Friday, December 23, 2011

3rd Years Marriage Anniversary

28th December is our 3rd years Marriage Anniversary.

Since this is our great day, I would like to write something about interracial love. I was get married with wife at quite young ages, both of us was 23 years old. Actually it took a lot of effort in considering and getting married.

As everyone well knows, I wasn't religious or superstitious person at teenage time. I wasn't stick to any of the religion, none of them really captured my attention. In the end while I have intention on Islam, I found out that Shiema is the one who be with me silently all of the while. No matter at my dark moments of life or struggling time, she was giving me strength and advice to the right path.

Perhaps people would say Islam is the wrong religion due to the syariah rules, which is only muslim or muallaf can be getting married each other. It sounds so wrong to them, I know. However I found out that Islam is never wrong in this point, in protecting faith and will to God that's the right thing commanded from God.

While I was running half way to God, I found out that shiema is the one who giving effort in telling me which way I should go. There are no such thing as "enforcement" in Islam, but there are only the right guide to lead someone. I still remember Shiema told me that before we get married, she did pray to God.

"Ya Allah SWT, sekiranya dialah jodoh saya... Semoga Allah SWT membuka hati pintu dia menerima Islam. Sekiranya tidak, saya juga redha."

When I looked back, Shiema is the one who be with me in the journey of approaching Islam. Where I went for a lot of government interview job, including PDRM interview that urged me to do duck jumping and shouting out aloud. It was a long awaits interview in embracing Islam and get married.

There are no coincidence in life. Everything happened in the will of God and we all only able to give effort.

It's not easy to get married as young as 23 years old. However we went through it. We grow up a lot in facing different kinds of difficulty in life. There are sweet and sour moments we share and face together, where Hawa is created in complete the creation of Adam.

All praises to Allah SWT who show me the right path towards His light and fated my jodoh with Shiema.

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  1. May Allah bless your marriage and your family with His love and mercy always.


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