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Chindian Muslim Kiosk

I have an email conversation with Jasmeen Tay Abdullah regarding her “Chindian Muslim Kiosk” since last year. Jasmeen Tay and her husband have started back their business in mid of January 2014. Here is an excerpt from our conversation.

From :
Sat, Oct 12, 2013 at 4:16 PM

Thanks for the autograph on your books :)

One book is for our son and daughter and the other one book is to be used at our gerai's mini library. We are planning to start a small reading corner at our gerai ChindianMuslim Kiosk whereby anybody or any race whom are keen or having doubts about Islam can sit at our stall and read all kinds of Islamic knowledge book while enjoying a meal at our stall. (instead of having UXXv, Mxnggx, Mxstxkx and etc as a reading materials).

InsyaAllah, hopefully we can use this way to touch more hearts to revert to Islam as a way of life.

We are selling Halal DimSum, Mini Pau(cooked or frozen), Mee Bandung Muar and Kopi 434 Muar at our mini stall. We hope that through or mini gerai and mini library, our little efforts can be a way of dakwah to more people.

From :
Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 12:27 PM

Sorry for a bit late reply because kind of busy at sunday. I feel very interested with your way of managing business, which may spread the dakwah to more people. If you not mind, I would like to write a blog article about your gerai's mini library. Let it be inspiration to others and how to combine business with dakwah.

From :
Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 4:54 PM

Salam Bro,

It's a great honor that you are keen to feature about us in your blog with our business concepts of combining dakwah thru the mini library. We had this ideas long time ago and now we are in the process of making it happen. We have some earlier Islamic book collections and also bought some more books + some free collections of short book and pamphlets from Abim and Perkim plus Islamic magazines too.

We are also thankful if you can later post us some Chinese write-ups or books in Islamic knowledge as we are lack of Chinese materials in our collections. Omar will try to get some materials in Tamil language too.

We just managed to rent a small space for our gerai and we plan to start officially by 7th Nov 2013.

Please give us a call when you and your family are down in K.L for holidays or visits. Maybe we can all explore more ideas to reach out to more people to like and love Islam.

From :
Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 11:09 PM

Salam Sis,

Personally I think that's interesting to set a mini library, because I saw sis Nur Aliya Yeoh FB posted the similar way of dakwah by someone. He open restaurant and let people reading some islam book. I believe it can be positive way to promote Islam. InsyaAllah I will pos to you few chinese islam books, do you want chinese al Quran?

Yup I will contact you for sure if we come to KL. Can't wait to see your mini library launching photos :)

From :
Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 12:48 PM

Salam Bro. Ikhwan,
Thanks for your kind and sincere support to us. We have just started back our business in mid of January 2014.

Our business hours are quite odd whereby we are open from Monday - Friday by 4pm - 10pm cause we will start after finishing our work at respective work place. As for Saturday and Sunday, we are open for breakfast from 7am - 12pm only. Both of us really need to work very hard now and earn more for our family as the cost of living are so high nowadays :(

Please find attached are some pictures of Chindian Muslim Kiosk; our Mini-mini Library. Most of the books are our own collections, some bought from book stores, some are gift from friends, some books and Chinese translated Quran gave to us by a good Muslim like you ;) We have also majalah JOM which most of our books are light books related to beauty of Islam. We hope that this will let customers, friends and family members especially non-Muslim whom has interest in Islam but wish to know more about the beauty of Islam without much pressure. They can just sit and relax, eat, drink, read-up or even borrow the books without much feeling the pressure, as hidayah is always on Allah's hand. Your book seems to be chosen most of the time. Luckily, I have a few of Bro. Ikhwan Ng's books with us whereby most of them will read-up or glance thru while waiting for their food or drinks.

Last week, we have a Chinese lady whom came and try out our Home Cooked Chicken Porridge and Halal Dim Sum at our stall. She was shocked when I greeted her in Cantonese and we have a chat. She asked if I have married a Malay man and I said no as my husband is an Indian man but reverted to Islam like me too. After a few chats, she started to share that she has a son whom is going out closely with a Malay girl and she is worried that her son will not want to be with her family anymore. We tried to advise her not to worry too much as Islam do not teach children to disowned their parents and family. Our family are all still closely knitted whether it's Indian or Chinese even though there might be some challenges in the beginning.

As a mother and parents ourselves, we do get hurt when our children are kind of 'getting far' from us. We shared about issues regarding not necessary to change his son's name to new name, eating various halal meals and etc. Frankly, she mentioned that if possible she hopes that her son will marry another Chinese girl but if it is fated, then she do not even mind if his son revert to be a Muslim as long as he is happy and well taken care of by his wife. What she is feeling now is insecurity feeling of loosing his son :( We really hope to be able to meet up with his son soon so that we can share advises with him on how he should tackle and take care of his parents heart and feelings too. May Allah helps to ease all matters for all of us and our Chindian Muslim Kiosk business too, Ameen. 

Brother Ikhwan, please bring along Shiema and your daughter to our stall when you are down in Kuala Lumpur the next time. We like to belanja you all makan-makan :) Please sms or call 017-8888251 should you need directions.

Warm regards,
Chindian Muslim Kiosk Family
Mohd. Omar Nathan, Jasmeen Tay, Muhd. Aiman and Ameera Hidayah ;)

Mini Library

Mini Library

Reverted Muslims as special guest...   :)
Po Po’s Home Cooked Chicken Porridge

Chindian Muslim Kiosk Family
Mohd. Omar Nathan, Jasmeen Tay, Muhd. Aiman & Ameera Hidayah

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  1. Salam Syeikh, Ana asking you for your permission to use your family picture as one of newly found proof that chindians were the origins of Malay or Mala-Yu (Melayu) of the family Mala & Yunan.


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