Monday, March 14, 2016

Yasmin's Prayer Garments

Found at Yasmin At Kok Heng space

Frankly speaking, I wasn't much into other's cultural and mindset during younger times.. till I've been living in interracial marriage relationship.

From the relationship I may learn the principles of respecting each other's feelings, not only between husband and wife but two different lineage of family. Adopting the similarities and get rid of religion conflicts could cause a nerve in us. Well.. that's the challenges of practicing Islamic values, respect and knowing people around us regardless of skin color.

We've set up an invisible barrier among different races, we may live and dealing occasional matters like usual but we still stay a distance from what we're unfamiliar with. The fear of the unknown.

In order to break the invisible barrier, mutual respect and learning the differences among citizens is utmost important. From exchange opinions and sharing our lifestyle, racism won't find a place in our country.

Unless racism become a pathetic token in winning the unjust form of empire. Which make no sense among interracial couples.

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