Monday, April 25, 2011

Learning Islam, but not born as Muslim

What's the feeling of not learning Islam like born Muslim?
I mean.. I never attended any Islamic class before since kindergarden till graduated. No matter what student's religion except Islam we all have to learn Pendidikan Moral. The most neutral class for various kind of religion followers.. While I was standard 4 my friend keep on argue funny question with teacher in Moral Lesson :" Cikgu, kalao kita dah tahu orang tu mengejek-ejek kita bersama kawan.. Kenapa kita masih perlu memohon dia menjadi kawan baik kita supaya apa tu... 'Menjalin hubungan baik sesama kawan'?? Tak logik langsung pendidikan moral ini.. "

Finally my friend being scolded :" Kamu baca sahaja, jangan tanya banyak! Itulah jawapan yang dituliskan dalam buku teks, hafalkan saja!"

Although his question is very funny but what he really argue is : Do we need to follow something blindly while at the same time we are capable to think and make better decision?

My another friend also told me that he is very admire those who are born muslim. The reason he told me is :" You just look at those born muslim, they can learn Iqra and Tajwid at school, also many important thing like sembahyang and fardu ain. Look at us lah... We are already out of the school and hardly find islamic class, sometime we don't even have time to spend in learning more about Islam."

Sure it's very hard to learn Islam after step into University Pengalaman, everyday barely have time to learn more about Islam.  At the same time I realize that I am not just learn Islam on books but everything that surrounding me. Including how Syariah law controlling community and social conflicts, muslim way of giving blesses and cooperate in daily life, isu Riba and how we can avoid from it by choose the right bank scheme.. And many more. I learn Islam from book and find out more about how it works in reality.

Siapa sangka... Theory Gravati yang menggemparkan dunia itu datang daripada sebiji Epal?

Also what amazed me a lot is science.
Science is just like a spectacular which discover more and more about the myth of universe, surprise keep on coming to human when day goes by. The most typical case is how Isaac Newton found out his theory of Gravitation by watching the fall of an apple from a tree. (For me I would just eat the apple and get away)

Just an red apple but inspired Issac Newton a lot.
Do he create an apple from tree? Or is he just storyteller who beautify the falling of an apple? Nope, he was started to THINK about the creation of Creator. We all are able to think and act, but slowly we all stop asking question about everything around us and think it is very "normal". We get used to everything we have on this world and slowly forget about where it come from...

Learning is a very long journey.
While I was teenage indeed I was doing Religion Comparison under awareness (Except Islam and I wasn't know anything about it) , my father keep on give me input that Buddhism is the right religion. But there were a lot of doubtful statement makes me feel not confident with it, then I go to read a whole lots of book about Philosophy, Religion brief introduction and Science. I am not tend to insult any religion at Malaysia but in a matter of fact I was failed to find "god".

Just like a soul who lost his direction, I was flew to nowhere in this world. What is right or wrong? What is life and death? What is humanity and cruelty? There are just way too much of explanation but yet, there are just a "temporary answer". Today someone may give a statement that everyone agree about it, but tomorrow the same statement being denied and replaced with another "New statement" from human mind. "We are making the 'New World Order'." "We must be keep changing ourselves to stay up at the peak of centuries." "We are...... we must be.... we must deny..... "

"If you are the righteous one, then you will not keep changing your statement. Because the real Answer will be the fixed Answer forever. Especially those question who still not solved by human limited mighty. " I was thinking about it while reading various kind of statement.

When I met Islam, only Allah SWT realize how I was cried happily that I found the truth and God.

Yes, I was not born in Muslim family... I don't have any knowledge about Islam at young age. I don't even know if "god" is existed due to many different kind of religion statement. It's unexplainable experience, just like I have been being live at jungles for ages, suddenly there's a road sign telling where I was come and towards where I should be go.

More and more scientific proof stick itself to Islam, not Islam go to preach what science have proven. This is already a most firm proof that Islam is not from human's mind or mouth. After all when I remember back all those path that I have been walked through...

"Setiap anak dilahirkan secara fitrah, kedua-dua ibu bapanya yang menjadikannya Yahudi, Nasrani atau Majusi." (Hadis riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)

Saya ditakdirkan untuk dilahir pada keluarga yang saya mempunyai sekarang, mereka bukanlah orang Islam. Tetapi adakah ini bermakna saya telah kehilangan fitrah untuk mencari Kebenaran?

I never blame on God that why I was born at non muslim family?
Because I am realize this is my fate to be born in their family, everyone doesn't have the choice to pick which family they want to go but Allah SWT arranging it for every Roh. Without realise, we even have been promised to Allah SWT that to Him we pray since before we were born.

Dan (ingatlah wahai Muhammad) ketika Tuhanmu mengeluarkan zuriat anak-anak Adam (turun-temurun) dari (tulang) belakang mereka, dan Ia jadikan mereka saksi terhadap diri mereka sendiri, (sambil Ia bertanya dengan firmanNya): “Bukankah Aku tuhan kamu?” Mereka semua menjawab: “Benar (Engkaulah Tuhan kami), kami menjadi saksi”. Yang demikian supaya kamu tidak berkata pada hari kiamat kelak: “Sesungguhnya kami adalah lalai (tidak diberi peringatan) tentang (hakikat tauhid) ini”.
(Surah Al-A'raf : ayat 172)
This doubt also asked by my mother : " I raised you up by let you eat Khinzir since small, what have been makes you abandon every chinese tradiontional foods?"

Sure it's weird for my dearest mother who take care of me since I was born, for her I have been let go a lot of things she teach me to do. I am totally changed till she feel that I was cursed by some kind of kampung black magic? The answer is very simple that I am muslim, and I obey to every Hukum Allah SWT. But it seems too hard to let my mother understand the real meaning of it.

When I look back the past path I walked, I have been realized that those childhood and teenage times is not pushing me away from Truth but I was striving hard to it. Due to I was finding the question in my heart and keep on deny the wrong answer, Alhamdulilah finally Allah SWT show me the right path. I would be very confident to say so not because I wasn't know anything about religion then suddenly Islam come to me, but it's simply because I have been read too much religion issue till I found Islam is the One among all of the religion on earth.

Although I am not born Muslim, but I am fully understand at the moment  I was recite Kalimah Syahadah is due to I keen on finding God since I was kid. It doesn't matter that I was born as muslim or not because what most important is am I finding God?

Ehh? Abang cina tu datang dari mana ni?

One day... I decided to learn more about Islam.
So I have been join this primary school Islamic class.. As you can see I was sitting quietly among all of these kids, trying to focus on what ustaz teaching about Islam. I was get special offer in join this lesson..

Hehe no la actually I was in charge officer in managing Camping program for those kids.. I was just Solat Jemaah then standing by to assist ustaz if he need any help while giving speech. When my colleagues taken photo I found out I was accidentally pay too much attention in Tazkirah till I was sit at the same row with kids. Perhaps this is the chance of experience how it feel to be a little kid listen to Tazkirah? 

It doesn't matter that I am born muslim or not.
Because everyone is born in Fitrah, no matter born muslim or non muslim. 


  1. “Dan pada sisi Allah-lah kunci-kunci semua yang ghaib; tidak ada yang mengetahuinya kecuali Dia sendiri, dan Dia mengetahui apa yang di daratan dan di lautan, dan tiada sehelai daun pun yang gugur melainkan Dia mengetahuinya (pula), dan tidak jatuh sebutir biji pun dalam kegelapan bumi, dan tidak sesuatu yang basah atau yang kering, melainkan tertulis dalam kitab yang nyata (Lauh Mahfudz).”
    (al-An’aam: 59)

    Ayat di atas cuma mengingatkan kita ALLAH MAHA MENGETAHUI...
    Bagus tulisan ni....patut terus menulis terutama untuk pengetahuan orang yang belum kembali kepada ISLAM. Saya pun sebenarnya tidak tahu bahawa orang bukan ISLAM memang tiada mempunyai pengetahuan yang banyak mengenai ISLAM. Eloklah difikirkan macam mana untuk memberi pengetahuan berkaitan ISLAM kpd bukan Islam. Orang Melayu tentu sukar hendak memahamkan orang bukan Melayu sebab ramai yang tak mampu bertutur bahasa Cina dan India....

  2. Assalammualaikum brother Ikhwan,

    Whether we revert to Islam, or come back to Islam after straying for so long, we must hold husnul zhan with Allah that we will always start on a clean slate.

    InsyaAllah, bagaikan dilahirkan semula, suci dari dosa masa lalu. :-)

    Tentang ibu dan keluarga, jangan bimbang. Pada pendapat saya, jika kita kekalkan hubungan dengan mereka, tunjukkan bagaimana Islam mengajar kita supaya mencontohi keperibadian Rasulullah SAW yang terpuji, insyaAllah, mereka akan dapat menerima. Always pray that Allah will soften their hearts, and who knows, one day they too might revert like you?

    And you know what, brother, I am very amazed at Muslim reverts (somehow I do not like to use the word muallaf) who are far more keen in learning Islam than Muslims who are born-Muslims. Some reverts can even become daie themselves, because they study Islam wholeheartedly. MashaAllah!

  3. > ajaran.
    i think u re so wrong in many ways.

    i'm sorry to say this but prophet muhammad didn't teach us to convert people rather then themselves to decide which is true for them. if they decide to revert to ISLAM then those decision must have come from their own conscience. after that only we can guide and teach them.

    furthermore, it is not within a correct set of islamic teaching mind to set specific race to be the main target for islamization and expect for their donation. islam didn't do double standard on which races is to prevail. just because chinese is superior in economic strength so u guys decide they should be converted? astaga.. i advice u to learn what kalimah syahadah really mean.

    even if u guys success into converting them to islam, if their ultimate goal is not to find keredhaan ALLAH, then u shall see many of them will wear islam only on names not in faith and act..

  4. Website Link Ajaran sendiri mempunyai penghinaan agama Islam.

    Lagipun sini ialah Malaysia, usah membawa2 ajaran mu dari Indonesia.

  5. assalamualaikum..
    first of all..thank god cause more n more people choosing the right same goes to you.after a long research about the truth,you finally found.not many people that have been given this 'hidayah' from know you just a very lucky teacher that was chiness too,was also seeking to entering islam..but he had so many problem to,you are the choosen one to being simplied to revert the right religion.may you always strong to face all the hardship because i know you're sincere to entered islam..

  6. Anonymous:

    Yup, I am very syukur that God show me the path. It is never easy to walk towards Islam and God have been promised challenges to those who sincere in finding Him. InsyaAllah I will keep on learning till forever.

  7. subhanAllah..there's no tears rolling down but my heart is crying out loud looking at how beautiful someone is, receiving hidayah taufeeq from Allah swt.

    May Allah bless u!!

    Ikhwan Ng, never ever felt that you're left behind even though you officially learned Islam after reciting kalimah syahadah. In fact, all muslims, all of us, are still learning because Islam is about everything. Yo're still young, Allah is loving you and taking care of you and surely He will guide you, and guide those who are craving for his guidance. insyaAllah

    Allah bless you. MasyaAllah

  8. It's you :

    Thanks for visit my blog and leaving a comment. Honestly I think is is a challenge for me and others to struggle in path of Islam, because of we don't have basic while small, so we trying hard to search for the more reliable resource. Everything happening do with His hikmah.

    I am very syukur that received Hidayah from Him, and to Him only I bowed and pray.

    May Allah bless you too.


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