Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Publication At Majalah i Mei

For those who missed Majalah i Mei, the good news is I scanned the article and share it out ~ The bad news is my face is being blurred.. I don't really love to show my face at internet, most important is what article written about me.

Click on each picture to enlarge, then leaving comments about this...  


  1. Congratulation Ikhwan..May Allah bless you and your wife and grants you both with His bless :)

  2. Salam, congratulations for being in the magazine. I didn't get a chance to buy this edition to see your story in it, thanks for sharing it here :)

  3. Ababil Zahra Kunoichi :

    Thanks very much and May Allah bless you anf family too...

  4. Iliyas Ismail :

    Yup I also know there are readers who can't buy this issue, so I scan it out for sharing...


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