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Tanpa Ilmu Hilang Akidah

Reading is the best activity..
There are various kind of book at market, cooking, history, machinery, IT, and many more..

A good book can be a good guide for cherish your life, but a wrong book also can be a toxic in your mind. It is just like having the right and wrong food in daily life, there's vegetables food that seems not attractive but it is good for our health.. At the same time the delicious Fast food service that amazed most of us also can be a threaten cause of Cancer Disease. 

There's too many conflict in this world. Everyone have their own perception in explain specific things... Only by reading more and more Islamic book can build up muslim's Iman and Strenght. However there's one thing already forgotten by most people that's "Akidah".

"Alaa... Akidah tu dah lama saya belajar kat sekolah, ok je..."
"Akidah bukan untuk saudara baru saja ke? Tak berminat la.."

I guess that would be the first thought while everyone look at this book's cover.
However while I flipped this book, I found out that this book is actually explaining about Religion Comparison between Islam and Christian. Unlike other books which insult Islam (Santanic Verse) or trying to explain god in philosophy (The history of god).. This book is explain more about Akidah in Islam.

Iman (Aqidah) :

Iman menurut bahasa ialah al tasdid ertinya pembenaran. Menurut syarak adalah pengakuan dan amalan, yang mana ia boleh bertambah dan berkurang, ertinya iman itu adalah pengakuan hati dan lidah serta menjadi amalan hati, lidah dan anggota badan yang lain. Iman boleh juga diertikan sebagai tunduk patuh, mengikhlaskan diri, taat, penuh rasa cinta dan berkeinginan mengerjakan amal soleh. 
There are so many things and people trying to distract us from Akidah, means believe into other god.
As muslim, we must be reading Sifat 20, Al-Asmaul Husna (99 Nama Allah SWT). Learn more and strengthen our faith into the one and only God. Apparently "Isu Penggunaan Nama Allah" is the most serious issue in Malaysia ever due to Akidah too, the definition of Allah SWT is can't be explained from other religion's spectacles.

A lot of answers is already inside Al-Quran and Hadith, and also a lot Islamic books to explain further about it. If most muslim nowadays willing to learn more and read more, I believe there's a lot of religion conflicts can be settled easily.

Sebenarnya yang menaruh bimbang dan takut (melanggar perintah ) Allah dari kalangan hamba-hambaNya  hanyalah orang-orang yang berilmu. 
(Surah Fatir : 28)
Unfortunately, among reprinted books in Karya Bestari Carta Reprint (Link) , the "Akidah Kita Nyawa Kita" is not listed. Seems like muslim readers more interested in "Hati" and "Maksiat" topic. Are muslim nowaday already forgotton that Allah SWT forgive every sin we have if He will, but there's one sin that Allah SWT never forgive.

ALLAH pengamun segala dosa. Jangan putus harap dengan ALLAH.
Az-Zumar [53] Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): Wahai hamba-hambaKu yang telah melampaui batas terhadap diri mereka sendiri (dengan perbuatan-perbuatan maksiat), janganlah kamu berputus asa dari rahmat Allah, kerana sesungguhnya Allah mengampunkan segala dosa; sesungguhnya Dialah jua Yang Maha Pengampun, lagi Maha Mengasihani.
Semua dosa diampunkan kecuali dosa syirik.
An-Nisa [116] Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengampunkan dosa orang yang mempersekutukanNya dengan sesuatu (apa jua) dan akan mengampunkan yang lain daripada kesalahan (syirik) itu bagi sesiapa yang dikehendakiNya (menurut peraturan hukum-hukumNya); dan sesiapa yang mempersekutukan Allah dengan sesuatu (apa jua), maka sesungguhnya dia telah sesat dengan kesesatan yang amat jauh.
That's why we must be very careful with Akidah, Syirik is the most terrible sin. As muslim we should read the right book, know the right friends and behave the right way like what Islam been told. I was raised up in non muslim family, I don't know anything about Islam while I was teen. There's already too much different aspect religion I listen, too many definition of "god". It could be funny when someone come to me and trying to explain his "god" while I already been believe in Allah SWT, but I also realize it could be a hazard if the same statement goes to other muslim who never know much about other religion.

These days, I keep on thinking about this Akidah issue..
How can be Akidah problem solved while some people not willing to read? Are they going to depend on "speech" from someone that might be influenced with his emotion or misunderstand in specific statement? Just like one of my friend told me people nowadays are more interested in "Listening to someone" instead of reading, it's more easily absorbed by mind. I am wondering... is this also the reason of why history of Prophet Muhammad SAW is "more interesting" while it transform into cartoon in youtube instead of reading Sejarah Nabi books? or does muslim need Documentary about Prophet Muhammad in youtube which narreted by many different people including non muslim (Karen Armstrong, Author History of god?) instead of reading Hadith Sahih which narrated by Prophet Muhammad SAW followers?

Menuntut ilmu adalah fardu kepada setiap muslim, lelaki mahupun wanita. 
- Riwayat Ibnu Majah

I am not a expert in religion issue, also not Pakar Perbandingan Agama.
When I have questions about Islam, the first thing I look for is my islamic books. Alhamdulilah, most of the answer already printed in these islamic book. It's even surprising while I go to library and reading 90's islamic book, most of the knowledge is remain the same but it never outdated.

Some people even criticized muallaf is being "Brainwashed".
There's no such thing in Islam, those who get Hidayah is mostly knowledge seekers... Who are able to think wisely and love to read the right book. (Also they must be have ustaz/mentor who willing to guide them or following Islam Class)

And the most important is Muslim found God without human's self perception.

Dia lah yang telah mengutuskan dalam kalangan orang-orang (Arab) yang Ummiyyin, seorang Rasul (Nabi Muhammad s.a.w) dari bangsa mereka sendiri, yang membacakan kepada mereka ayat-ayat Allah (yang membuktikan keesaan Allah dan kekuasaanNya), dan membersihkan mereka (dari iktiqad yang sesat), serta mengajarkan mereka Kitab Allah (Al-Quran) dan Hikmah (pengetahuan yang mendalam mengenai hukum-hukum syarak). Dan sesungguhnya mereka sebelum (kedatangan Nabi Muhammad) itu adalah dalam kesesatan yang nyata.

(Al-Jumu'ah : ayat 2) 

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