Monday, July 4, 2011

Another Islamic Kopitiam

Currently I am organizing a virtual "Kopitiam" at Facebook.

Another Islamic Kopitiam

As we all know, kopitiam is an interesting place for customers to drop by and share their thoughts while drinking coffee, even those people who drinking coffee alone also enlighten by others chit chat conversation.

This facebook group is viewable by everyone even if don't have a facebook account. What I trying to achieve is connecting every reverts muslim, born muslim or even non muslim thoughts under one Kopitiam.

I also have my gangs of reverted Muslim friend, and we are eager to know more Reverts Muslim out there. 

If you have question to ask about Islam, any video or webpages to share, or just about anything... Do drop some words at there!!

(Any political and humiliating comments will be removed)

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