Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Long time ago I refused to be "Muslim" because of one question in my head. "Why Muslim can't choose other religion?" As I was a free thinker and atheist, I refused to bound myself in any restrictions and ideology.

That was the moment I knew nothing about Islam. I was fully knowing the existence of God but yet to be convinced with the belief among religions.. Most of the religions are emphasizing the morality and good deeds, however I was going more specific about God. While most religions have different images about God..

As time goes by, I studied Islam out of curiosity and most importantly.. I wanted to know why Muslim can't get out from Islam? Because there's no such restrictions for other religions.. Non Muslim have the choice to choose any religion they want in Malaysia. That's never an issue because people keep on searching for their right choice of faith.

Learning Allah SWT in Islam is the greatest blessing in my whole life. The One and Only Creator of universe, none of the image and associates may represent Him.. He sent messengers to mankind to remind us about Creator and faith while prophet Muhammad s.a.w. is the last messenger.

Then I realized the most important lesson, there's no way you can deny the Truth after you've learn and fully understand about it. Islam is not all about "restrictions" but awareness of faith and perception about God. Why would someone leave behind the truth when they've witness the undeniable fact themselves?

Therefore I recited syahadah to be a Muslim. Until today and forever.. I still retain my faith as a Muslim. There's no such thing as law restrictions bounding me inside the circle.. But the Truth revealed to me that I can't find any doubts and paradox inside Islam. I CHOOSE to be Muslim by Chance, although the faith didn't came to be by Choice..

"There's no compulsion in religion." Quoted quran verse 2:256. This is my most favorite quran verse.. The compulsion don't refer to law restrictions but about someone's heart in making a choice. There's no one can be forced to believe in Islam, Islam doesn't come as a religion which force people to believe in it.. The verse refer to faith in Islam need no compulsion but speaking of the fact in convincing people. The deed, Creator, history of prophets, scientific facts.. There's various kind of fact lead us to One Creator.

Why would someone who witness the Truth already but choose to leave it behind? There's the greatest blessing by living on the path of truth.. It's never about restrictions and compulsion, no one can be forced to embrace Islam according to the Quran verse unless they make a choice themselves through observation and found their answer in it.

It feels like being lost for ages and found myself the true home after all. Why would I choose to be homeless again when I've found the true place to stay for the rest of my life.

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  1. But what if someone discovers that his/her initial thoughts about truth to be incorrect/incomplete. Scientist have come up with discoveries that were believed to be true at the time, but later proven untrue after more studies and more advanced technology were available. I am not saying Islam is true or false, but shouldn't everybody be allowed to change their minds if they want to? Isn't forbidding someone from leaving a religion a form of compulsion too?


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