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::Ramadan Reflections::Day 3: Iftar And Tarawih In Madian Mosque, Beijing, China

Zhang Farish (Mr. Red Hat) is travelling at Beijing, China right now. He can't even access into Facebook, Blogspot and Wordpress. The only communications we have is just Whatsapp. Alhamdulillah, I received lots of information from him again. Although we only met each other only one time this year, we are actively chatting over internet communications.

I would like to share his journey at 北京市马甸清真寺 (Madian Mosque) at first Iftar day based on our Whatsapp conversations :

Assalamualaikum bro
I was wondering, does ur blog have features like small player that can be inserted into any part of the blogpost?

Coz I've done recording n taking pictures at same time, maybe u can include the voice recording below the uploaded photo

For example, a pic of imam proclaiming azan manually, and there's a small player underneath so that reader can get a feel of the event as if he's there

(Unfortunately, I can't find any suitable hosting-file to put embedded mp3 player. So I just put the mp3 link from Dropbox instead, you may click on the link to download the audio file.)

Reporting from Madian Mosque, First Iftar day :

Table reserved for Imams:

Mosque committee giving Taskirah:

Audio :

The jemaah sitting while waiting for time to break fast.
They didn't wait for Maghrib Azan first but just follow the time. When the committee announced the break fast time, everyone immediately enjoy the light meals prepared on each table.

Light meals consist of watermelons, grapes, melons, n apples, while the other plate has round breads, sugar-coated dates, etc.. As for beverage, hot chinese tea was served. Mineral water can be bought at nearby convenient shop however.

Then, it was time for Maghrib Solat and one of the imam stood at the prayer hall compound to proclaim the azan, while the rest of the imams n jemaah members stood outside first. Once the azan is done, everyone enters the hall. The men will enter the main hall while ladies enter the women's hall which is just next to the main hall. (Picture not in hp but in camera. Will provide it later)

Audio :

Once done Solat, everyone went out for Iftar. The meals are specially cooked by mosque chefs in mosque kitchen.

However, there's a system applied here. As the mosque wants to ensure everyone gets their fair share of meals n avoid wastage, everyone must applied for a special card.

This special card contains thirty days list, with person's name n hp number. For each meal received, it'll be signed by the chef. By this way, nobody can take it twice.

Registration for card is free
(Feels like catuan air? )
Next, queue up to get happy meals:

The happy meal : White rice, dough bread, mutton soup, vegetable, 西红柿炒鸡蛋

After meal, the tables are stacked away n everyone helped each other to clear them away. Some helped to clean the floor by sprinkling water n sweep, some helped wash dishes, some help dispose rubbish.

The entrance of mosque:

Before Isyak Solat n Terawih, a Quran recitation session is held. The imam made the first move, then continued by selected jemaah member.

Next, before start Solat, the imam besar gave some advices on terawih solat:

And start Isyak Solat

After that, start Terawih. Total 20 rakaat, with each stops at 2 rakaat each. Witr only three. Altogether, it ends at 10.30pm

(Due to long recording, it can't be transfer here but I'll give u in cd when i return ya)

One part of the whole Terawih Solat 
Btw, if want, please download n save these recordings now ya, coz I'll need more space to do more recordings until i return to KL. Otherwise i can also put everything in CD after i return

Sekian laporan drpd bro anda, Zhang Farish.
(I forgot to ask him what is the hidden meaning of this profile picture)

That's part of the "Journey To The East" from our brother Zhang Farish, please stay tuned for more of his travelogue.

p.s. You might be interested in this webpage, Top 10 Mosque in Beijing...

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