Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Life In A Maze

When I was attending english tuition class during standard 3, I couldn't pay attention to the class and just did whatever I could to memorize vocabulary, follow teacher's instructions to do homework. I couldn't be the same like those who speak English as mother tongue, they seems relax to deal with school exam.

Until one day the tuition teacher Mrs. Lee gave everyone of us a piece of paper. It's a maze game.. Unlike ordinary maze, this maze is seems so complicated that trigger my interest. While others were frown their forehead to solve the maze, I managed to finish it in few minutes and shouted out happily, "I'm the winner! I have solved the maze!!"

For the first time I had beaten down those smart students, they were still drawing thin line and figure the way out.

"Do you understand how could you solve the maze in a glance? " Mrs Lee was smiling.

"Yeah, why teacher? Why?"

Mrs Lee was silent and didn't answer my question. I asked her again and again, I was like "Come on.. show me the answer sheet! What's the exact answer to this question? "

She didn't answer my question.
I was like being put into a huge life size maze, she was asking me to look for the answer on my own without telling me which way to go. Many years goes by and till today, the maze puzzle is still in my mind..

Perhaps there's no answer sheet in dealing with life. If she was telling me the answer based on her self perception, may be I'll just listen and forget about it. Or may be I'll live in her self assumption.. whether it's right or wrong.

A question without answer, as great as a maze with many possibilities and only one way out.

If she had drawn the exit line for me on the maze, I won't remember the exit line as well whenever I'm dealing with the same maze again.

Take a walk and look at the maze around us, there's only one way out, you're the one who keep walking and searching.

Thanks to Mrs Lee, I won't believe in internet search engine and keep on finding answers from many different source. Maybe it's doesn't matter anymore why would I solve puzzle better than homework. Maybe I shouldn't ask her from the first time.

Figuring the way out all by myself.

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