Monday, October 31, 2011

Charity Message : Single Mother Who Selling Cake

I would like to forward a charity message from brother Faisal Abdurrahman (Author of "Tuhan Untuk Semua) to readers.

Membeli sambil membantu ibu tunggal, beliau mempunyai tiga orang anak dua orang anak mengidap kanser dan seorang autisma. Kek gula hangus atau kek sarang semut dengan berat 1200 gram, harga RM20 termasuk penghantaran (Di kawasan KL). Pos Charge RM 10. 
For more information on ordering, please call brother Faisal at 019-356 8602

Recently I can see there are few irresponsible people who trying to ask donation with "muallaf" status. They occasionally go up and down NGO center and asking for financial help. I do admit there are a small group of people doing this for self benefit, however we shouldn't blame on every muallaf that is not sincere in embrace Islam.

Therefore I am trying to examine the status of muallaf who really needed help, insyaAllah I will publish their information at blog once confirmed their identity. Brother Faisal Abdurrahman is currently active in Hidayah Center and writing books, this charity message is confirmed by him.

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