far what I know is Muslim can't eat frog or any creature that live in water and land, never heard of haram seafood (Jellyfish?)

      Even China story book also describe the way of Muslim consume food. That Muslim visit non muslim house, they don't eat any meat but they can eat seafood/fish served by their friend...

    2. Yes, I thought about that too, Muslim just can't eat frog or any creatures that live in water and land..However, one of my office mate telling me that there are certain seafood that Muslim can't eat.. I was like!!!??? Where did she learn that?? I read for many days and keep searching for the information but I didn't find what she's mean.. Perhaps you can ask any ustaz or people who know more than us??? and write about it, so that many Muslim can benefit from it.. About sushi, some says yes, some says we cannot eat it as it raw.. Those statement make people confusing!

    3. I believe that must be misunderstanding about seafood.. however that is a good point too. Make me remember that few years before I embrace Islam, My friend "fun" and I was chatting with 2 malay friends. They told us that Muslim can't eat frog.

      "Wahh... frog very tasty one! why you both can't eat frog?" My friend "fun" said, then he turned to me "Really tasty, you must try it too!"



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