Friday, July 1, 2011

Apologize From AL-ISLAM

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About the photo stuff... Actually I didn't mean to ask for any compensation.
All I asked is just a declaration and apologize from them. 

Yes, thanks to Google Image... My hand is broadcast to whole world at first page result with keyword "Muallaf Kahwin".

aduh... gambar amoi pun termasuk dalam search result kew?

Sekali lagi untuk makluman pihak saudara dan keluarga, pihak kami juga tidak mengenali empunya "Tangan" tersebut apatah lagi kisah di sebalik cerita gambar yang disiarkan sehinggalah kami menerima surat saudara. Ia hanya sebagai gambar hiasan semata-mata.

I admit this is funny... Yup I also can't blame on them because the picture the searched can be anyone from foreign country. Where even if they took it also no one realize or care about it. This is just another "Internet Image"...

However, I am not going to reply any letter or call to them anymore.
Life is complicated, I have much more challenges to face in my life.

Apologize accepted.

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